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I was always uncomfortable with the size and shape...

I was always uncomfortable with the size and shape of my nose - I have a narrow, feminine face with big eyes and big lips (think Anne Hathaway), so a large, wide nose just looked out of place. I managed to save up enough money for the surgery then proceeded to research doctors - pretty sure I called every plastic surgery office in the metro area!

I chose my surgeon because he was very willing to talk - and listen - to me from the very beginning. When I called his office initially, he heard the receptionist talking to me, picked up the phone, and answered all of my questions! I would have been treated like a crazy woman if I had even asked to speak to a doctor at any of the other places I called. He also had over twenty years of experience (older guy), performed rhinoplasties regularly, and was realistic about results (he flat-out told me at the initial consultation that he "could get me 65-80% of the way to a 'perfect' nose").

In retrospect, I should have been clearer about what I was looking for - I told him that I wanted a more feminine nose which was smaller and would better fit my face, and he did everything he could in regards to that. It's a bit scooped-out at the base, although he was very careful not to go overboard into ski-jump territory, the nostrils were reduced significantly, and he did quite a bit of work on the tip, which will surely become more apparent as swelling goes down. Unfortunately, the nose still appears wide, which was my main issue with it in the first place. The doctor chose to "shave down" the bones rather than break and mold them, which seems strange, in retrospect.

I'm only a week post-op, which is definitely too early to judge, as I'm still quite swollen and bruised. I was feeling well enough to go back to classes yesterday, but it looks like somebody's been beating on me, even with excessive amounts of makeup. I only told a very select few people that I was getting a nose job - my parents don't even know yet - but nobody's said anything to me about it. I'm a bit worried that I may have gained some weight during recovery - I couldn't really do anything besides eating and sleeping, so I did a lot of both! ;)

Hopefully, the nose will continue to improve as swelling goes down. If it doesn't appear less wide over time, I may start saving for a revision. In conclusion - it's not life-changing, but it's an improvement, and it looks natural. I would highly recommend my doctor for candidates who are interested in making minor refinements to their noses without having a face that screams "NOSE JOB," but people with wider noses may be better off elsewhere.

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UPDATE: I feel pretty stupid right now. My...


I feel pretty stupid right now. My doctor completely ignored my wishes (narrower nose w/nostril reduction) and deviated from what he promised. My nose is just as wide as it was before, as he didn't even break the bones, and it's verging on ski slope territory. I feel like a pig.

If you're thinking about rhinoplasty:

MAKE SURE YOU GET WHAT YOU WANT CHANGED AND WHAT THE DOCTOR AGREES TO DO IN WRITING - if doctor deviates from what he/she promises, you're more likely to get a revision for free

TRY TO GO TO A DOCTOR WITH COMPUTER IMAGING - that way you KNOW you're on the same page

MORE EXPERIENCE IS PROBABLY BETTER, BUT NOT NECESSARILY - he/she may be set in his/her ways, overconfident, and unwilling to listen to what YOU want.

LOOK AT BEFORE/AFTER PICTURES - should seem obvious, but I was so embarrassed about my nose that I hurried into scheduling as soon as I found a doctor that seemed trustworthy

GO TO MORE THAN ONE CONSULTATION - different doctors take different approaches and have different results. No matter how much the first doctor impresses you, remember that plastic surgery is ELECTIVE, so their paycheck depends on impressing you. Don't let smoke, mirrors, or statistics cloud your judgement.


Definitely give it some time. Like you said, you're still pretty swollen and your nose will likely narrow out as the swelling subsides. Do you have a before and after photo you would share with us?

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Just put some after pictures up...NOT HAPPY so far. =(

It's starting to look a little better. Tip is...

It's starting to look a little better. Tip is still bulbous but will likely improve..I had somewhat thick skin near the tip, so the swelling will take a while to go down.


You're very well-spoken for being just nineteen. I'm impressed with your candor and good advice.

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Thanks for posting your photos! They're small, so it's hard to tell what's going on there. Have you talked to your doctor about his doing a revision for free or a reduced rate? Or are you going to seek out another plastic surgeon instead? I'm sorry this experience is not what you'd hoped. I know first hand that having the right doctor is so important. I had a rhinoplasty and then, several years later, a revision rhinoplasty. The first doc was so-so, but I did the same thing you did and just went with him. I should've done more homework.

I'm sure your words of wisdom will help others seeking out the same procedure. And if it helps at all, my revision healing went WAY better than my initial rhinoplasty.

Feel free to send me a personal message if you have any questions I might be able to help you with.

Thanks for the advice - it's more swollen on one side than the other, so hopefully it will even out as the swelling goes down. I don't think it really looks worse than before, so I may just leave it be.

I did talk to my doctor about a revision, but even if I got one at cost of anesthesia alone, I don't know if I'd trust him with my face again. I'm only nineteen, so it might be prudent to learn from my mistakes and wait a few years 'till I'm done with college and can afford a top surgeon (if I do opt for a re-do at all). I'm a perfectionist, so I tend to focus on flaws, but I seriously doubt a stranger would pay much attention to my nose.

If anybody reading this is considering rhinoplasty, I'd urge you to consider the psychological implications when "shopping around" for surgeons. A good doctor is NOT going to judge you because of your nose; instead, he/she will look at it as a puzzle which can be improved, if not perfected. Plastic surgery is elective, so YOU have the power in this situation: if it's difficult to get ahold of a doctor or he/she is reluctant to show you pictures and fully explain what they plan to do, take your business elsewhere!!! Also, I'd highly recommend going to a place with computer imaging. I regret not doing that.

Don't let anybody take advantage of any insecurities you may have - your nose is in the middle of your face, and if you let somebody inadequate talk you into a shoddy operation, you're going to have to live with very visible consequences (and a substantial financial loss) for at least 6-12 months. Plastic surgery can be a very positive experience, but finding the right doctor is absolutely essential. Good luck!

Three weeks in: nostrils are still very noticeably...

Three weeks in: nostrils are still very noticeably uneven. Nose still appears too wide for face. Surgeon kept talking about how "thin and elegant" it looked when I went in for checkup. Um, NO. Hopefully it's just swelling. =(



Can you provide me with ur surgeon's email id?
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Looking even more uneven as the swelling starts to...

Looking even more uneven as the swelling starts to settle..ugh.


I'm sorry things didn't go better for you! Thank you for sharing. Would you mind sharing the name of your surgeon for the rest of us?
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Oh noes!!! I'm sorry you're not happy. Where'd your pics go?

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Name not provided

He has a lot of experience. Make sure your surgeon knows your expectations prior to surgery.

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