I am getting my nose job.. on monday FEB. 11...

I am getting my nose job.. on monday FEB. 11 2013!! really excited.. // nervous.. tomorrow morning is the blood work... My nose has a slight slant to it .. so i just want to shape it up .. make more smoothed out.. and symmetrical... its not horrible.. but i cant stand being straight on and it is crooked. So thats why im getting this procedure :D I will be sure to let everyone know how it goes next week.. I am hoping not to be in to bad of shape after the procedure..

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Its now saturday night ( sunday).. So *tomorow...

Its now saturday night ( sunday).. So *tomorow morning* (MONDAY) 6:00 AM.. is my surgery :) Getting super nervous...... !


Good luck!!!! Let us know how you go!! :)
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Hey,I wish you the best. Having a nose job can be very emotional, but worth it. Long as you have a surgeon who cares about you and your outcome, you should be in good hands. You'll need nasel rinses for after the surgery. Just relax. They should have you something to help you relax once you have IV in you. I will say a prayer for you. Keep us posted.
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thank you guys.. Couple hours away!! will definetly post when i get home tomorrow morning!!
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6:34 PM. My first update.. :) So I got the...

6:34 PM.
My first update.. :)
So I got the procedure this morning.. 7 am.. left about 945... after everything.. I was very nervous with the anestheisa ( all the needles etc.)) but everything was fine.. Took me into the room.. next thing.. i am awake .. and in recovery room :)
Laid down for a little.. try to get in wheel chair 2ce from bed.. but felt a little nauseas.. so laid down till the nausea went away.. 11:ish.. I got in my moms car .. and we were on our way home!!
I felt some pressure but not to bad.. got home laid down.. i took just a 800 iboprofun.. (rather have not taken the percocets).. and i feel fine.. Its 640 pm.. just have been sleeping all day..
I feel ok.. and not to bad at all!! with the blood clotting up underneath and getting dry feels a little weird.. but i am ju st trying to breathe out of my mouth :D.. and not think of that..
Soon i will do the q tips and cleaning underneath!! Anyways i already see a profile with the tape on my nose.. and it looks so good.. no more crookedness!! seems to look straight and a nice profile. on both sides! im haappyy about that.. but lots of healing to go.. im not to swollen either.. YET.. not sure if tomororw i will get more.. ! anyways super happy its over!! YAY!.. And that is DAY 1.. not bad at all..
posting pics!!!


Thanks for the update! Congrats on day 1! Take care of yourself and get plenty of rest! Best of luck on healing fast!!
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Oh, try to stay away from hi sodium foods when you are ready to eat in order to minimize swelling. Get plenty of rest.
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Thanks for the update! Good to read before my procedure on Wednesday. I'm glad you made it through fine and I see a great improvement already! (ps. as others mentioned, my dr also told me not to take ibuprofen for 2 weeks following surgery.)
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Day 2! 8:00pm wow.. didnt think this would be as...

Day 2! 8:00pm
wow.. didnt think this would be as easy as it is.. I have hardly any pain.. i havent taken any pain meds... still.. my face did swell up a little more under my eyes.. thats about it.. but stilll just resting and hanging out on the couch :) Well see how tomorrow goes. Ill post some pics of day 2.. (more swelling on my face) !!


Thanks for posting pictures. :) So glad you like your new nose. :)
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I'm glad to hear your recovery is going so well! You're so lucky, I hope mine goes okay. Thanks for the updates I can't wait to see after the cast comes off :)
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Did he place a splint on your nose after surgery?
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Day 3 :: Day 3 10 30 am I have def swelled...

Day 3 ::
Day 3 10 30 am

I have def swelled up in my face alot today.. stilll no pain though.. just my eyes are all puffy .. etc.. and bruised.. normal. Slept fine last night.. just felt like i needed to itch my noose alot.. which was anoying.. bc i cant rub my noise.. lol.. anyways thats about it.. Cant wait to get the cast off.. and i hope the bruising goes down soon!! I should have probably iced my face more then i did.. :)
Will post pics! So happy with this site.. very helpful!


Is it easy to upload pictures on this website? Do you do it from your phone? Just curious. I hope to go through revision soon. :)
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Indeed, I thank God for this website. :)
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agreed :)

Its friday.. so day 5.. got the surgery on monday....

Its friday.. so day 5.. got the surgery on monday.. I am surprised how easy this was for me.. totally went in thinking it was going to be alot of down time.. etc and painful. I was wrong.. but its day 5 .. i thought maybe i would get in some more pain through out the week.. but definetly kept wearing down.. which is good.. I am still taking it easy.. and relaxing home.. did some driving yesrerday and i went out in public :) haha people were staring.. Oh well! but it felt good to get out of the house.. Though my face is still bruised ... eh! Its soo annoying though when i feel an itch coming in on my nose and i cant itch it.. that is grrrr... !! But that is basically it.. and i am clogged in my nose.. which is normal.. But the swelling aroudn the tip of my nose has definetly went down.. Jusst so anxious to see without the cast :).. i know lots more healing time though.. ! Love this site :) so awesome!!thanks everyone for sharing there stories to... made me feeel way better!


Glad you got out for awhile. :)
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That's great your recovery has been so easy. I hope I have an easy recovery too. You look great! Can't wait to see your reveal! ;)
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thx!! so anxious already!!!

So finally this boring long.. week is over.. and i...

so finally this boring long.. week is over.. and i get my cast off tomorrow.. Havent really updated.. but mostly since my last post nothing has changed.. no pain.. and swelling has been decreasing.. Im fine. . and ready for this cast to be off.. sitll have a little bruise under my eye.. but hardly anything. keep you guys posted .. and pics tomorrow :) X


All the best for tomorrow!!
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Yay exciting cant wait to hear how it goes! Did your cast change shape at all? I feel like mine molded differently over the week
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Good luck tomorrow!
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Got my cast off this morning.. was very easy.. he...

Got my cast off this morning.. was very easy.. he just took off the splint ...he said its still a little swollen, and still will go down.. of coarse.. but i love the profile.. and the overall look.really happy!!! :D Dr kane was great!!!


If you love it now, just wait when swelling goes down, you'll love it more. Your Dr. Did a fine job. Your nose looks great.
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Cute cute cute! Love it! It looks great! Congrats!
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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You must be so happy! I can't believe how amazing you look. Wow.
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So its day 3 since the nose cast (splint) whatever...

So its day 3 since the nose cast (splint) whatever... has been off!! Definetly very very happy with results so far.. i see each day how it slowly is getting more defined around the sides.... Still have a little bruise under my right eye.. but thats it as far as swelling... Cant wait for it to go away already! I am so happy that now my old bad side.. is a good side now.. Im being very careful with my nose.. sometimes when i sleep and turn over on a side.. feel alot of pressure.. i worked out for the first time yesterday lightly.. just some light cardio.. happy to get back in the gym.. and my nose felt fine :) cant be moving my head to much though! Anyways.. thats about it for now... i will post some new pictures of progress :)


I love your new nose! So cute!! Especially your tip!
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Best wishes with your desired results!
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You're looking phenomenal for less than 2 weeks post op! Congrats!
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So its been about a month, since the surgery! And...

So its been about a month, since the surgery! And i must say im very happy so far with my results.. there is still way more healing to go but so far i love it :) I just had my 3 week post up Monday with my dr. he said everything is healing fine.. and it looks great.. And my tip is definetly still swollen, which takes about 6 m to a year.. as we all know :) I seem to be fine, i am back in my gym routine.. although still not running fast .. etc or anything like that. . . but doesnt hurt at all.. some pressure with random things.. or movement (sleeping etc.. ) thats it ! posted some pics.. man i wish i did this years ago.. lol!


Did you have general anesthesia or iv sedation?
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Congrats on the surgery and ease of it!!! You should post pics!! Are you having any pain still or are you just LOVING it right now!??
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I had so many pics I actually just took them down .. bc now with new procedure wasn't sure I wanted all pics w my face too.. ya know .. I love my nose . It's been a year now .. all is perfect ... life is so much better w the nose :))
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