Cinch Technique For Nose Flaring

I wanted VERY minimal work done to my nose. I love...

I wanted VERY minimal work done to my nose. I love my nose but when I smile it flares quite a bit. He did not want to do the Weir technique because he said it's irreversible. My doctor preformed closed rhinoplasty on me and did the cinch technique where he sewed my nose closer together with a permanent suture by making a small incision near the nostrils. I've noticed my nostrils look a bit smaller and my nose turns up a bit, giving me a pig like appearance. My nose, especially the alar looks bigger, it doesn't look smaller like I hoped for.

Is this a result of swelling and will my nose drop down? If not, could I have the suture removed and will my nose go back to normal? Thank you

Well that's not nice. It is definitely not fair if you got surgery to make your nose look better and the doctor only made it worse. Maybe you didn't get a good doctor. That's why I'm researching on trustworthy surgeons.
I think that it would only be fair if the surgeon who made the surgery at least try to fix the problem he caused. That is if it wasn't just the swelling after all.
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