My Face and Smile Were Ruined by Surgeons

I went to a maxillofacial (jaw) surgeon when I was...

I went to a maxillofacial (jaw) surgeon when I was 36; my lower jaw needed to be advanced, as it was too far back and I could not chew well and was in constant discomfort.  The dental surgeon twisted my face and ruined my smile.  I have lived in hell ever since. 

No other surgeon ever gave me a diagnosis or explained what the first surgeon had done wrong or explained what it would take to truly correct what he had done.  Many surgeons operated on me, but no one addressed the main problem, which was that my smile was utterly destroyed.  If you e-mail me, I will send you the photographs of what was done to me. 

Accelerated orthodontics is also known as "Wilkodontics" after the brothers in Pennsylvania who have had significant interest in this procedure. It involves a combination of orthodontics with a periodontal procedure in which the gums are peeled back and bone around the teeth scored to promote biologic factors in the surrounding area. Claims out of research by Ferguson out of Boston show an increase in stability and decrease in treatment time. It is not indicated for all people, but has its applications in certain situations.
I am no doctor but Star's procedure does not sound remotely similar to what AOO entails according to the wilckodontics site. She states her problem had to do with her lower jaw. Well, the AOO does not help align jaws but teeth alone. So clearly she has it all wrong.

Accelerated osteogentic orthodontics is a clinically proven adjunctive measure to facilitate -- and accelerate -- repositioning of the teeth. This is not "orthognathic surgery" and has no impact on position or placement of the jaw bones. Star Free's complaint seems to have arisen for a mandibular advancement -- an orthognathic procedure -- and is very different than accelerated osteogenic orthodontics in cost, discomfort, risk, etc. And Star I feel for you -- hopefully you can secure a favorable judgement to remedy any and all damages incurred through any negligence in your care. It is important that clinicians (and patients) be held accountable.

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