Bad Nose Job! - Montreal, QC

I had a rhinoplasty on 20th Jan,2010 ,so its...

I had a rhinoplasty on 20th Jan,2010 ,so its almost 11 weeks ,I'm so unhappy with the result,I don't recognize myself in mirror,my smile changed , now I put my hand to hide my smile , I was so proud my smile , but not anymore!! I find my nose is too short and flat , tip is pinched , bridge in the middle doesn't match , I know I have to wait one year :(

I did so much home work to find the best doctor , he had 20 years of experience ,board certified plastic surgeon , please give some advice ,what should I do ...

Oppss I had my surgery this year 2011 !! now my...

oppss I had my surgery this year 2011 !! now my right side of tip has a big dent , too much skin was removed !!inside of both nostril are almost blocked , seems like something is added there , my doctor think everything is normal and he did a great job !! By the way .. when my splint was removed on 5th day.. there was a bump on lift side of my nose in between my nose and eye,rest of my face wasn't swollen at all, my doctor took out blood from there and asked me to press there , when i return my home , my whole left and right side of my face was extremely swollen, i had to return to the clinic , he took out more blood from both side , but that didn't help me at all .. I'm so confused why he took out blood with syringe ????? its took 4 weeks to swollen go down !!

Wow! I wish I would have read your post before my procedure. I had rhinoplasty almost 2 months ago, and was horrified when the dr took off the bandages and I saw it for the 1st time at post op! The bridge the doctor insisted on is bulky loopsided and screams "NOSE JOB!!!" I also noticed my smile has changed like yours too :( You posted this a while ago but I would love an update (hopefully positive) i need hope that it will get better
Hey can you post some before and after photos? thanks and I am so sorry to hear you had a bad experience.
My roomie finally got her nose done! It looks so natural!! If you had just met her you would never think twice if she got work done or not! I believe her doctor was Dr. Zadeh. You should google him, his credentials are off the roof! Good luck! Jess
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