I just turned 40 and I felt it really was about...

I just turned 40 and I felt it really was about time! Ever since I was in my mid-teens and finally saw what I looked like with contacts, I was never really happy with my nose. I just dealt with it, thinking that "someday...." Each day that I looked in the mirror I really wished for a change! Well, life escaped me and now I felt the time was right, and I couldn't believe how affordable the cost was. I saw the doctor previously for fat injections in my cheeks, and now that I feel comfortable with the doc (also giving me a discount for being a current patient) I felt it was about time. And when I came back for the consult for a rhinoplasty after seeing him for injections his reaction was, "i'm so glad you came back--I didn't want to say anything before!" I told him this was absolutely ok, that this was something ongoing for 20 years! And he concurred with all of my concerns, which made me entrust him even more: bulbus tip, wide and bumpy bridge, fleshy nostrils, and a short septum. Believe it or not I'm getting a septum implant to lengthen my nose! I don't see that issue a lot!

Almost a month to go to my May 24th procedure! Due...

Almost a month to go to my May 24th procedure! Due to so many life things, work, school, etc. the next few weeks will fly by. Luckily I can take a week off of work with very little notice and very little explanation. It will be difficult to take the week off, without taking a trip anywhere, lol! I think a big thing will be actually venturing out to the grocery, etc. for necessities. Luckily I have family/friends to help out - I'm also worried about boredom!
One thing that I really wish I could explore is a virtual program with my PS. Even though it seems we're really in line with each other as far as what needs to be done, I really wish I could see what the end result could be like. Especially with, what I don't see very often here, is an implant to lengthen my septum. I do trust the PS, he is so reputable here, and the office staff is absolutely wonderful. I guess I'm getting pretty anxious!

So I had dinner with some friends tonight and I...

So I had dinner with some friends tonight and I was so relieved to hear that one of them will be out of town for a month visiting during the same time as my surgery! I'm not telling her- I'm going to see if she will notice when she comes back this summer!

I did tell my sister in law, whom I've known for umpteen years. She was not supportive. She lives out of town and really I only see her about once per year, and the phone call was rushed, with many other topics, but her reaction was, "well I'm going to spend time digesting this rhinoplasty business." She has no clue. Why would I have to justify anything to her anyway? I was pretty upset. I couldn't believe her of all people I thought, maybe it was the way I told her. I feel like dragging her to a mirror, and pointing out every little thing I see everyday, just to show her. Definitely it's not the worst nose in the world but it definitely needs some tweaking. But then, I would still feel that she would not understand. With that kind of reaction I've decided to tell absolutely nobody (except for my daughter's grandparents, who are helping me after the surgery. They are very supportive!). There is no significant other in the picture, at least I wouldn't have to worry weather or not he would be supportive. I'm still trying to figure out when to tell my daughter!!! Very difficult.

I went and saw my PS on Monday the 1st, and I have...

I went and saw my PS on Monday the 1st, and I have to say I left crying out of joy because I couldn't believe it was finally happening! just a few more weeks!! I'm very glad he takes a more conservative approach. I had to ask him again exactly what it is he's doing. I feel that due to my needs, the more subtle the better. Does not seem to want to lengthen my columella, like I previously thought. I also am still concerned about my longer nostrils. I asked him if he could reduce them and he didn't want to give me the Latoya Jackson appearance, lol! I'm so worried that once he's done and weeks later I'm going to wish he could have done more. Well, here's what he's going to do: Shave the bridge and trim the bulb along the sides and top. That's pretty much it! The tip will appear lower due to the "trimming". This is how I understand it. And I asked for no "slope" - I do like a straight profile. My daughter has a beautiful nose - long and slightly aquiline with no bumps, and with my short boxy nose I think this is very attractive! We always want the opposite of what we have, don't we? As far as any sloping, I'm wondering now with my long and skinny face if that may actually suit me better. I will double check with him on that.

In addition, he's adding fat to my lower lids (just above my cheeks). I have a definite depressions and dark circles that are hidden only when I smile (or laugh). Therefore, I'm always smiling! However, what a shock when I go to use a public bathroom, (with icky fluorescent lighting), and even at home with softer lighting, and I look at a mirror, and see a very tired, unhealthy looking woman. This does not suit me - I'm very vibrant and feel like a 20-year-old! I do have darker eyes (my dad is German and very dark), therefore there is no amount of concealer that can correct the depressions.

So again my surgery is the 24th. Only three more weeks!

Wow, time really flew. I went in at 8 am, signed...

Wow, time really flew. I went in at 8 am, signed my final consents, as well as the sweet and awesome nurse who took my vitals. I even talked to the anesthesist who explained everything to me about what to expect during surgery. I had some "happy juice" when I went in to OR, and the next thing I knew I was out! I heard no talking, didn't feel a thing, nothing. My surg was scheduled at 9:00 and I got back into the prep room at 11:30!
I feel pretty good. I took vicoden right away, but as of right now I can feel a little bit of stinging where my nostrils/columella are.
I 've touched my nose here and there today, not believing the bumps are actually gone! Upon discussion w/ my PS prior to surg, he stated that due to my face shape he thought it best to have a slightly "feminine" nose. Even though I like long and thin noses, this is something I just can't have. This rhino is just to improve what I have and I'm good with that. Short and cute will do it - I think I will be pleased!
I can't breathe thru my nose, of course. Small trade off. I'm having some drainage, and I'm very swollen. The PS touched up my fact injections (cheeks and lower eyelids) from before and he really over compensated. Nothing new here. I will lose about 70% to 80% of that w/ in the next month.
I can see the bruises under my eyes. Bummer but to be expected.
The downside now is a string I have to pull out of my nose w/in the next day or two. I'm too squeamish for that. Yuck. I really don't know what this string is. Any one know about that?

Well more on today. I have been just sitting...

Well more on today. I have been just sitting around and pacing, and becoming obsessed with my nose. It does not look good right now and I'm having some regrets! I hope the nose turns downward after I get the splint off on Wednesday. I understand it takes a long time to get the results that are desired. But, it just seems that after seeing everyone's profile here they all end up with beautiful noses! I can only hope for the same for myself. I'm just hoping that I don;t get weird looks from my friends when I see them. If they notice something different about me but can't tell why, then I'll be very happy. My doc takes a conservative approach, and I would rather he under do than over do. Today I'm just a little depressed - I really don't like my nose right now. And the tons of bruising does not help either.....

Ok just a little while after my last post - I'm...

Ok just a little while after my last post - I'm feeling a little better now. I took out the packing (very gross - couldn't look at it). This did not hurt at all. I really made a difference in my nostrils - not so big and piggish. It's a little better now (plus I can breath through my nose - Yay!) Just hoping for a little drop in the tip as time goes. Yayy! We shall see. I think my nose will turn out to look pretty cute! :) Now if only I can just get rid of the bruising....

I've been up for a while thinking about my surgery...

I've been up for a while thinking about my surgery now. Icing, vicoden, and lots of water. I'm so glad I can breath normally. I'm so worried about my results. I hope that I can look somewhat like myself after the cast is off. I have some things going against my appearance right now: bruising under eyes, the "avatar" swelling between my eyes, the overall swelling of my nose, bruising on my inner eyelids, not to mention my nose looks a little too small and upturned. i'm so worried my PS overcorrected. When I look in the mirror I can see it's potential cuteness, that I really think it might look cute afterall, but that's not me. I also have big time swollen cheeks from fat injections, which does not help the piggish appearance. I'm no stranger to the fat injections - I usually lose about 80% and will have a slender face again. Therefore, I did ask my PS the day of the surgery that I really wanted a nose that would fit my "skinny face." Also my daughter is soooo upset with me. This is what's bothering me the most. Right now I don't look like her mommy at all and it makes me so sad. She covers her eyes when she is around me and cries. I keep telling my self that I've wanted a rhino for soooo many years 20+, and thinking about how much I've hated it. Now I really don't like it but in a different way. I was reassured that the tip will drop down, making my nose not so piggish, and the sweet nurse at his office explained that all the time she's been there everyone has been happy with their results. I can only hope for the same with me. I just want to look like myself again.

Ok. I need to stop torturing myself and looking in...

ok. I need to stop torturing myself and looking in the mirror every 30 seconds. I have not gotten any rest within the last several hours. I hate the fact that right now I do not look like myself. I need to correct things in my mind:
big chipmunk cheeks from fat injections - yep that will go down considerably w/in the next month
black eyes/cheeks - same thing
swollen between my eyes - hopefully going away considerably by the time I get my splint off next week
too much of an upturned nose - I'm hearing/reading that this is normal right now and my nose will "drop"
facing my coworkers next Thursday - I guess I'll wear a hat for the remainder of the week at work
facing anyone else around town/or my friends - Ugh! I hope they don't notice, but I feel the change is drastic. I'm hoping that even if the change is noticeable I will look gorgeous! I hope.
Worse of all, my daughter. She is so mad at me, and I don't blame her. I hope she's not in total shock when she sees me next (she's at her grandparents).
I have to remember that this is temporary, and I hated my nose before so much that any change is a good change.

So now I just wait. I'm really excited for my PS...

So now I just wait. I'm really excited for my PS visit on Wednesday - I have to remain optimistic. I have soooo much swelling and bruising that I really don't feel I look like myself at all right now. I think I will end up with a little nose and that will be hard for me to get used to!

Well today I took the most wonderful bath, careful...

Well today I took the most wonderful bath, careful not to get my tape wet. It feels so good to be somewhat normal! I'm just taking a little bit of Tylenol- I can't believe how little pain there has been with the rhinoplasty! I have to say the worst is the swelling and bruising.
I have to admit I was horrified the last couple of days, along with some regret! What have I done! My nose is so little and he took too much off!! I got out of the house last night to play cards with my inlaws and asked them to be straight with me - did he overcompensate??? What is the very first thing they noticed when they saw me when I walked in the house (they new about the surgery) They assured me (I've known them for 20+ years - they've been brutally honest with me before about other things) that really what is going on is that it's my cheeks are so big (I also had fat injections, remember), plus the swelling and black eyes, not to mention that I have lost a lot of weight due to my new running routine. The nose will be beautiful. I agreed. I'm so thankful they told me that and I felt so much better. I was making myself crazy the last couple of days!
I have to remember that it's all about balance. I have a really small face and small upper body, that with a significantly smaller nose nothing should stick out now. I'm looking at myself as a whole now and not really seeing the nose but everything else and everything really seems to fit. I know it's too soon to tell before the tape comes off, but it certainly helps.
What I'm hoping for, and what I've been reading is that people wont' really notice if there is balance in the features. They may notice something different but won't be able to pick out what exactly it is. Definitly work will be a challenge on Thursday with the bruising! We joke around a lot so I have to think of something creative to say if and when they ask about the bruises!

Well today I got to go out of the house and watch...

Well today I got to go out of the house and watch the Memorial Day parade with my in-laws - I was on a balcony of an apartment building so I had no chance of running into anybody. I did put another band Aid over my nose as it's getting so yucky - and when I got to the back to the car I felt pretty ok seeing people on the sidewalk. It's those awkward bruises and swelling, I tell you! I feel really good, but the thing about this is is not getting out and socializing that much. Tonight, though, I will put another Band Aid back on and go for a walk, or maybe even brave it to Walgreens to get some more Tylenol. Not much else, just waiting to get the bandage off on Wednesday.
Also, it's been easier to not think about it so much and do stuff around the house. I'm getting really used to this idea of having a different nose; it's what I've been wanting for soooooooo long.....

I got the tape off today and I was very excited...

I got the tape off today and I was very excited about that! The shape was a little odd - puffy bridge and small, defined tip. I know that this will change....More photos later. I wanted to wait a couple of days for the swelling to move down before posting any photos. I'm so happy with it and the fact that I can function normally! Still some major bruises, though. Again, photos to follow!
Also, I was very happy and relieved when my daughter came home and said that I didn't look any different! THAT I was what I was really hoping for. I definitely notice a difference but when she doesn't...she is my toughest critic.

Well today was a pretty good day! Got lots done in...

Well today was a pretty good day! Got lots done in the nice warm weather. My bruises are still there, as dark as ever. I decided to pack on the concealer, which I would say, people could still see the darkness if they tried to look hard enough, but it was certainly better then flashing them around like I have been the last few days. I don't know, I don't think the arnica works for me - I take the pills then the topical oil and gel.... or maybe I would have been a lot more worse.

Short and sweet, I'm pretty happy with the way things are going. I'm a little concerned I look a little "operated on" right now, but the cheek injections will go down a lot with in the next few weeks, and will just result in a thin fat layer under my skin.

Nose is feeling hard, and tender on the inside. Still swollen on the bridge and over the tip, plus things should drop down some over time. Will just continue to have a good time and not think about it so much. Each day gets better and better, and I feel sooooo pretty!!!

Things are getting better, bruising on one side is...

Things are getting better, bruising on one side is almost gone - could get away w/ no concealer under that eye. So it's possible to have bruising for 2+ weeks! Wow. I think it's unusual, though.

Swelling is lumpy....looking like an old man drinker nose with large pores. One side is more elevated with a higher nostril. Asking other people - no one can see it but me. Hoping that will drop! Going on 2.5 weeks now, so a little hard to see the result at this point. Overall I'm pretty happy!

Thinking I will wait a total of one month to post pics!

I have been a little MIA lately - just out...

I have been a little MIA lately - just out enjoying my summer and my new nose! Still a little bumpy in places - I can feel where the stitches are just above the tip. A little slow to go down.

I see my doc for the first time since the surgery on Tuesday 6/26 - he's a little conservative so I'm just anticipating he'll tell me to just wait out the swelling. :( We'll see what happens. Overall though, things are great! Pics later.

New photos! It's been 2 months and 3 days. Overall...

New photos! It's been 2 months and 3 days. Overall I think it's nice! Still some swelling, as to be expected. I haven't had any shots or any topical steroid cream.
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I'm in the twin cities and have been in the same boat. Your results have given me confidence. Can you please Refer your doctor to me. PS you look great.
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what is this drs name?

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Hey Mimmers! How are you doing?!?
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All I can say is great result! x
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Mimmers...(or anyone from the Twin Cities) your pics look great :) congrats. I had surgery as well, but to repair a broken nose and asked the ent/plastic surgeon to lessen the bump from the bridge of my nose...needless to say, he did too much and my nose is not my own. I've lost my identity and now likely need a revision in the future. To top it off, I've had nose pain which trigger headaches/migraines since the unless I can find a cure, revision may not be possible and I will be stuck with these debilitating headaches and an ugly nose as the cherry on top. So, not to rain on your parade, but what surgeon did your operation? I should have done my research...I thought I was getting one of the best in the T.C., maybe as an ENT, but not for anything else.
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Really great & natural results so far ! You look gorgeous !
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Thank you! I feel really good about it; so glad I did it!
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Mimmers I'm glad I'm not the only one with uneven swelling, it'll go away and you wont look like a trucker I promise =) I'm excited to see your new nose, has the tip dropped down yet? Only one of my girlfriends have seen me since I had it done and she kept staring at my profile and telling me how amazing it looked. (It was pretty bad before if you ever want to laugh I'll forward it to you ) Glad to hear you're doing well =)
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Lillybug you are looking so good so far!! And it keeps getting better! I still have a little swelling, yup, still the trucker nose, but I ask my trusted loved ones and they can't see anything. I'll post more pics after my 1-month appt :)
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First of all, you are so pretty and I would never have thought you needed anything done to your nose! But your results look great! I cannot believe you are 40...what's your secret?!
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I think your pics look great! Your new nose really fits your face. It's feminine and I think that works best. :)
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You look gorgeous both before AND after, but you look really confident in your after photos. I'm glad you had the courage to do something that you wanted for yourself. I live near Minneapolis and I was considering fixing my broken nose. Who was your surgeon?
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I bet! Thank you. I had a rough day and almost had a break down but everything got straightened out and now I am very excited. 2 weeks from today!
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OMG Mimmers I love it!!!! You look so pretty! You must be so excited!
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Thank you JessieMarie - I tell you, it was so wonderful to get the tape off and to be "normal" again! I think you will do really well and have really nice results! Good luck on your surgery and keep us posted! :)
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Oh I know - it feels really weird right now. It feels like it was stung by a bee and I just want to massage it out but it's totally not recommended! I think it's a great improvement and I'm pretty happy with it. Hard to believe the bumps are gone! You look amazing yourself - did your hubby take you for a night on the town after you got your cast off? :)
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Yes the day we got the cast off I got home scrubbed my face and got all done up so we could go out Finally lol! I accidentally smacked it today omg did that hurt!! I'll be happy when it feels like my nose it's such a weird feeling right now and it's still peeling a little bit which is annoying. Are you have skin issues too? I'm so happy you like your nose so far, I'm trying not to get too attached to it since we have months of change ahead, but the bumps are now gone for good!!
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Oh, I know - right now I can tell mine is a little swollen and I think it looks a little weird to me, but overall very happy! My skin is flakey, too, but last night I couldn't take it anymore and did a biore strip for my pores! I can't get rid of the flakes, but I guess that doesn't matter since everyone notices my bruises anyway, lol!
Will post more pics at the end of the month - when is your dr recheck? Mine is on the 24th...
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My apt is May 28th so we'll see what he says hopefully no more injections God that hurt lol! Are you using the concealer? I used it yesterday but today I woke up and they were all gone so I'm happy! I'll post some more pics latter this week the injection did take down the swelling so that was nice so now I don't have a big fat nose lol =)
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Whoops, my appointment is not on the 24th (it's a Sunday - not really interested in going to my old PS's house while he's in his jammies reading the Sunday paper, lol!), but on Tuesday the 26th....
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Haha love it =)
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Mimmers what a beautiful change!! Did your doctor say how long your nose would be hard? Mine said 6-9 months WTH! That's the weirdest feeling like you have a prosthetic on your face =) I'm so glad you're happy you look amazing!!
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WOWOWOW You look amazing for being so early in recovery. You're a trooper for going back to work so soon!
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Thanks, Beautiful!! And I really love your results also! Such a different result since my nose was so short to begin with - can't wait for it to drop and get a little longer, lol! It will become defined in a couple of months, and yours will too....
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WOW can't see the bruises at all!!! You look wonderful! at 10 days that's amazing! You are only going to look better...had to believe :) I bet you are so happy! My ex husband saw me and he didn't even notice my big huge bump on my nose was gone! I have known him for 21 years...he had always said he loved my old nose, yet when I brought up noticing the new one he said "wow it just looks so natural I didn't even notice" :))
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