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I had a rhinoplasty to remove a dorsal hump. I...

I had a rhinoplasty to remove a dorsal hump.
I just wanted some minimal rasping but the doctor changed my entire nose!
I don't recognize myself when I look in the mirror.

The tip is upturned, and pinched.
My profile is ski sloped (I asked for straight)
and the nasal bones are now pencil thin!

My eyes dont even look the same because he messed so much with the bones around them....

Every morning I feel like I wake up into a nightmare. I am currently looking into revision. Hopefully I can find a doctor.


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I'm so sorry to hear of another tragic rhinoplasty story. I know how you feel and again, I'm very sorry. At least you've found RealSelf so you can get some support and hopefully some direction on what to do now. As bad as you may feel, try not to despair. Some people are able to get a successful revision. Hope it gets better for you.
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En español

Tener la cirugía de nariz con el Doctor Héctor Ramírez de FORMA fue la peor decisión de mi vida. Yo solamente quería que me raspara un poquito el dorso de la nariz pero el doctor cambió mi nariz completamente!

La hizo DEMASIADO delgada y aparte me la dejo para arriba de puerquito.

Yo no le pedí nada de esto y fui súper específica que quería algo natural. El me dijo que me vería igual de en frente y eso fue una mentira. Mi nariz está completamente cambiada y demasiado pequeña para mi nariz.

Ahora estoy sufriendo de una depresión demasiado grande. El doctor Hector Ramírez arruino mi vida


Hola !! Lo Siento mucho todo lo q te esta pasando ,con tu experiencia me siento más asustada si debo o no operarme . Mi novio,familia e amigos me dicen q soy bonita tal cual . Pero yo no me veo así y peor después del golpe q recibí hace unos meses ,mi respiración se complicó y de frente se ve un poco chueca :( . Sólo te puedo decir ten paciencia ,ve a tus chequeos y dentro de unos meses visita otro médico .mucha fuerza porfavor .
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Hola, gracias por tu comentario. No te asustes! Sólo te recomiendo que sí te óperas sea para mejorar tu respiración y enderezar tu nariz. No recomiendo que te hagan nada cosmético porque puede ser que no te guste el resultado. Si un doctor te dice que puede cambiar tu perfil sin cambiar como de vez de por frente CORRE porque eso no es posible. En qué ciudad piensas operarte?
Gracias por responderme . Estoy pensando en el Dr. Ciardullo q está en la ciudad de New York porq e visto unos bonitos resultados aunq e notado 2 o 3 malos comentarios por su trabajo y ese pequeño porcentaje me asusta . Mi consulta con el fue bien yo quiero por mi respiración y también astetico ,no me gusta el bump q tengo y el me dijo q defrente no iba a tener mucho cambio ,ya q defrente no se ve tan mal si no sonrió ,porq cuando sonrió no me gusta se ve ancha y caída la punta y mi perfil lo detestó porq siempre hay alguien q me insulta y me hace sentir insegura . En fin todo esto de pensar en cirugía la verdad me da mucho miedo y todavía no tengo la valentía de operarme y menos después de ver a chicas como tu ,q se sienten tan mal con sus resultados .

Examining the mistakes my surgeon made

So as examine my nose more and more (I usually avoid mirrors) I am understanding what I don't like about it and mistakes the surgeon made.

One of the things about this nose is that it is upturned.
As a result, it is showing a LOT nostril where I didn't show any before.

Another thing and possibly the most difficult to fix (if not impossible) is that the doctor was extremely aggressive with the osteotomies and to top it off the osteotomies are not even. The nasal bones were narrowed more at the top and less at the bottom giving me a hollow eye look.

I believe as a result of the osteotomies my internal nasal valves were narrowed so they get clogged easier and also make a whistling noise often.

My nose lost so much support so it has collapsed. I have what you call an inverted V deformity.

The tip was overly narrowed as well giving it a pinched look. It is also higher than the rest of my dorsum giving me a scooped look on profile view.

I am looking into revision specialists. Hopefully someone can get me back to a place where I can feel comfortable with myself.


I think you should post before and after pictures so people can comment what they think about your nose too, you might have BDD and the nose might actually look good on you. And honestly since 31 march 2014 was 3 months post op you have to wait a year until you see the permanent results (a nose can change a lot after surgery, it can take up to TWO years until you see the final result). Take care and ask anything... I think Dr Anil Shah is good with revisions.
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Missbeka .. That is just a very rude. It s not even about the nose . It s about the feeling of being violated . When you trust your surgeon with your face and they don t respect Your wishes and needs. I thought her nose was better than my butched one but again we can t tell if it blends well with the rest of her face . She is going through enough she Doesn t need rude comment like that . And rozeroze. If you are planning on having your nose revised please stay away from fillers . They will make the surgery riskier ( blood circulation , infection) also you next surgeon will not be able to correctly judge your nose .fillers tend to last a long time n the nose . Best luck to you
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Should I wait?

I've been hearing a lot of great things about Dr. Davis so I am considering seeing him. Unfortunately when I called his Office I found out he has no openings until April of NEXT year! This is devastating to me because I was hoping to have surgery this this December and be done with the suffering.

Avoiding my reflection has proven to be tricky and tiering.

I was also considering seeing other doctors like Gruber and Guyuron but for that I must wait too as I can't afford to travel all around the country in one time.

Does anyone have any advice?


Hi! I am so sorry to hear about your bad experience. I know your inner beauty is shining through and you're still a beautiful person- regardless of how terrible you think you look. As far as revision, are you willing to travel to california? My PS is world-renowned for revision rhinoplasty. It may be worth the trip?
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I should add, not only does he only do Rhinoplasty and not only is he a specialist but he has written 4 textbooks on Rhinoplasty Techniques and he also teaches techniques to other plastic surgeons. In addition, he has done over 4,000 rhinoplasties. He does rib grafts and ear cartilage grafts to totally rebuild noses that have literally collapsed.
Who is your surgeon? I have family in California and planning to move there

My Journey to Revision Rhinoplasty

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm writing a review about he doctors I'm consulting with for my revision. You can find it at http://www.realself.com/review/usa-my-journey-revision-rhinoplasty#/entry-356150

In case you are still interested :)

I could always use some input from others and also sharing my experience and receiving the support helps!

Thank you


Hi Hun, I've had a disappointing primary rhino outcome too. So sorry you are going this! :( About the reflection thing; I've been spending a lot of time getting back to nature - no mirrors there. ;) Try to stay hopeful during the healing year. Can you try to distract yourself with a hobby or travel to tie you over until the revision? xx
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This is good advice. I find that being outdoors helps fight depression. Something about the sunshine and fresh air. The problem is that we tend to become hermits after bad plastic surgery as we don't want to socialize with others.
Hector Ramirez

This doctor claimed I would look the same from the front and I TOTALLY do not. He did not listen to what I asked at all and just did what he wanted, a cookie cutter nose that is way too small for my face. Don't go to him just because he appears on television. He will not listen to your individual needs.

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