Bulbous Nose I've Hated Forever

Hello Im glad I found this site! Everyone is so...

Hello Im glad I found this site! Everyone is so inspirational with there stories and blogging on there progress, really gives me more confidence to continue on this journey. Im hoping to get rhinoplasty by the latest october the sooner the better but im still a little nervous.

What I dont like about my nose::: its super bulbous it takes over my face and I feel like I cant see anything but it. It makes me feel horrible every time I loo at it but im scared because I dont see alot of cases with bulbous nose and I dont want someone to mess it up more (Ive seen the horror stories) :( I just dont know what to do i guess im torn any thoughts ? Thanks!


Have you found a surgeon?
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You are so pretty! The rhinoplasty will make you look even better
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To be honest you look good, but after rhinoplasty you should look like way better !
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