Waiting for Mohs Surgery After Unexpected Discovery of Bcc on Skin Fold Upper Right Lip - Melbourne, Australia

Wnt to doctor for routine filler/botox and was...

Wnt to doctor for routine filler/botox and was asked about a sore I had on my upper lip . I informed the nurse it was ecsma . She told me that she didnt think that was correct and sent me straight away for biopsy which came back the next day positive to infiltrating ulcerating bcc. With a depth of atleast mid dermis possibly more.

Have seen dermatologist who then referred me to a Mohs surgeon who booked me in for urgent surgery 16th May. The only skin cancer I ever new about was melenoma. I have had this sore for at least 4 years of being sore and bleeding. Who knows how long I had it before then.

I suppose now I am surfing the net trying to find out as much information as possible. It is scary not knowing how much they will need to cut out until the day. Is my bcc a normal easy one or is it going to be a more difficult deep procedure.?? Is the mid dermis deep far down and how far in 5 years could it spread under my skin.?? So many questions??


I'm sorry to hear you are dealing with this. I too let a sore on my lip go for 3-4 years and when I finally had the courage to deal with it a biopsy revealed both bcc and squamous cells. I had MOHs surgery in February this year. The procedure with the reconstructive surgery took about 3 1/2 hours. All the cancer was removed and I am healing fine. Obviously, if you are on this sight , you want to know what you might be dealing with during this difficult time. My tumor was deep and they had to go in twice to remove all of it. The reconstruction entailed the removal of 1/3 of my upper lip. This procedure was done by cutting away a v-shaped area from just under my nose and then closing with removable stitches outside and dissolvable inside. I was under local anesthesia so I was completely aware of all that was happening but I felt nothing. I was also shown in a mirror what my lip looked like after the MOHs and then again after the reconstruction. (I had looked online at photos of the surgery, so I wasn't surprised at what I saw.) it was a little unnerving going through it, but I felt prepared. The healing was uncomfortable but I only used prescription pain meds for the first 24 hours and then Tylenol was sufficient. The discomfort after surgery was mostly irritation from the stitches until they were removed at day 6. Swelling went on for about 3 weeks. I was saddest and most concerned that I couldn't smile for that period. But, eventually I did. Once swelling was gone, the sight remained red and tight but compression on the sight a few times each day does help with the fluid build up and inflammation. Be sure to ask the best way to do this. I was only applying pressure on the outside of my lip and was shown that I need to squeeze from under the lip up to under my nose as well. This has helped reduce the hard tissue internally even more. As far as how others see me...most people don't notice and those that know about my surgery tell me it is really hard to see. It is amazing how much upper lip we have. I am not unhappy with the results at all. I am most grateful that the cancer is gone.
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I had a bcc on my upper lip, rt side...I had Mohs surgery. It is about 5 years since my surgery and I have to tell you it can hardly be seen, especially if I don't tell anyone. I just came in from purchasing my sunblock by Clinique... and the service rep. was amazed that I said I had surgery... and I had to show her where it was. Having said the good result, let me tell you that on the day of the surgery I was shocked at the extent of the cut... and for several days after I was swollen and not looking my best... however, in short order (considering) I was healed and looking much better and like my old self. My surgery required something called a "flap"... which helps covering the area cut out. My doctor used the natural crease that is on your cheek... along the nose down beside your mouth and into the chin to "hide" the stitches... Moh's surgeons make very, very fine stitches that heal almost invisibly. My advice to you is to not surf the web and look at the horrific pics of the "process"... it is the end result that you need to think about and that you will be cancer free! I get checked 3 or 4 times a year... and have had 2 other se surgeries requiring Moh's... one on my scalp and one on my front neckbone area... very little scaring for each of those too. I wish you every good thing... and hope that all went well.. I just noted the date of your surgery. So it is done and you know the worst is over... Hope you are on the mend and keep yourself checked for skin ca frequently.
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Thank you! I wish I would not have looked at pictures on the internet. My MOHS surgery is scheduled for June 30th, and I am VERY nervous. I wish it wasn't on my face. Your post made me feel better.
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