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Mini Face Lift - Roanoke, VA

I had a mini facelift brilliantly performed by Dr....

I had a mini facelift brilliantly performed by Dr. B yesterday!! You wouldn't belive my "before & after" pictures. My neck was my problem area..saggy & baggy!! I called him my Miracle Man because you should see me now. He is one talented doctor and I couldn't recommend him more highly!! He & his efficient staff made the procedure itself go so smoothly and the results..FABULOUS!

Roanoke Plastic Surgeon

He was patient, answered every question I had, made the procedure itself go quickly as the atmosphere was calm, soft music, etc. and his work was beyond good!! He took so much time with me and seemed genuinely to do a masterful job...and he did.

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Betty L., your experience sounds wonderful. Am I understanding correctly in that a day after your face lift you were happy with how you looked? Didn't you have any swelling or bruising? What kind of anesthesia was used? Where were the incisions made? Please give more details. Thanks.
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