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Great experience at Dr. H's office. I'm...

Great experience at Dr. H's office. I'm very happy with my result and the price was great. I could have gone almost anywhere and I chose to go to Miami for my surgery. As you can see from my "before" picture, I needed serious help. The consult and surgery was seamless. I would choose him again.

I went from saline, 32DD breasts to silicone 32 C/D breasts. I had my surgery on 2/10/11. Today, my breasts look symmetrical and look and feel natural...except for the scars which are slowly fading.


hi sorry to bother you. I would like to know if you could guide me. I HAD a breast reduction in 2006 but the dr destroyed my breast, and I HAD to get a second surgery with implants in which I am not happy with the results. my concern is because if I have surgery for the third time to correct previous disastrous surgery the dr have to reposition again my nipple (so I am worry about the blood suppy of the nipple) :( did you hae you nipple reposition for the first time or it was your first time? thanks
The dr. NEVER actually "moves" the nipple, it is never cut off from blood supply, but the skin/tissue around it may be taken out and the nipple "repositioned" and stitched closed around it... the main thing that may affect blood supply is if you are a smoker, you need to stop before/after surgery. I had mine "repositioned" and that was a concern of mine, but they don't actually slice it off and sew it back on, THAT would be disasterious... you will be fine hun just do your homework and make sure your surgeon is Board Certified PS and very experienced
thanks for the replay :)
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