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I have had the most aggravating experience with...

I have had the most aggravating experience with fillers! I had my doctor who always did a good job with Botox coax me into fillers! The first time was a juvederm for my LIGHT marionette lines and then he also injected a filler to accentuate my cheek bones! Everything was fine 6 months later I felt assured that he can help me with my right dark shadow under my eye! He decided to use a longer duration filler on my cheeks and juverderm for my tear through with the help if a canindula ! I less swollen and very bruised, I waited three weeks and went back to fix the volume that was higher on my right side.... But I had a huge white bump under my eye, it has been two months of massaging and finally he decided to remove some if the filler...

He reinfected in other areas under my eye! It has been three weeks of brushing and as of last Monday I have depression and dark circles and one long puffy area ( under certain light) my brothers wedding is next week and I am scared to fix this! I am in montreal, qc and would really like some help please!!!!! He is a really nice doctor just not good with fillers!

These posts ate of the hylorondaise being injected...

These posts ate of the hylorondaise being injected , ande now two weeks later with an indentation and still Tyndall effect
Dr Lafond

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Hi Tinkle, So many of us are going through the same issues with poorly injected Juvederm or other injectibles. I just wondered how you're doing now and if the hyaluronidase resolved your issues. I am currently dealing with Juvederm incorrectly injected into my left tear trough area. It has been a nightmare! The weird thing is, it was "normal" and fine until about month 3 and the swelling began. It was such as mystery as I've had fillers (radiesse) before without any issues at all! So it took a bit to even link it to juvederm. I've been getting periodic hyaluronidase shots and even went on antibiotics - just in case it was an infection, too. It's getting better, but I still have a lump under my eye. However, I feel after one or two more safe injections, I'll be recovered. Thank God I have a great PS helping me - not the one who injected the juvederm. Would be great to hear an update from you and how you recovered. Many on here are as suspicious of hyaluronidase as they are now of fillers! Can't blame them! I do not trust fillers at all now and currently cannot foresee ever getting them again. Biggyc
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All these injections cause a lot of swelling under the eyes. The swelling and residual filler create irregularities. From everyone I have talked to who have waited it out, they say about 3 months to start feeling normal. I would get some glasses and be patient at this point. I am pretty sure a lot of that is swelling. If after a few months have passed you are unhappy, I would recommend a TCA peel (cheaper) of a fractional laser treatment under eyes. Sorry, but it will get better. I will never do filler under the eyes if I can help it. It's like playing Russian Roulette, you might get a good outcome or a nightmare.
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Its kind of tough for me to tell what has gone on in the pictures, but I know sometimes photos can look better than what is actually seen in real life. That is a bummer there is an indentation now. :( Is it pretty noticeable, or just a slight amount that you think is only noticeable by you?

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Since you mentioned some interest in dissolving the filler you might want to check out the Hyaluronidase community.

However, with your brothers wedding being so close you might want to just wait it out and start looking at options after that. I'm really sorry this happened so close to his wedding. :(

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The wedding is tomorrow Yikes!!! I have all kinds of make up tricks in my bag!! But the quicker I can meet with a repitable injector would b the day I can say goodbye to my raccoon eyes ;)
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How did the wedding go?? Did you feel ok in the pictures??

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Sorry, I have lived a similar nightmare. Best thing might be to find doc skilled with hyaluronidase and tell her to take it ALL out. Most docs try to preserve so e volume aso they only take a bit at a time and you have to keep going back for more. Repeated injections around eyes will take a very long time to heal from. Believe me, please. After getting it dissolved, your skin may possibly look crepey. I would wait a week or two at least, then pursue a medium TCA peel under eyes to tighten up skin there. I have spent over 10000 and 10 months trying to fix my restylane nightmare, and my advise to you comes from personal experience and after many tears of frustration.
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Sorry for my late reply... I have had some Hyaluronidase injected, it was the Tyndal effect :( and now I am left with dark tear throughs that not even a 70 $ dollar concealer can help. I did have the pleasure of meeting with DR. Bernstein and he recommends I leave my traumatized eyes alone for awhile before addressing any further problems...... Do my new name is now Raccoon Eyes. Ahhhhh I wonder if rubbing raw potatoes under my eyes will help lol
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Sorry- I had hyaluronidase for my original nightmare, which left my eyes horrible, then belotero to fix them. For some reason, Dr. Aharanov was able to successfully dissolve the belotero and the residual restylane ( I had 7 injections the first time and they kept telling the restylane was gone, but It was not and continued to alter my eyes). You may want to try the TCA peel later as it did tighten and freshen the skin plus the doc said the inflammation helps smoothe out the filler better. Seemed to work for me. Try to keep your head up, it will get better!
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Hi Anika1 - going through the same thing. Getting periodic hyaluronidase to get rid of juvederm in my left tear trough. Would you say in your experience, the hyalurondiase helped you get rid of the filler and swelling? Are you back to your normal self? So many of us would be grateful to hear about your experience! Including myself! Thank you, Biggyc
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