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I was really nervous about spending a $1,000 bucks...

I was really nervous about spending a $1,000 bucks on a syringe of filler. But with encouragement from an honest staff at River Region Facial Plastic Surgery I took the plunge. I can't believe it. This Voluma is awsome. Also, had a syringe of Restylane underneath eyes. Belotero was used for vertical lip lines. I will follow up with the Hetters peel.
Thanks for your post. Getting 1 syringe for the first time in a few weeks and nervous.
Wow I can definitely see a difference in your after pic, you look great!  Let us know how the peel goes.  We'd love to see some progression pictures after the fillers have had a chance to settle.

Voluma worth the money!

I know the hetters peel will be worth the money as well.
Chichi...I noticed you said you had Belotero for the lip lines. Did it help and would you do that again. I have some lines above my lips that I would love to get filled, but I don't think the office I go to carries Belotero. Just wondered if it worked for you, if so, I would consider finding a place that carried that product. Thanks! =)
The vertical lip lines ate still very visible even after the belotero. I have scheduled the hetters peel. I expressed to Dr. Bowman that I really want those gone. The doctor made note of that concern and will use an extra layer of the solution to resolve the problem. After, I heal i will get some juvederm for my lips.
Wow chichi, you look great! I'm having Voluma done next month for sagging jowls. I so hope I see the improvement you have. You must be very pleased. I must say one syringe made a big improvement for you. Hope only one is needed for me! =)
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