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Hello everyone! As of right now, I have my...

Hello everyone! As of right now, I have my consultation scheduled with Dr. Ciardullo on the second of April, and I am already so extremely excited. After talking with the receptionist who was very patient with answering all of my questions, a realistic guess for surgery date is April 12th. After much pressure and about a year of pushing, research, etc... my parents have finally decided to let me get a rhinoplasty for cosmetic/body image reasons. Ever since puberty, I have never liked my nose because it just never seemed to fit. I like to think I have nice features, but the nose just doesn't fit... so I'm having it changed. :)

This website has helped me a lot, and has really calmed my nerves. Not to mention, Dr. Ciardullo seems to do some of the best work out there. Everything is very symmetrical, and very natural looking.

Stay tuned for updates every week or so until it gets closer to my surgery date, when you can expect about 1 update a day!

What I don't like about my nose: -The bridge...

What I don't like about my nose:

-The bridge starts abruptly which makes my brow seem even more prominent.
-The tip is much too wide and round for my other features.
-The nostrils are also too meaty and obnoxious for my other, softer features.
-Slight bumps here and there on my bridge.
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i hate my tip of my nose as well buddy ) i really wanna change it ) i dont blame you ) if ur doing it for ur self you noe man ) i feel your pain ) am going threw it too )
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hey i like soap hit me up)
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I agree that there's nothing wrong and you have a nice nose. Good luck though, I hope to see Dr. C as well :)
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You have a nice nose. But as long your unhappy go ahead. Good luck.
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best of luck!!
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Thank you :D
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So glad you chose Dr. C! Good luck! Can't wait to see your results!
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Thank you!
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I'm happy that you're happy, but what don't you like about your nose? It looks just about perfect and you're handsome as well.

That said, I hope you will keep us updated. I very much understand how it feels to be a teenager with a nose you hate.

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Thanks, that's really nice of you. I just don't think it fits, ya know?

I plan on being here through it all, and it's nice to find someone who understands :D
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hey buddy ) i hate my tip of nose too ) and i want to change it ) i dont blame you man ) if u want to do something to make u happy thats fine ) i want to to hit me up) do u have a email or something)
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