Rino Lorenzo Nose Job Price

I am planning to have my nose fixed this December....

I am planning to have my nose fixed this December. I already inquired from Dr. Rino Lorenzo about the price of the procedure. All i want is alar trimming however he said that the result would be much better if i undego a tip plasty. For alar alone it will cost me 36-39k while if i add tip plasty to it, total cost will be 42k. He said, he does not think that i would need to fix my bridge as it is prominent already.
I will post my before and after pics once i am done with the procedure.

Hopefully all will be well.

Any thoughts about Dr. Rino Lorenzo's works?
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Those prices are astoundingly high! Where are you located? Here's a U.S. map of average rhinoplasty costs.

I hope you'll keep us updated throughout your process. Good luck!
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Philippines. I was able to inquire with dr. Yapjuangco with goretex is 70k, silicon-50k, cartilage-60k.
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Ah, okay. So you're not talking American dollars, then?
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