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Three years ago, I got a septorhinoplasty. Before,...

Three years ago, I got a septorhinoplasty. Before, my nose was severely crooked and my septum was also badly deviated due to an injury I sustained when I was 12. I was so happy with the result until I bumped my nose 2 weeks post op. So now (3 years later) I am finally getting rid of the bump which has haunted me since!


Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry about that bump just two weeks post op. You must've been sick about it! I hope this time around goes smoothly for you. Please keep us updated!

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Thanks! I definitely will keep you updated. I'm going to put an origional picture of myself when my nose was crooked, a current one of me with the bump, then an after!

Good luck with your bump removal!  I bet you were so frustrated when you bumped it post-op.  I had a friend that got a septoplasty/rhinoplasty and then 1 month later was hit in the face with a basketball... needless to say she had to get everything redone.  I'm sure you'll have wonderful results! 

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Lovely lobes.

So 7 years ago I gauged my ears. Should've listened to my Mother and not done it! Because now, 7 years later, I decided to get them fixed. I was thinking of doing it with my septorhinoplasty in March but the price of doing it under anesthesia is 2x as much! So I decided to do it in the clinic with no anesthesia except the local of course. My same surgeon, Dr. Rhee, is doing it. I can't wait to schedule the procedure and have cute little earlobes again. I've longed to wear ear rings for so long. I can't wait!

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Milwaukee Facial Plastic Surgeon

He is amazing! Informative, awesome bedside manner, and so knowlegable. He made me feel safe and like I couldn't be in better hands. He did my origional procedure and is doing my next as well.

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