30 days post up rhinoplasty and have uneven nostrils

Hey there, So I decided upon my surgery in a very...

Hey there,

So I decided upon my surgery in a very short amount of time (4 months or so) and when I chose Dr. Epstein he only had availabilities in April/May, which didn't fit my shedule. I wanted to do the rhinoplasty during Spring Break, and luckily someone postpone their procedure on March 20th, and I ended up taking that free spot.

I am undergoing surgery tomorrow with a surgeon I have never seen, but from my research on him, his youtube video of patients and grade on Realself.com he seems to be trustworthy and good at what he does.

Went to the officd, met the doctor, four hours later I got a new nose

So I met DR. Epstein at 7:30 this morning, we got out first "real conversation" he had good bedside manner and made sure I got my questions answered. Which at that moment I had such little due to all this nervousness and exitement.

I told him that I wanted a more proportionate nose for my face, and he showed me his previously done imagine which I believed look good but could be better. I wasnt set on a particular nose, I wanted something smaller and natural and told him I trusted his expertise to make it as perfect as it could be.

Next thing I know I talked to the anesthesist and then nurse. I get a pregnancy test and then I am in my sexy OR dress with the nurses about to totally pass out due to the drugs.

Waking up from the anesthesia ... HELL HELL HELL HELL

I woke up in a very comfy chair with a soft blanket and my dad next to me. I also had the luck to have a wonderful helper : CARLOS.

I was happy and dizzy for the first 20ish minute, making jokes and looking at my smaller nose in a handheld mirror ... But after about 30minutes I started to get reallyyyy tired all over again and this is when things went downhill for me.

I experienced the weirdest thing, as I was falling asleep or relaxing the autonomic responses of my body were failing me, one mainly : BREATHING.
You know how when you sleep your body knows to breathe on its own... Well this my body did not do that anymore, anytime i would get sleepy, I would wake up either from the oxygene monitor beeping or from my own body telling : YOU GOTTA BREATHE NOW. My mouth would be open but my lungs wouldnt inhale or exhale any air.

Dr. Epstein said he had never seen that before and that I might need to go to the ER! Which I did NOT want to go to at all ... Anyways I was convinced this was due to the anesthesia still in my body, so they called the guy who put me under ... He examined me and then gave me couple drugs through perfusion (which one he missed my veins an I got a big fat blue bruise, and the other one was sucessful). After about 45 minutes I could breath inconsciensly again, thank God!

After that I just felt like shit and sick to my stomach. I was dizzy, throwing up the air in my stomach, so thirsty and hungry, happy but not feeling good at all, I was really sick from all those drugs in my system.

But as I was saying Carlos was awesome and he really cared about me, I could tell by the way he looked at me when I was starting to breath on my own again, really nice guy, funny and willing to answer all my questions and concerened.

I will post a picture of him and me

I am alive lets just say that

After I left DR. Epsteins office I went to the hotel amd pretty much slept on and off unti the morning.

I have been naueous for the whole day and night, i probably drank a quater bottle of naked green machine and anout one bottled water.
Now I feel better after resting but dang I am swollen like a ballon!! And bruised up as if I got ran over by a truck this morning.
I am anxious to see the doctor and what he will tell me, I havent really seen him after my surgery, even during my breathing scary episodes .. I wish he was more there, but I guess today will be good for the both of us!

After seeing him I am going to Panera and then back home (4hours ride) I am so looking forward to my own bed!

On my way for the next day post-op visit

I am leaving the hotel room, for good! On my way to see Dr. Epstein and then head home for 5days until I need to come back for sutures and cast removal.

I feel strong pressure in the lower part of my nose and I look horrible. The fact that I have stiches scares me because I do not want visible scars, but Dr. E said they wouldnt be visible at all.

I will post an update after I see the doctor.

Here is a picture of me 22hours post op

Heading back to home sweet home

I am on my way back home (about four hours away) I saw the doctor who was in a little hurry but did tell me to feel free to email him if I had any concerns.
I am getting more bruised by the hours, its scary looking but was expected. I feel lots a pressure in my nose and its uncomfortable. I put ice pack on my eyes and cheeks in hope to reduce the swelling.
Besides that Im doing okay, I hate Panera which was the first food I had since my lunch the day before surgery and I feel a little sick to my stomach...

Dr. E said that I could remove some of the tape and the gauges inside my nose by Monday, and to expect more bruising tomorrow. I get to see him next week on Wednesday 26th to remove some stitches and the cast.

Pre op pictures!

I requested my pre op pictures taken right before going into surgery yesterday morning


Slowly but surely I am becoming human again, I am slightly tired of feeling this way, not being able to shower, scratch my nose, go out ... and mostly seeing my reflection in the mirror is somewhat bothersome.

Tomorrow will be day 5, and I get to remove the gauges in my nose, and some of the tape on the tip of my nose. I also plan on taking a nice shower and washing my hair! YAAY! I got to be patient two more days until cast removal then, and then 5 more days until I get to live a normal life again!

The pain is much better, it's just uncomfortable and annoying. I really hope the final results is worth it!

Cast off tomorrow

I AM SICK ON THIS CAST. It's oily, itchy, it burns, it's just plain annoying as hell.
Tomorrow at 1pm I get this cast off, which will be very enjoyable. I will update after. Cant wait to see my swollen nose ... haha


Cast and stitches are off, I did though almost pass out due to the anxiety and little sharp pain of the process to remove the internal and external stitches. I had a lot of them, about twenty were removed....

I feel human again, like I am about to find myself again. My nose looks more delicately shaped, yet I do not know what it will look like once it's unswollen.

My first day without stitches and cast

Surgery was 8 days ago, but feels like it was much longer ago, probably the fact that I've been bored home plays a role...

I had to remove myself one stitches on my nose that was forgotten by the nurse and doctor, besides that today was uneventful nose wise.

The scaring on the outside of the nostril are not visible at all, but the septum seems to be healing a little weird on one side, I hope I dont end up with a half deformed septum....

I do not know if i like my nose yet, I will remove the tape tomorrow and let it rest for a couple days, and then ill post some pictures for you guys to see.

20 days post op today

Today is day 20, I have resumed my normal life about a week or so ago, I am back at the university and midterms are waiting for me!

I have some issues with my nose, the tip is still hard and swollen so I do not worry about the tip shaped or anything for now. In the other hand I totally have a bigger nostril than the other, the biggest one being also lower than the smaller one. Its very noticeable in photography that are taking straight ahead .... Also the bridge of my nose is not straight at all. My Dr. told me to be careful and massage the nose if I felt it was going cricked, which I did ... not sure it helped? My last issue is that I have bumps on each side of the highest part of the nasal bridge, right at the eye level. They are not visible but you can feel them to the touch, and they hurt a little, Dr. Epstein said they would go away with time.

Overall I am more happy than unhappy with the results, I am trying to be patient. If my nose was to stay exactly how it is right now I would be disappointed honestly, even more by the fact that it was a $10,000 surgery. I hope the results improve for sure !!

I am able to breath normally, sense of smell and taste is totally back, just waiting on seeing improvement, because my nose looks very much like before size wise, but the shape is much nicer.


Kinda freaked by my nostrils

I am one month post up and have no hardness/numbness is my nose beside the very tip of the nose. No swelling in the inside of the nose so I am pretty sure my nostrils are settled but my bridge and tip are not.
Anyways my nostril are very uneven in size, that was noticeable right after the surgery but I didnt think anything of it, now I am worried because it is not getting any better. What do you think of the photo?
Miami Facial Plastic Surgeon

I am undergoing surgery tomorrow with a surgeon I have never seen, but from my research on him, his youtube video of patients and grade on Realself.com he seems to be trustworthy and good at what he does. He is specialized in facial surgery, and focuses on hair transplant and rhinoplasty. He says that he performs an average on3-4 rhinoplasty PER WEEK. Which is a lot, let's face it (ha ha ha) anyways .... He has an office in both Miami and NYC. I will meet with him THE DAY OF my surgery which is tomorrow, for the first time. Explain to him my expectation and then go into the OR. How weird .... but exiting. We shall see

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hi how have you been progressing with nostril size? did you ask for an alarplasty?
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Thank you for all your detailed updates. How's recovery process going? Did you have a follow up with Jeffrey?
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hi have you been in touch with your doctor regarding your concerns? if yes, what does he say? is he easy to get in touch with / communicate with after the surgery re: any concerns?
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Omg I love your new nose! So well defined and freckled! I think, nothing is perfect and you could spend way too much time looking for flaws, overall your nose is gorgeous the nostrils are not perfect but no one is looking THAT CLOSELY just you!
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It sort of appears that your nostrils had asymmetry in your "before" as well, and that removing the bulk from your tip revealed it a bit more. That being said, I would think it'd be something noticed and corrected during surgery. Whatever the case, you are for SURE still swollen.... give it time and if you just need a tip plasty later, that is usually an in-office procedure. Good luck!
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Also in order to evaluate your nose you need better pictures. Side view, front from the top and bottom, and the bottom.
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Your nose did not settle yet and you have no idea how swollen you are still. Your uneven nostrils can take 3 to 6 moths to resolve. It all takes a very long time. Be patient you are looking for results too quick. You will see your nose change, get slimmer, and swelling shifting.
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Your nose looks really cute. It will get better with time. No need yo worry.
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Based on your picture your nose looks super swollen. Be patient.
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So pretty! I'm happy for you! :)
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Oh I think your new nose is super cute already!
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I would not worry about any of those things including uneven bridge right now. I had two bumps between my eyes on the bony part of just like you did and one is completely gone the other takes much longer to go away but its getting smaller with time. My nose looked a bit uneven in the beginning but as swelling started to go down the nose started to look more even. Your nostrils are also part of the swelling. Some people nostrils even out faster than others. Being that you are 20 days post op all those things you mention are completely ok. I would wait until 4-6 months before judging your results. Post some pictures so we can see your results to date.
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You are right, I feel like I am 4 months post op, when I am only 20 days ... gotta be more patient, thank you for your advice :) Were your bump painful to the touch, I wonder if mine are not little leftover of bones fragments ?? maybe not
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Yes to a touch a little in the beginning but the one that's still there is not anymore but getting smaller very slowly. I am 3 1/2 months post op.
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any updates? just read your story and I cant wait to see
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Just updated!
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Don't judge your nose just yet it will change for the next six months.
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Can't wait to see your nose! :D
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I just posted a picture, but as other have said ... its going to keep changing for another 6 months! Goodluck with your procedure on the 24th!
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Good luck tomorrow!
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On the flip side to what FB2013 says, you might not like the swollen look after your cast comes off, but rest assured the swelling will come down a lot in the coming weeks and months! I'm so glad you started your story here! You're gorgeous as is...love that ginger hair! What did you not like about your nose?
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Best of luck to you - can't wait to see you without the cast :)
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Thanks a lot, I am very exited to see the results as well!
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I wish you a speedy recovery and a safe trip home. I know how it feels when you have an op out of town. I had my primary out of town and I can relate when you say you are looking forward to your bed! For my revision next month I decided on a surgeon, who is about 70 miles away from where I live. So at least this time I don't have to fly for the surgery. I look forward to seeing your results.
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Well thanks a lot, I am currently on my way home , its about a four hour drive. And i wish you too a good revision rhino. I will post before and after picture soon also
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