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I lost 120 pounds, and no matter how much exercise...

I lost 120 pounds, and no matter how much exercise I did the skin was never going to go back into place.

Cosmed is state of the art clinic. Dr. Quiroz is not. I had surgery 3 months ago, I came home with MRSA and spent a nearly aweek in the hospital. I went for a mommy make over, he said I would look like a movie star.... my breast are droopy, one is larger, my tummy tuck appears he didn't tighten my muscles and my Brazilian butt lift is zero. .. my liposuction on my back looks horrible, skin is extremely wrinkled. Dr. Q tells me I need to w as it 6 months for redults, not sure what if anything he will do to correct my concerns. I posted pics.
Hi, I had arms,tummy, breasts done in Monterey Mexico after losing 110 pounds through GBS. My doctor is Dr. Francesco Caused . My friend has her tummy done in Ontario.From what I can see my results are superior? Dr Sauceda does leave nice clean lines. My TT was quite good without even having to do the anchor cut. The operation was also strangely not painful which I of course appreciated. There are things I was not as happy with. I felt quite rushed although Dr. Sauceda did answer all my questions and did not make false promises. His quote was lower than Dr.Q,s and everything right down to the special undergarments are supplied. He even rebates surgeries over 7K with 600 $ plain fare. You stay at the Hilton where a daily breakfast is provided in his quote as well. The clinic (after surgery) is included as is anesthesia. I paid 11,400 for breast augmentation and lift, arms and tummy tuck. Dr. Sauceda is much loved. Check out his followers on Obesity Help. Sorry about the auto correct with his name spelled wrong at the first. I got a new tablet today and its pretty crappy lol.
Thanks SO much for taking time to answer me! I will checkout Dr.Sauceda.
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Dr. Q LISTENS, that's right he listens and does not push you into anything. He discusses the procedures and options that are available for the issues that bother you. Although he chooses to practice in Mexico (which is good for us because it is affordable in Mexico, only $5,500 for his surgical fee for my lower body lift), Dr. Q is licensed in both Mexico and California. He speaks perfect English so nothing is lost in translation. That was not the issue with a lot of other doctors I interviewed in Mexico. I felt confident in his ability to provide me an outcome that would make me happpy, and he did!! Don't be afraid to go to Mexico, be afraid to go to a surgeon that dosen't do a good job. My best friend came to Dr. Q in July to redue the same lower body lift she had done the year before by a well known doctor in New York City. However you came to the Clinic, know that you have been truly blessed. Dr. Q is a doctor of quality and a man of integrity. Thank you!!!

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