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Hi. I am 23 years old and finally got my...

Hi. I am 23 years old and finally got my rhinoplasty done after 12 years of wanting to get it done. I have always hated my nose and wanted to get it done but I was either too young, too scared or didn't have the money. Finally every thing fell into place and got it done about 4 days ago. I am still in the process of healing but I am really excited to see the results. I can already see a change thought the splint and bandages. I have literally read every review on here so I decided I should post my story as well.

Well the day of the surgery everything went really well. I went into surgery a little later than schedule and it lasted two hours. So I was out around 7 pm and my parents drove me back home. The first night I didn't have any pain but I still took my meds as instructed. I didn't sleep that much since I kept waking up because my throat was so sore and I kept needing to drink water. I think that was probably the worst part. I didn't really mind breathing through my mouth since I have always had breathing problems and had to breath through my mouth while I sleep, so it wasn't that much different.

The next day I went to see the doctor and they were really impressed as to how well I was doing. Barely any bruising or swelling and no pain. Over the next few days swelling has increased but I still have no bruising. I've also had headaches but I guess that's normal.

I've been trying to clean my nose as instructed but I'm terrified I am going to mess something up. I supposedly have dissolvable packing and stitches and I am not sure when this will be gone, but hopefully soon.

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Okay so I just got my splint off today and I am so...

Okay so I just got my splint off today and I am so happy with my new nose!!!' It's still really really really swollen but slowly getting better. You a definately see the changes in my profile and front view. I keep stopping at every mirror twice still in kind of a shock. I feel like my nose is a little upturned but from I have heard, this will get better with time, so Im not too worried.
When they took the splint it off is was more uncomfortable than painful because you nose it's still so tender. My tip its still really swollen and it feels really hard to the touch. I found that my nose had a layer of dry skin and seemed very oily. As soon as I got home I took a long shower and lightly cleaned off my nose and that seemed to help remove the dead skin, lower the swelling and clear the stuffines of my nose a bit.

I've uploaded some pictures from my recovery and from today when the cast was removed.


So cute!
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Looks great so far, it's going to look even more amazing in time! Happy healing!
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You were beautiful before and you're going to be even more stunning when your swelling comes down. I'm glad you're through the worst of it. Thanks so much for sharing on RealSelf!

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Hi all! Today I am 10 days post op and to be...

Hi all! Today I am 10 days post op and to be completely honest, I am having a little bit of a hard time adjusting to my new nose. I feel like my face has completely changed. And to add to it I have lost my smile :(. I was hoping to be completely back to normal by this weekend and go to work but I'm sill having trouble breathing, still have a ton of swelling and I can barely move my lips. Every morning when I wake up the swelling gets a whole lot better, but by the end of the day, it's back. Even my lips are extremely swollen.

I've been cleaning my nose with cold cloths to kind of remove the oiliness and hopefully reduce swelling, but im not sure of this is helping. Does any body have any tips to reduce swelling?? Do I still need to sleep with my head elevated? Any tips on gettin my smile back??????


Looks great!
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Hi all. I'm at day 13 post op and I am still...

Hi all. I'm at day 13 post op and I am still having trouble getting used to my new nose. I hope it's just the swelling because its starting to make me really sad. I still can't move my upper lip or smile. I also called my doctor today to see if he had any tips on reducing swelling but all the nurse said was to keep my head elevated and ice. And wait till my next visit with him which will not be for another two weeks. I haven't actually talked or seen him since the day of the surgery which I think it's a bit odd.

I was supposed to be going back to work yesterday but I still don't feel comfortable walking around like this. My nose is still very swollen. I hope it gets better as the days go by.


Just to let you know it took over a month for me to be able to smile again. I have a big smile where all my teeth show so I was worried as well. But no problems smiling now. Give it time you look great!
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Thanks that makes me feel better!!! :)
Glad I could help. Also even at almost 3 months post op I still at times feel like its a little stiff at the upper lip and the nose but nothing compared to what it was before. Its almost never a problem smiling anymore. I say you will be way better in 6 weeks and 2 months probably would be the mark for you to get your smile back. Some people it takes 3-6 months. Initially I could not even open my mouth wide enough to eat a sandwich ;) Just give it some time it is very normal for this kind of operation. :)

Hi all. Just wondering if anyone knew any tips on...

Hi all. Just wondering if anyone knew any tips on removing black head from the nose after surgery???? It's starting to look terrible and I'm not really sure what to do!!! I've used peroxide, a mild soap the doctor gave me and even astringent and the arnica gel. Not sure what else to try....Any ideas??


Your results look great so far, and when the swelling goes down I think it'll be fantastic. Congrats!
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Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! Congratulations you look so beautiful. Enjoy!
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Your new nose looks INCREDIBLE! I hope my results will be as beautiful as yours! Also, on a side note, you're absolutely gorgeous! I hope that you're starting to feel more comfortable with it, and your recovery hasn't been TOO much of a pain so far :P :)
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Hi all. I am at day 20 post op and I am feeling...

Hi all. I am at day 20 post op and I am feeling pretty good. I still have a lot of swelling at the tip but I think it may be getting better with the arnica gel and pills. I think the swelling is going down but its really hard to tell. I just posted some pics. And by the way I still can't smile....


Thanks alot :) I have to consults with 2 different Doctors. I heard great things from both of them, I definetly will keep you posted :) I may add my story on here too.. with my pics before then after if I go through with it. SO happy for you :) and thanks again.
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You look great! Your were beautiful before & after! I can totally relate, I have not liked my nose since I could realize I had a big nose. Iam going for a consult with a Plastic Surgeon the first week of Febuary. Iam excited & nervous at the same time. I feel 90% sure but the 10% is worrying what Iam going to look like afterwards, Ive had the same face 28 years and the recovery process. You look so great and your story is giving me alot of confidence.
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Thank you! It was definitely a tough decision to make, but I made a ton of research and when I found my doctor I was sure I wanted to do it. And even after setting the date I was extremely nervous and at times, wanted to even take my decision back. But now I'm so glad I did it. There have been many times when I thought to my self... " oh God, I ruined my face" but every day I keep noticing how much better my face looks. I was actually just going through a bunch of old pictures of myself and I am sooo happy with my decision. My nose was just large and distracting. I have actually gotten so many compliments at work. That I'm actually starting to love and embrace the new look. Just make sure you do a ton of research and be comfortable with your doctor and always ask a thousand question. Good luck and keep us updated!

Hi all. So it's been 1 months since my surgery...

Hi all. So it's been 1 months since my surgery already and I am really happy with the results so far. I know that I still have a long way to go but I'm happy. I can finally smile again. Not completely normal but a lot better than before. I almost feel like i can do everything normal again. I actually went on a short bike ride and I felt great. I'll probably be heading back to the gym pretty shortly. I have returned to work and have gotten a lot of compliments from my co workers and friends as well. Some people can't even tell I had anything done. I know the changes are subtle but to me it was a huge change. Most people don't really pay attention to the little details of your face so they don't really see a huge difference so I'm happy about that. I didn't want my face to look completely different.

I've still been sleeping with my head above my heart and with pillows on my side so I don't turn over. I am terrified I hit my nose or something. Even just walking around, I get scared that someone is going to bump into my nose or hit me with a door or something. But I guess that fear will go away with time.

I've been cleaning my nose like usually and the blackheads have gotten a lot better. I actually went out and bought one of the spinning brushes by Olay and it came with a light scrub and its helped my skin and the blackheads on my nose a lot!!

Anyways. I got asked by someone to post Pre op pictures of my nose and I realized and I had none. I always hated my profile and always avoided takin pictures that way. The only one I found was the one taken by my doctor. I just posted the picture and you can really see the difference!!


I know!!!! It takes forever for the swelling at the tip to go away. But I feel like the less I think about it, the faster time goes by! I looked through a bunch of old pics and I could not find any profile pics, since I hated my profile so much. The only one I had was the one my doctor took before my surgery. I just posted it !
Did you want the turned up profile????
I did. My nose was too droopy and completely covered my top lip.

So it's been around 3 months and a half and I...

So it's been around 3 months and a half and I can't say I love my nose. I'm not sure if its because its still early but I still don't completely love it. My nose looks crooked and swollen all the time. It looks different from one side to the other and my nostrils looks crooked from the bottom. Also, every time I smile I get a huge crease on top lip and I hate it. I'm actually ashamed of smiling. Anyways I just posted some pics. I'll be going to the doctor in a few weeks and I hope to get some resolution to all the questions I have. To be honest my doctor hasn't been of much help.


looks GREAT!!
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Hey I totally relate to you on the swollen part, patience really is the key here. I can see more definition, and with time it will become more refined you will see. But the crease you are talking about when you smile interests me, you never had it before the surgery? Did you ask your doctor? I too have a little crease so I'm just wondering.
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Hi. I haven't had a chance to ask my doctor about it but based on the research I have done, it could be any of three things that is causing it. It could be just swelling from the collumnella from open rhinoplasty. It could also be caused due to a strut placed to raise the tip. Sometimes it's too long and causes it to push down on your lip. Or it could be from the muscle if it was released during surgery. In some cases the crease goes away, but in some it does not and revision surgery is required. I'm hoping that's not the case. I'll be going back to my surgeon for a follow up appointment in a few weeks and this is something I want to ask. I'll keep you posted on what he says. Im hoping its just swelling.

Five months update.

It's been almost five months since my surgery and I guess Im seeing a bit of improvement with the swelling. I did go see my doctor and I asked him about the crease and he acted as if he didn't know what I was talking about. He looked at my before pictures and tried to point out that I had a crease before my surgery which is not true. I also mentioned that I felt it looked crooked and he proceeded to say that if I wanted to get critical my eyes were crooked too. Oh well. Hopefully it gets better with time. I posted some pictures.


before reading your story, i looked at all your pictures and said to myself "WOW that is seriously a perfect outcome, she must be so happy, i want mine to look like that!!!!!" so after reading to the end, im so sorry youre not happy yet! But the pictures look amazing and ive heard about a lot of people having emotional roller coasters after the surgery, so Im sure it will and hope it does get better with time
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Thank you!!! Hearing you say that actually makes me feel alot better. Sometimes I think it's just me that is being too critical and wonder how others see it. Thanks!! I read your review, good luck on your surgery coming up!!!
Oh my GOSH! I cannot believe he said "that if you wanted to get critical your eyes are crooked too." What an idiot! Seriously! :-( I'd punch him in the face! haha
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Sixth month. Still have a crease on upper lip.

I'm going to my doctor tomorrow again to ask about the crease on my top lip that is not going away even after six months. After looking at a ton of pictures from before I never had a crease on my top lip, as my doctor claims. My top lip also looks completely different. If any body has experienced this please let me know. I want to know if it will go away or if I am going to need a revision.


Did your horizontal line ever go away? Mine is still there 4 years post op. I just hate it.
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Yeah. I still have it...... It's been almost a year since my surgery. I went to another doctor and he said it's probably not going to go away. I'll have my final one year appointment with my doctor and ask about it again.
Yes, mine too. MIne was because the septi muscle was released. I have researched everything and the only thing that has worked was having some filler put into the very base of the fills the area where the muscle used to expand. Was your septi muscle cut?

One year.

Hello all. It's been a little over one year since my surgery and I just want to say that I am really displeased with the outcome of my surgery. I am actually looking into getting a revision. My nose is extremely asymmetrical and bulbous. The sides are pinched and look sunken in. My columnella is so stiff and long that is still creating an awful crease on my top lip. This whole past year I have been trying to be really positive in hopes that my nose and smile would get better in time...... But no such luck. I have actually gone to a revision surgeon who told me he probably wouldn't be able to fix it. He mentioned that I barely had any cartilage left in my nose and wasn't sure if ear cartilage would hold up due to my thick skin. If anybody knows of a good revision surgeon in the fl area. Please let me know.

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Before photos.


Thank you so much for your story. You can't imagine how helpful it is to others to choose a better professional for the surgery.
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Don't limit yourself to FL. Look into other surgeons in other states.
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I haven't had my nose done yet but I can feel mine?! And yes when I smile I do have a line inbewteen my mouth and nose. That's weird. Thought it was because I had a big smile and big lips! Lol. My nose has never been touched tho....we'll not yet!
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I did not like my doctor. I only had a chance to talk to him before the surgery and just a few times after. It is hard to communicate with him and his staff. Some of the nurses and assistants are pretty nice but others are arrogant and very uncooperative. It's hard to make appointment with him as he has various locations and only visits them a few times a month. He seems to be skilled in the area of facial surgery but I'm not sure if he is specialized in rhinoplasty. I wish I would have done better research before I chose this doctor. After reading some of the reviews on other forums and sites, I wish I would have thought out my research better.

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
1 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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