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Hi, I am 22 years old and I have been battling...

Hi, I am 22 years old and I have been battling cystic acne ever since I was 11. It started right after I got the chicken pox. Once the chicken pox cleared, boom I had acne, which than turned into cystic acne. Painful and not fun. Sometimes I would beg my mom to miss a day of school due to it sometimes being so bad and the cystic being so big, especially one I used to get on my nose repeatedly. My parents always told me I will eventually grow out of it, its hormonal and once i was in my 20's it will clear. Nope, 22 almost 23 in 2 months its gotten worse and has left dark spots on my face and is painful and is only getting worse. My face is so oily to where I have to wash it 3x if not 4x a day and use creams to dry it out. I would also tan 4x a week in a tanning bed, I felt like that was the only thing to do that will help my skin. It will dry it out and help control the oil and also control the break out as well as I felt like it will help blend the acne scars in with my skin. This is horrible. Tanning beds are not good at all and I knew I was doing more damage to my skin by doing that. I couldn't use any creams to help with the scars. I will break out in a big cystic pimple if i did. I've tried creams, antibiotics nothing wants to help. It will calm it down a little bit, but than irritate my skin and I still will break out. I finally got myself to get started accutane, well generic which is called "Zenatane". I put alot of thought into starting it, because I was scared of all the side effects. Finally I said enough is enough. I will be suffering longer if i don't at least try it. I have read so many bad reviews and side effects online, but my boyfriend said don't read it, do it and that everyone is different on how accutane will effect them side effect wise. So I start my first dose tomorrow!!! I am very excited but a little nervous. I love reading everyones reviews it helps kinda lift the spirit up and makes me think positive. I will be posting my before pics and all through out the whole time Im on Zenatane. If any one has any tips on what to expect and what products to use, that will be great!!! I know dryness is a big one, I started to stock up on eye drops and chapsticks. I fear of hairloss, but they did say it was more of a rare one. So positive thinking is what I will be doing.

A before picture.. my face currently;all day every day.

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They are awesome! They encouraged me to finally start accutane. My other doctor refused to put me on it. But when I made the switch, Dr. Kovach's office said I was a candidate, due to the cystic acne cycles I am going thru.

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We have very similar stories and I'm on my fifth day of zenatane 40mg. I'm 27, did my fair amount of antibiotics and topicals before caving and starting accutane. If you'd like we can exchange emails. I'm trying to find a few people to keep in touch with and compare symptoms etc with.
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Hi! thank you for your input. That is very true. I have done that, and it did not help unfortunately :( .. My doctor said its Hormones.
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Thank you for taking the time to write a review, so glad you did! My tip to you, and you probably already know this, is check your diet, you may need to add or remove some foods. I suggest keeping a food journal and see if there is any relation between the foods you eat and breakouts. For me ( I also suffered horribly with cystic acne, so I feel your pain) I cut out all animal products and increased my omega 3-6-9 as well as fiber, just to name a few. Hormones also play a big part, there are so many reasons, but just wanted to throw that out there. Check out this review tepezcohuite cream of asdm beverly hills heals acne blemishes I love this stuff, really helps heal any breakouts and prevents. Good luck with your treatments! 

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