Getting Revision: Re-Aug & Lift in South Florida

Hiya Dolls! My first time posting here (under...

Hiya Dolls! My first time posting here (under Breast Augmentations), I was originally on the Butt Aug/Fat Transfer Board, but as it turns out, my finances aren't quite ready for my luscious big booty dreams! Instead, I've chosen to improve the top half of my torso. I'm 29, 3 Kids, separated, and a fitness lover. Back in November 2007 in NYC, I had my first cosmetic/plastic surgery procedure ever and it was a big one. It was after two children and breastfeeding. I got a full tummy tuck, lipo of abdomen & flanks, and a breast lift with aug. Here is my size/measurement history:


  • Bra Size 36B-C (SEVERE PTOSIS, very droopy, no projection)
  • Dress size 10-12 Depending
  • Height: 5'8
  • Weight: 161


  • Bra Size 36DD-F (Size varied depending on bra brand)
  • Dress size 8
  • Weight: 156


  • Bra Size 36-DD-F (Implants too heavy, bottom out/droop)
  • Dress 6-8 Depending
  • Average Weight: 154 (Had initially gained lbs b/c planned to get Butt Aug/Transfer- Now slimming down again)
  • Current Weight: 168


Don't know what bra size will be, but exchanging 410cc Saline implants for 300 post-lift. Dog ear revision.

After having my last child in November of 2010, I'm ready for my final makeover overhaul! I breastfed my last and that took a MAJOR toll on my breasts.

Monday March 12, 2012

I'm having my surgery with Dr. Pane in Miami. (I call him TPane after the rapper T-Pain LOL ) He's sweet and attentive. My first consult went PHENOMENALLY well (I booked same day) and I truly feel he can improve my look and correct what I can't stand about my breasts now. He's incredibly realistic and told me my original P.S. shouldn't have put such an aggressive size implant after my lift. Because my skin is so pliable and abundant in elastin, he recommended going with a smaller implant in addition to the lift.(Mentor Saline Smooth Moderate Plus Profile 300ccs Bilaterally).

I LOVE to workout religiously and also do pole dance fitness (super hard training and conditioning) so I need my breasts to reflect my lifestyle. I got them way too big originally (out of fear of being too small after surgery). It was fun while it lasted, but I'm getting older and going to be 30 this year, so I have to step it up. I want most of my volume and curves to be in my lower trunk/booty zone anyway! I'm super stoked about my upcoming surgery and I've even begun gathering my supplements, supplies, garments, etc.

Enjoy, talk to you Dolls later! Be well! xoXXox

Pre-Op Complete! Hey Guys! Just wanted to update...

Pre-Op Complete! Hey Guys! Just wanted to update you on what's been going on. Yesterday I had my pre-op with the OFFICE. I was under the impression I was going to get to see and speak with the Dr and review our case plan goals, answer questions, etc. Either way, I didn't wait long at all until I was called in from the reception area. I was taken to a room where I waited to be weighed (Lost weight, yay! was 168,9 now 162,3) and about four vials of blood was taken. I was told by the MA what specifically they would be checking for, namely just a general looksie.

After that, I was given what seemed like TONS of consent forms to sign and initial. I think because this place is a big surgery center with lots of other physicians, they've taken ALL the measures to cover their butt! Lol I didn't mind it though, it is what it is. I did take my time to read and refused to sign two pages because I hadn't discussed my future breast size with the doctor. For some reason I'm become a little concerned that 300cc's might be too small for me. I've been 410 for five years, I don't wanna be tiny either! Regardless, he wasn't there to answer my questions and discuss THAT further (I was told he was in surgery), so I just told her I would prefer to wait and sign it after I speak with him. YOU GUYS HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO THAT! Don't just sign, just because it's expected of you!

So let's see, what else went down? Oh yeah, my before pictures were taken. She did the basic angles and also took snapshots of my dog ears for that revision. After making my final payment with my super sweet, super awesome patient care coordinator, I was out the door and on my way. Before I left, I made an appointment for a "second consult" where I can have time to be in front of the mirror with the Doctor and go through our surgical gameplan. That's going to be this coming Saturday morning. I'll feel more comfortable with my expectations after that... I also reiterated the fact that I INSISTED upon an early surgery time. I want him fresh. First or second for the day! I don't play that... those surgeons work hard, long hours and I need him totally alert and ready for me! (We all feel that way!) :P

Anyway, that's it. I'm STOKED and I can't believe everything is going down in just 10 DAYS!! Well.. in an hour, 9! LOL. I love having this to look forward to. I hope all is well with everyone! I'll try to check back in after Saturday's meeting. Xoxo

Hello all! I had my "second consult"...

Hello all! I had my "second consult" with Dr. Pane yesterday morning. This was basically so I can have more time to discuss the surgical plan and outcomes/expectations with the doc. It was a very efficient and informative meeting.

After telling me my labs came back GREAT, we addressed the breasts:
I was concerned about 300ccs being too small and he told me that he can estimate that the amount of breast tissue he will remove alone (in order to perform the lift) will be about 100cc's... so with that in mind we agreed that he will put in a 325 and fill it to 350. This will insure more volume so I can have cleavage and fullness to my boobs but it won't be so big and heavy that it'll drag and droop down easily. I'M EXCITED!

Then we discussed the dog ears/my hips:
So I asked him how we was planning to go about the revision and he told me it would NOT include lipo, that my dog ears would just need a small further incision in order to get it to lay down flat. He asked me to put a finger down and cover one of them while looking in the mirror. He asked me if I was pleased with how that looked... I told him it was OKAY... I guess I thought he would also remove some fat. He told me the amount of fat he'd remove with JUST the dog ear revision alone would be a small section that he would remove while fixing the scar. He told me if I wanted a bigger section of fat removed, that would involve liposuction and bring out different equipment for that (therefore altering the price of my surgery). He then asked me to do the same thing, stand in front of the mirror but this time tug the whole area where my dog ear is (pulling backwards) and he asked me if I liked that look and VOILA! I loved it! I guess what was bothering me most was that fat atop my hips that make it look like I have muffin top with everything I wear! He said that would definitely be lipo of one area. I told him to ADD IT ON, I was positive it would improve the general look and contour of my midsection. So yes, we're going to do that too.

I asked other general questions relating to surgery... he said Arnica and Bromelain would be fine, the surgery would be about 3.5 hours (for a lift/aug revision, lip of hips and dog ear revision) and I would need someone mostly for the first 48 hours. He said because I already had a pocket formed for my breast in the first breast surgery in 2007, I wouldn't be in so much pain and discomfort this time around. He said it should be a breeze for me this time around. I would also have to get an abdominal binder since I'm adding the lip to the hips (I saved mine from TT in 2007).

What else? I told him my concerns about anesthesia: being awake and feeling the pain while nobody else knows! He wrote me a Rx for Valium for me to fill and take prior to surgery. THANK GOD for THAT! My surgery is in 7 days 19 hours and I'm getting anxious already! LOL He told me I can return to the gym in two weeks, drive as soon as I feel up to it and not too dizzy (about 4-5 days depending).

He wants me to get a SUPPORTIVE type of post-surgical compression garment for my breast, which I already ordered online. I'm getting the Tonserio Support Brassiere.

So that appointment went swimmingly! Afterwards I met with the consultant to discuss the financial details of adding the lipo and consents for that, etc. So the only thing I'm waiting on next is a phone call from their office confirming my surgery TIME for March 12th. I pray they respect my wishes for being one of his early cases of the day!

Hope all is well, Take Care Beautiful People!

So, there's been a HUGE change! There was a...

So, there's been a HUGE change! There was a scheduling time/conflict issue with Dr. Pane for my date (Monday March 12th) and they would've only been able to accommodate me at 2:30pm! That wasn't good for me & after discussing it with the surgery center associates & my consultant (trust me, they apologized sufficiently for the inconvenience) I was given a proposition. I was told DR. JEFFREY HAMM has had an opening for MY day at MY desired time (7am, first case of the day). I was informed that if I indeed decided it was fine to proceed, I would have a consultation right then and there with Dr. Hamm and we could put me in at that surgery slot instead.

I did a quick Google search on the doctor while I was waiting for him in the consult room I was originally in when I first came into Strax and met Dr. Pane. I found no malpractice suits, nothing negative really besides a sanction in 2005 that was cleared in 2009. So I took a deep breath and waited to meet him. I didn't wait long.

Dr. Hamm was very friendly and nice. He walked in saying, "I understand we may have a date next Monday!" Lol. We got to talking right away about my concerns with my breasts, dog ears, and hips/flanks. I told him I was very happy with what Dr. Pane and I had originally discussed concerning implant size: 325s filled to 350 (as a general goal). Dr. Hamm explained to me how he did things. He said he would put in sizers at first and fill them, then elevate/evaluate me to see how they look. He heard my concern about being perky and almost even having a "fake" or "porn star" look to them without it being like two half coconut shells stuck on my chest. He communicated that he understood perfectly. We moved on, discussing the dog ears. He would take my previous TT incision/scar about an inch and a half/two inches longer in order to make my "ears" lay down. Then he said he'd do the lipo, but that FL state law limits the max withdrawn (when you're having other procedures done at the same time) to be 1000ccs. I had already come across that in my research, but it was nice to hear him inform me. I FORGOT to ask him what method of liposuction he plans on using, but I'll find out VERY early Monday morning!

My surgery time is 7am but I am to be there at 6am. I live close-by so I won't have to be up super early. I'm getting totally excited and pumped, but also some anxiety has crept in simply because of this almost "last minute" change of surgeons! It's a big deal! I built a rapport with Dr. Pane... and all the patient testimonials I see on videos lately are of patients that had their breasts done with HIM and they look great! Now, don't get me wrong: Dr. Hamm is the Medical Director at Strax and has been there the longest. I know he does breasts very often and even told me how simple my case is. I believe he can get the job done, the question in my mind though is: Did I downgrade or upgrade? According to the staff, Dr. Hamm is booked months in advance. It was only by chance/fluke cancellation that he's avail Mon. morning (or so they say). I was given an small album of photographs and told that all those shots were of Dr. Hamm's work... and when I saw THAT, I was reassured. I just pray that everyone is being completely honest and legit with me. I have a feeling this is a blessing and I'm grateful for the opportunity to work with such a seasoned surgeon. I look forward to it all, it's just the change was a lot to deal with at once.

Well, I'm off to bed. Hope all is well with everyone! Stay Awesome.

HOW CRAZY! Turns out I DID NOT have surgery...

HOW CRAZY! Turns out I DID NOT have surgery yesterday with Dr. Hamm! I was struck with a horrific stomach bug/flu/virus the night before and was vomiting and dry heaving for hours! I was in so much agony, as soon as the nursing staff saw me that morning at 6AM they told me, it would be up to the anesthesiologist but they don't think I'd be having surgery that day. I was fine with that, I just wanted to stop throwing up, and my stomach to stop aching so badly. I was dripping sweat (like after a heavy cardio workout) one second, then freezing cold- teeth chattering the next. It was the WORST.

I had to wait around for the "attending physician" to come see me and that was the hard part. I just wanted to go somewhere they could give me MEDICINE and HELP ME! I didn't care that I wasn't getting plastic surgery! I wanted to get and feel better! The receptionist in the O.R. section of Strax got easily frustrated with me and kept saying that I had to wait for the attending to see me and maybe he could give me something. If not, I would have to have my "caretaker" sign a release form letting me leave the surgery center. I wanted to dash out to the ER so badly, but she kept making it seem more appealing if I just stayed and waited then I could get some comfort from whatever medicine I could be given by that attending. Well... the dude FINALLY got there and he told me "You can't get surgery today. That's all I'm able to say or do for you. I'm the one that decides that and I say no." UM, HELLO?!?! IDIOT! I Knew that!!! I was only waiting around for YOUR BUTT because I was told I could possibly get some medicine to feel better! But no, they made me waste my time in agony when I could've been at the local ER getting assistance!

I ran outta there as soon as I could and my caretaker to me to the hospital where I was quickly given an IV (remember I couldn't eat or drink past midnight, but I was throwing up everything I was worth) and two types of pain meds- one was a shot in my rear and the other was through my IV- Diloded I think it's spelled. Either way, that took affect and helped me out TREMENDOUSLY I was ready to kiss my ER nurse and doctor! They were totally sweet and affectionate and made it seem like they CARED bout me feeling better. I was given discharge papers and labs that I was told by the Strax OR Scheduling Nurse/Manager to bring in so they can reschedule me for surgery.

I brought my papers in a little later that afternoon because I felt so much better and after making copies she said she'd give me a call and wished me well. SHE was genuinely sweet with me. So I went home, had my caretaker fill my ER stomach flu scripts and promptly went to SLEEP!

I slept for hours then woke up, with Terri calling me to offer me the next surgery time/day avail which is this coming Friday March 16th. She told me she had either Dr. Hamm OR Dr. Pane availabe. I opted for Dr. Pane. I know I caught something early Monday morning, but I also think it was the mountain of stress, anxiety, and worry I had in me from switching surgeons so last minute. I thought it was a good sign and I would feel lucky, but instead all the research I had done and testimonials I had watched were pointing towards Dr. Pane and that's whom Ireally truly felt COMFORTABLE with! When she offered up the two doctors, I quickly chose my first option: Dr. Thomas Pane. She said no problem and told me to be there same time as before 6am.

I'm one of those gals that truly feels everything happens for a reason and with all due respect to Dr. Hamm, even he said to me (when I was shivering from being sick) "Take this as an omen." I agree with him. Everything happens for a reason and I don't think my mind, soul and body was ready. This time though, I'm DETERMINED not to stress! I've ran all my errands (well a couple of places to go tomorrow but after that, NADA!) and I have rearranged my caretaker plans. It stinks because I wanted to take advantage of this spring break week off, but it's all good. I'm feeling 100% better and I'm still having my sugery this Friday.

So, to summarize- my surgery has been rescheduled for this Friday March 16th and it's going to be with Dr. Thomas Pane. *Whew!* Now I need to rest!

Hope all is well, please take this cautionary tale from me. If you feel uneasy about a decision or something concerning your surgery, SPEAK UP!! Don't let it build up inside you, it make manifest and make something that small even worse.

I'll update you as soon as I can, (realistically and probably) after my surgery Friday morning.


Hiya Dolls! I had my surgery Fridy around 11:30am...

Hiya Dolls! I had my surgery Fridy around 11:30am with Dr. Pane. I feel great know, just tired and loopy from the meds so I'll try to make this short and sweet. I got checked in within half an hour and the operating facility staff is super nice and sweet. I met my anesthesiologist ahead of time and we conversated for a while which was nice. She told me what she'd be giving me from an IV, to anti-nausea, antibiotics and pain meds.

About 25 minutes after that, Dr. Pane came in to greet me and discuss the surgery. We discussed the smaller details: aerola size (I want to keep my big ones, I love them) as well as the type of lipo I'd be getting (SmartLipo). He did VERY PRECISE markings and I noticed he really took his time with it, moreso than any other surgeon I've met before. I didn't mind at all, obviously! He reassured me about surgery and my "perky" outcome and said that he thinks he'll be taking enough breast tissue volume out so I should go with a 350cc implant so I don't look too tiny. I agreed with him and after saying goodbye, I waited to be wheeled to surgery.

The meds worked fast and well; one second your arms are being strapped down to the sides and the staff is making small talk/ funny banter with you and you're looking up the ceiling lights, then the next you're walking up feeling like Biggie Smalls, Big Pun, Fat Joe, and 4 Elephants are sitting on your chest! Lmaoo! It was a lot of pressure, I was cold (the warm air heater/blower thingy was a life saver) and my throat was not that bad at all, just dry. The post-op nurses were super awesome, sweet and kind. They were efficient when it was time for me to go home. My caretaker was given my instructions and I was told I'd be getting a call the next day (which I did, but missed because of all the sleeping I was doing because of the Benadryl!). I tried to call again, but it was the answerng service. It's all good though, I don't have anything pressing that I can't wait until Monday for- just wish there was something else I can take that won't make me itch as much...

From what I can see/feel, Dr. Pane definitely did a PHENOMENAL job with my lift, I feel super tight & the implants (I went smaller from 410cc's to 350cc's) are sitting high. I have my garment on at all times as well as a stabilizer. I know they're going to "drop & fluff" and settle well, but right now they look like swollen torpedoes! I want them to round out and soften as much as possible but I know that takes time.

I'm taking Arnica Montana and Bromelain with Quercetin as post-operative supplements to help with swelling and bruising. So far I feel great, I just don't like taking the Percocet I was perscribed because it makes my whole body itch like crazy! Then I have to take a Benadryl to deal with the itchiness and then THAT makes me sleepy and drowsy- Oh vey, what a cycle! Lol

But all in all I'm just chilling trying not to do too much too soon. I'm FIERCELY and FEROCIOUSLY independent, so it's hard letting others help me. But I'm doing it!

I hope everyone is well and chillin. Be safe, Happy St.Patrick's Day and remember to love and respect yourself, so you can get the same in return!


Hello all! Just wanted to update you, today is...

Hello all! Just wanted to update you, today is Day 2 Post-Op. I have a lot more energy, though it comes in bursts/spurts. It's a false sense of strength because you have it in your mind you can get up, do this, do that, but just getting fed, dressed and cleaned up you get winded! Lol

I was SUPER SUPER SUPER DUPER Itchy last night... I'm on Percocets and I'm going to beg them tomorrow morning to switch it to something else. It's way too uncomfortable for me, at one point it's all I could think about and all of a sudden I was itchy EVERYWHERE (not just my surgery/icision sites). It's def mind over matter, but I had to take a few Benadryl's to get through last night. Today is much better, though there is tightness and itching, I had my caretaker rub Sarna on the safe spots of my skin.

Yesterday afternoon I was also able to get my back dimple (micro dermal anchor piercing) tops put back on. It's like screwing in an earring, except it's in your back! It was uncomfortable because one of them started retracting and my piercer had to make a deeper hole in order to pull it through and up and out the hole. It was painful and for a moment I got overwhelmingly dizzy and hot and nauseaus all at once. I sat down, had some cold water and some deep breaths. After that, he was able to continue and finished in a breeze! I just had to remember to BREATHE and not hold my breath when it comes to pain or anticipating it.

My chest still feels a bit heavy but the load is getting lighter. I had some Haitian soup/stew today that was chock full of veggies and it tasted great (thanks Mom!) I don't notice much swelling besides the sides of my boobs (under my armpits) and my flanks (where it was lipo'd). No bruising at all! Arnica and Bromelain are doing it's THING!

Hope everyone is well, I'll holla tomorrow and give you an update. Pics of today coming later, not much change from yesterday, though.

Hiya Dolls! Hope everyone is doing well! I'm 4...

Hiya Dolls!
Hope everyone is doing well! I'm 4 Days Post-Op today and I feel GREAT! Yesterday was a stinker, I was really sore, swollen, tender, all of it. I had my first Post-Op with a Physician Assistant from the surgery center yesterday, so I got reassurance that all was going well and everything looked good. None of my bandages were taken off, they still want me to shower to loosen them up. The PA also told me my current post-op bra/compression garment is a bit snug because of all my post-op swelling, so grab a bigger one at Walmart so I can be more comfortable. My current post-op garment is a 36C so I went and got a 36D and it does feel better. I have been continuing with the Arnica and so far NO BRUISES and my swelling is very minimal (and what's there is to be expected). I feel so WONDERFUL about the future outcome and my healing so far, I love my new boobs! I feel like I look my age now... I'll post pics later. xoxo

Hey Guys, checking in quickly at 9 Days Post-Op. ...

Hey Guys, checking in quickly at 9 Days Post-Op. I'm doing great in my recovery so far. Once we discovered the Percocet was making me too itchy (allergy?), they switched me to Demerol and it's been so much better ever since. Still considerably swollen (of course) but not as massive as I was after surgery. I feel bursts of energy randomly which allow me to be more independent, and it's great to see my family and friends coming together to help a sista out! I look forward to trips when I get chauffeured around town on errand runs, I've even split up my nail appointments just to have places to go/something to do! Lol Went to the mall and got a spa pedi yesterday and it felt DIVINE!! A friend got a me a pretty top that will look GREAT once I'm healed and will showcase the new Girls perfectly!
Be Well & Stay Positive!

Hiya Dolls & Babes! It's been two weeks and three...

Hiya Dolls & Babes! It's been two weeks and three days since my surgery- I'm exactly 17 Days Post-Op from my surgery with Dr. Pane and I'm FANTASTIC! I feel great, my energy level is pretty much back to normal. I have no use for the pain meds and a lot of the swelling has gone down. My breasts are no longer sore and I have regained nipple sensitivity in my right breast, still waiting on left one! My dog ear revision and area where I had my SmartLipo done (flanks) are still tender and it's the pits sleeping at night because I'm a side sleeper. Other than that, all is VERY well and I would DEFINITELY recommend Dr. Pane and the staff over at Strax Rejuvenation in South Florida.

I'll continue to post photo updates, my next set will be in another two weeks (1 month out) and then two weeks from then (6 weeks out). The plan is then to update after 3, 6, 9 and 12 months. See you soon, Be well and stay healthy! XoXXoX
Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon

I'm still waiting to see how I heal and develop but for the most part, I had a good experience with Strax as a surgery center. The staff and employees do the best they can to satisfy their patients and you can tell. The consultant I had (Annia) was INCREDIBLE and so patient and helpful. Dr. Thomas Pane was TERRIFIC from consult to surgery, very informative and concise with is plans. Sweet demeanor. The post-op staff/employees did great too, I didn't feel ignored or neglected or anything, and they were prompt in getting me what I needed (water, post-op clothes, cell phone, etc.). All in all I was better than I expected!

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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Looking good lady! I had those dog ears from a previous tummy tuck, they were noticeable no matter what I wore. I can't wait to see your complete outcome! Happy healing!
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What kinda implants ur doc used that made ur boobs drop?
  • Reply
Hi! I don't think it was the type of implant as we used the same ones as before. I think it was his technique in doing the lift. It wasn't secure enough.
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Hey Lola looking good... And I'm glad ur feeling better. Self improvement is key. It only enhances our character. Lol!
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Thank you Msbrandnew1, I totally agree! Appreciate it Hun, sorry for the late reply I'm all up in my BBL blog lately!
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Hello Ms. Lola Jae Thank you for your story. I really liked the fact that I am not the only person with that gut feeling thingy. I had that happen and backed out of my surgery from the place I was going to get it at. I'm looking into other consults. I did want to ask because you had saline implants, do they feel natural? I am afraid they will look too much like a bubble ball. So you feel and sloshing with saline and have you seen any rippling. I have been to two consults with two different places and would not go back to the first place. I am going to be making another consult soon. I want this done :)
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Hi Honey, thanks for your comment. Sorry for the late reply! I have saline and LOVE them. I never worried about rippling or sloshing because I know I have a lot of breast tissue in addition to my Doc going under the muscle. But I see how ladies who are thinner and have less breast tissue can be leary to that.. I just love how comforting it is to know I have saltwater in there as opposed to a different foreign substance (even though they're saying it's totally safe and fine now as opposed to the 70's & 80's). The only thing I notice is how they tend to be buoyant in the water (bath, pool, jacuzzi) they like to float upwards lol. It's nothing major and it's kind of fun, I just thought Id mention it so you won't be surprised! Lol
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You look awesome. You have a YouTube huh ma
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Thanks Hun, yeah I do I haven't uploaded a vid on the breasts in a min. I plan to do it all together when I'm vlogging about my BBL journey
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Kind of nervous I got 560cc will mine do the same as your?? I'm 22 I'm one yr post op they haven't drooped at all yet
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Hey Girl, sorry for the delay! I truly believe everyone's body is so different, I can't say how yours will be in the future. But I wouldn't worry at all! My surgeon told me I have extremely elastic-y skin which is uncommon. That's one of the reasons I think my books fell like that. They straight up bottomed out. Thank God for revisions! Lol
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hey i just got mine done with dr pane
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I hope your doing good. I also love pole work and ended up buying one to practice at home but there aren't any pole classes near where I live. I have to drive an hour to a class and the class sucks. I wish I was in Miami cause there is a place down ther that i'd like to go to, I just need the money. By the way, your breasts came out really nice.
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Thank you Honey. No new pole classes by you yet?!
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nope, this only has lame ass girls teaching boring routines. I went to this one class where the "teacher" thought she could train us by going really fast with mostly spinning moves. That ish was on some shit because I was always dizzy. She'd be like "ok again, let's go fast, keep up". I was like this is crazy, lol. WTH! I never went back. Someone could hurt themselves, you didn't even have time to look at the teacher. Anyway, I haven't been able to practice yet because i'm still healing from my c-diff infection. I lost a lot of vitamins, and energy from the fast weight loss so i'm building up my strength and fueling with electrolytes so I can get back to the pole. Also, my abdomen still gets tight from lipo so i'm stretching daily. So when I feel better i'll be looking to see if there are new classes around or maybe a one to one class and practice at home. Hope all is well with you. Take care. TTYL
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You absolutely look great! Congrats on your surgery. I am looking into having a BA/BL & TT with Dr. Pane. I have been looking for reviews and yours is the only one I can find on him. You stated you read other reviews, could you share links. I'd really appreciate it. And Thank You so much for posting this. :-)
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Congrats, you look wonderful! Happy healing.
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You look great!! Keep posting updates! :)
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I have really loved reading your review!!! I love all the information you provided and how you kept it real. Congrats on your new body!!! I can't wait for mine. I'm getting a BA/BL on April 3rd and a TT next year. I'm 5"2 120lbs currently a 34 A/B stage 3 ptosis. Very droopy and saggy, no projection at all.Im getting smooth, high profile silicone. Im thinking of 350 to 400cc. Im am just really afraid of being too big or too small. I know its early but are you happy with your size?
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Hey Doll! Thanks for replying and I'm glad my review/updates are helpful to you! CONGRATULATIONS! That date will be here sooner than you think! I am IN LOVE with my breasts right now. To be fair though, I have a considerable amount of swelling and will have it for a few weeks (according to my Surgeon, 3-4 weeks before it's all gone!) I went from 410cc's to 350 and so far, I just love how HIGH and juicy my breast look! I do so very little and already have cleavage. Almost immediately people who knew me noticed a difference when I went out in public. Like "You look different... you did something... what did you do, you look great!" I don't know if I look like I lost weight, or what, but I know even my posture is different now. I'm still very early in the healing and recovery process, but I can already tell I made the right decision when it came to size. The lift did WONDERS! I feel like a perky teenager again!! Lol
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Thanks so much for the warm welcome! I know how it is to be SEARCHING for information and answers, so I have no problem disclosing the details! The before shots are posted and I plan on displaying after photos accordingly! Be Well! -LJ
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Good luck on Friday! Can't wait to see your results!
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Thanks Doll! I'm feeling MUCH better about it this time around. NO stress, no fuss no anxiety. I'm relaxing all day, having everyone do things for me, washing my hands religiously (I have kids so I do that anyway!) and taking my supps. I have Everything prepared and I know tomorrow morning will be a huge success. Thanks again for your kind words! I'll post pics as soon as I can (most likely Saturday or Sunday). xoxoxo
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Hi and welcome to RealSelf! I hope you love the way you look after this is done. Thank you for sharing and for all the wonderful/informative stats you posted. I wish everyone would do that because it's so valuable for ladies who are looking for similar body types! Will you be posting before and after photos?

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