40 Year Old, 5'6" 112 lbs. Very Petite Revision due for Large Breast Implants - Miami, FL

Hi, I never grew boobies! before BA I was flat as...


I never grew boobies! before BA I was flat as a board! I had my first BA back in April 2004. I did all my homework before the procedure of course (research, meeting different surgeons, etc) BUT I still don't know how I ended up choosing the worse PS there was, well, maybe I do know....I wanted to save money, YES shame on me!

After the surgery it was obvious that something went wrong, I had agreed with the PS that naturally one breast was slightly bigger than the other so we decided that he was going to put a SLIGHTLY smaller implant on one side.....well, the difference was ridiculous so within only 3 months I had to have a revision. It's been 10 years after that and I can tell you that I have never been happy, I have no cleavage, one implant bottomed out and the other has a capsular contraction, my nipples are uneven and it is very very obvious. After my surgery I was never able to go braless, not only because the unevenness of my breasts but because these implants are way too small, so without heavy padding and push ups my breasts are soooo tiny!. I know I am petite, I am 5'6" 112lbs but I do like large breasts. Right now I have round, saline 350 and 375 I think (I don't remember the exact cc's)

I have scheduled a revision with Dr. Ary Krau on May 22nd 2014 and I seriously CANNOT wait, I have read so many good things about him, not to mention how understanding and patient he was the 2 times I saw him. Now....he mentioned 700cc's for me as I told him I want to be large but I am a lil nervous, I don't want to look like a circus freak, I just want to be a skinny girl with big boobies :). He has recommended HP, silicone and maybe 700 cc's. I still have to see him again for the Pre-op so things may change...not sure.

Any thoughts? Suggestions? Advice?

My current (before) pics

Ideal sizes and shapes

My horrific boobies

Wowwwwwwww! I have kept my boobies hidden behind heavy padded bras all these years but today I decided to take some more pics so you guys can see the extent of my problem and I was surprised myself! I had never taken pics of my boobies in the angles I took today. I am in such a hurry to get this mess corrected now :'(

Ok, A little worried now

So I went to my pre op on wednesday and while I was talking to the nurse, she told me that Dr Krau had on his notes 700-800 Ultra High Profile for my surgery. I am normally very very very undecisive in my everyday life, I always second guess everything and now even though I want BIG boobies I am afraid 700-800 may be TOO big. I have read that UHP implants don't look natural at all and I am going for a natural look but then again.....what is natural for me may not necessarily be natural for you right?

Regardless of the size, I think a natural look is the one that has a drop, I def DO NOT want the round look, I want more of a tear drop.

My revisiĆ³n is exactly a week from today!!

Going in in minutes

Ok, the moment has come! At PS's office waiting to see him before surgery. Excited and nervous!

Day 1 update

Ok, so everything went smoothly. Everyone ar Dr. Krau's was so nice and they made me feel very comfortable.

I went in at around 9 30 and was ready to go home at around 2pm. I was shivering when I woke up due to the anesthesia and I was in pain, felt very uncomfortable and all I wanted was to get home.

Once I got home I took the pain killer and slept for a good 2 hours, after that everything has been wonderful, I walk slowly and move around slowly but I don't feel discomfort at all.

At the last minute I chickened out and told Dr. Krau that didn't want to go too big and now I am a little worried about having gone too small :( here's my first pic (please excuse the blood stains)

Happy again!!!

Just saw Dr. Krau, I have 700cc high profile woohoo. I am very very swollen but I could already see how beautiful my boobies are.

Dr. Krau is such a sweetheart makes me feel so at ease every time I see him

3 days post op pics

On Friday I was so ecstatic about not having much discomfort after my surgery and even more after finding out that Dr Krau managed to put 700cc in my tiny chest that I seriously over did it! I was out and about all day only a day after surgery! The consequence? Waking up at 3 am with pain so intense I could not stop shaking, I thought I was gonna have to be rushed to the hospital but thank God my dear husband calmed me down, gave me a dose of the pain killer and I fell back asleep until almost 10 am.

So yesterday I woke up so swollen that even swallowing was painful because the swelling reached my throat! I then of course understood that I had to rest so I did NOTHING just laid in bed/couch ALL day and had my hubby bringing everything to me. Today was beautiful! No pain at all, swelling considerably went down and I am a happy camper again.

I tried to upload pics but it won't allow me, I will try in a new thread

3 day post op pics

5 day post op pics

I feel great! Stopped pain meds a couple of days ago. I am still a lil swollen on the sides and cleavage but not nearly as bad as it was on the second day. I supposed to stop wearing the strap all day today and only wear it to sleep.

I will see Dr. Krau this Friday, can't wait to hug him! :-)

Updated pics

It's been 11 days after my surgery and I am so thankful that my recovery has been so smooth and fast. I almost feel 100% normal, except for the heaviness in the mornings. I am really happy with the outcome.

It's so new for me to have boobies that actually move! I can feel how they bounce when I walk lol. My old ones did not move at all, not even when I jumped!

Here are some pics :-)

Pics from today

Bra fitting

So I went shopping, didn't have bra shopping in mind as I don't even know what size am I right now. Once at the store I decided to try bras just for the fun of it and I was happily surprised! They didn't have any 32's of course so I tried a 34 D and it was too small so I tried on a 34 DD and it worked, since I am a 32 band I am thinking that my real cup size may even bi bigger....happy!

Happy 15 days to my babies

Not much has happened other than I removed the tape two days ago and that I see dropping and fluffing in full effect everyday.


I have been trying on my clothes and it made me so happy! Everything looks so much better :-)

3 weeks!

It's been 3 weeks already. I haven't seen major changes but I am getting a lil impatient with the healing. I am back to my normal activities except in the bedroom! The skin on my breasts feels SO tender I can't even get hubby close to me. I have mega sensitivity on my nipples, if I do too much my underarm hurts, I have also started to feel a very dull pain in my back, I have been reading about it and apparently my back muscles are too weak for the added weight.....that plus sleeping on my back and slouching has given a painful back. Can't wait to start feeling them as they were there all the time. I am not motivated to dress sexy cause of the surgical bra I am still wearing. My PS told me I could use any bra I want without a wire but everything is very uncomfortable, i only feel comfortable with the front closing surgical bra I was lucky to find. Here are some pics.

Every day is a recovery day :-)

Only 5 days ago I was getting frustrated with my healing. I have to learn to be patient! Back pain is gone completely, I still have sensitivity but not as bad so the only thing that really has not improved considerably is the pain I feel when I over extend my arms up wards. I don't know if it's a muscle or a tendon (excuse my ignorance) but it's that part between arm and boob, it gets really sore when I try on too many blouses that I have to put on over my head. I am sore right now cause I went shopping for boobie friendly clothes :-) Here are some pics!

Progress pictures

I was looking at my pictures of right after the surgery and other than being very swollen I never got Frankenboob ( thank God!) Do you see major changes?
Dr Ary Krau

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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How are you?
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I just got back from vacation, how have you been?
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Hey girls !! Everyone on this page looke georgeous !! Twenty one grams, violet,!and yet to get boobs , Shellyall. Don't worry Sheelysmall I'm still waiting too. But girls did your Doctors try to discourage you from big boobs ? Because a few I consulted with did and I wonder if it's just me or the doctor ?!?? They just said it's less problems. But everyone has big boobs some doctors just do what you want but I wonder if it's gonna last in the long run.
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Hi! The doctor only charged u 6000. I have capsular contraction and they are charging me 11,000 :-o ..
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Wow! I don't know if I got lucky or your surgeon is way overpriced. I not only had a CC but the other implant had bottomed out. My PS is in my opinion the best in Florida and the results prove it. Him and his staff are very sensitive to their patients needs and concerns and the office and OR are state of the art. Maybe the prices in CA are just higher for these type of procedures. I hope you get the result you want once you get your revision whatever the cost is.
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Thank you!! :) I'm thinking of getting it done hopefully next month ;) For how long have u had yours? Does it hurt to get them redone?
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Hi , I think your Doctor is exceptional !! I actually haven't seen better looking boobs yet ! Not even on Doctors portfolios !! If I were you I would be ecstatically happy !!! I'm glad it all turned out so well . Wish I had your Doctor
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Thank you for your kind words! :-)
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I see better and better changes everytime. :-)
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Thank you!
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You have either the best or tied for the best boobs (and body!) on here! Are you getting used to the weight now?
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Whoa! Thank you :-) I am but I still have that pull feeling when I lay down flat on my back :-(
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You look fantastic. Did you get mentor 700 hp or a different brand? Cheers shelly xoxo
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Hey Shelly! Thank you! You got it right....700 smooth round hp mentor
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Thanks for that girl. Its good for me to know so that I can look up the dimensions. My BW was 13.9 so I'm guessing that I could probably fit those too. After a year of whinging I made the decision to go and see another doctor for a second opinion on my boobs. It was the first doc I saw before my ba and he has a heap of photos that he took of my old boobs. It will be very interesting to hear what he says. At this stage I just need some or lots of information before I decide to do anything. Hugs Shelly xoxo
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You're welcome! I think you can definitely fit these. Mine was like 12.5, the ref# of my implants is 350-7004BC which it says on mentor's website are 14.8cm diameter 5.8cm projection. You may even go 800cc. I am tiny, tiny tiny and these are just perfect for me, a little more and they would've been too big. I have everything I wanted and what I didn't think I wanted lol. I have width, projection and sideboob!!
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Yep they look f......g perfect to me too. I know I'll be happier if I do something instead of leaving it too long and keep wishing that I had .. which I'm sure that you will more than understand. ..goddess if patience!!!!
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Also...did you have much natural boob to start with? Sorry for all the questions but it will be good to know as much as I can before I see the other doc this Wednesday!!!!!!
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I think your boobs look gorgeous but it's all about what YOU want and I think you want them bigger so I would say just DO IT! I think of the 10 years I wasted with the wrong boobs and i cringe! I had no boobs before my 1st BA, I was completely flat, like boy flat! But.....I had implants for 10 years so that helped me be able to get the 700cc this time around. Please ask as much as you want, I am happy to answer all your questions.
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Yep I was boy flat too. I must post my new pics the doc emailed me. It's good that I'm finally getting the guts to go and talk to another doctor about it. I guess a few girls including yourself inspire me to chase after what I really want. I love my boobs and I know that many women would be ecstatic with my results. I just wish they were bigger with a bit more projection. I don't want to wear padded push up bras all the time ...that was why I got my surgery in the first place. I don't want to be ridiculous big...just more full than I am and after your 10 year wait I'm so glad you understand. Its not a definite that I will get a revision but a bit more understanding frim another surgeon and some answers will be good. I'm sure that my right implant is off centre and falls out to the side. My original doc says no...its how I was.. even though he never talked about it before surgery. Luckily with the doc I see on wed is that he has a heap of pre ba pics so he can put it in writing if he feels that the pocket was wrongly dissected. Can't wait to hear what he says. He has already offered a revision quote of 6000 instead of 7000 that my original surgeon wants to charge me. Also if he finds any issues with my boobs I may be able to claim back some costs with my private health insurance. Interesting xoxo
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I completely understand! THE BIGGEST reason I had a BA in the first place was to not use padding too......yet I had to keep on using it for 10 more years. My thoughts were exactly the same as yours and I am sure as many of other girls considering a BA or Revision, "I don't want to look like a circus freak" but I can tell you that it is better to go bigger rather than smaller, as I said it on my review minutes before my surgery....I totally chickened out and the number 700 and 800 scared the heck out of me, I am SOOOOOO glad my PS is somewhat of a Psychologist cause he knew I wanted to go big I just had gotten cold feet and he put the 700cc anyways. I would be devastated with anything less than that. I love him for that! Regarding unevenness, I had it pre-op and I embrace it as no natural boob is perfect either. I know my left nipple does not point in the same direction as the right one but I still love my breasts :-) I guess the fact that they are now BIG, soft and bouncy makes up for that.
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You look awesome and helped me decide to stay with my original plan of 700cc. I'm worried about carrying the extra weight, but you have fantastic results. Our body structures are similar and my hubby was worried they would be too big (I know that is funny to hear a guy say boobs too big - never right ;) he just knows how active we are and didn't want me slowed down or complain... your pics have him feeling 700 will work on my frame, now I can't ever complain! Good luck to you!
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Your boobs are beautiful they fit your body well!
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Thank you!
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You keep looking better and better!
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