Melbourne Septo/rhinoplasty for $500 Surgeon Fee. Could Not Be Happier! - Melbourne, Australia

Hi all :) I just wanted to share a little of my...

Hi all :) I just wanted to share a little of my experience with septoplasty and rhinoplasty now that I'm 2 months post op.
I mainly wanted to write a review to share the differences in surgeons and prices that I came across while I was in the process of finding the perfect surgeon for me.
So, firstly.. The problems I had with my nose was my large-ish dorsal hump and I found it drooped a little too much. I also had a deviated septum.
I went to see plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Greensmith in Malvern after hearing wonderful things from a lot of different sources. I was very happy with the first consultation and even though I was quoted $12,000, I decided after a few weeks and a few more consultations with different surgeons to book in with him.
Luckily for me though, before paying the fee, I met a girl at work who had had both rhino and septo about 6 months earlier. The only difference was that she only paid $500!
She gave me her surgeons details and I booked in for a consultation straight away.
I got in to see ENT surgeon Dr. Robert Thomas (who works out of Cabrini Hospital in Malvern) very quickly and after the consultation (where he was very thorough in terms of checking my deviated septum and the medical side in general) I decided to cancel my appointment with Dr. Greensmith and book in with Dr. Thomas.

I have nothing against Dr. Greensmith but I felt just as comfortable with Dr. Thomas (if not more) and I couldn't argue with the price difference and quality of both surgeons after seeing all the before and after photos. The only thing which might scare some people off a bit is (like I mentioned earlier), Dr Thomas is an ENT surgeon NOT a plastic surgeon but he also has years of rhinoplasty under his belt and from what I have been told he thoroughly enjoys performing it and is a bit of a perfectionist...And he is amazing at it!

So..Long story short, I was able to book my surgery date only weeks after the first consultation, the whole team from the anaesthetist to the nurses were amazing the whole way through. Dr. Thomas came in to see me before and after I went in and made me feel very comfortable. I spent a night in hospital and with the bupa cover I have, didnt have to pay a cent. I felt no pain through out the whole process and had limited bruising and a bit of swelling (swelling was definitely worst than the bruising). Once I saw the end result, I literally cried because I was so happy with how everything had turned out.
Now that its 2 months on, Im even more pleased with how my nose looks.
I couldnt recommend Dr. Thomas more and if you do have a medical issue as well as wanting rhino I would absolutely (at least) book a consultation with him before seeing plastic surgeons.

All up I paid $500 for the surgeons fee and about $350 for the anaesthetist after rebate!

I just wanted to reiterate..

Although I did go in knowing that I primarily wanted the shape changed, I already knew that I had the deviation and therefor knew he could help me, as he is an ENT surgeon..If you're just looking for cosmetic purposes I don't think that he will be able to help.
Dr. Andrew Thomas

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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Hi! Could you please send me some before & after pics? ******* I woul much appreciate it!
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Hi, I'm just wondering does it make any sense to go to see Dr Thomas if I want to do rhinoplasty because of big nose :/ I do have deviated septum as well, but that is not the main problem. Just don't want to spend time and money if he is not gonna help with my big nose! And was the consultation free? Thank you!
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I just dont understand the price.. what is the catch!!
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It definitely sounds too good to be true huh! Im more than happy to send before/afters to anyone who would like to see the results.. I didn't have any consultations with other ENT surgeons but Im sure they would be around the same price range if your main priority was medical surgery..Plastic surgeons just charge a ridiculous amount and because they all do, it seems reasonable but (in my opinion) really isnt.
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Hello, is the doctors name Dr Robert Thomas or Dr Andrew Thomas? Also can you please email me his contact details and before and after images of your nose: *********@****net Thank u so much.
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Hi Thank you for all the information you have shared with us. If it's not to much trouble can you please send me before and after photos. Also the adders and the name of the doctor. Thank again. My email address is **********
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Thanks so much for your post. Coincidentally I have been tossing up between Mr Greensmith (who I've used previously for other, smaller cosmetic jobs and who I know to be great) and Mr Thomas. The price difference is hard to believe and really hard to ignore. I too have a deviated septum but also have a small bump that I'd like to get removed at the same time. I don't really want to contemplate another round of surgery just for the bump, so while the septum is being fixed I figured I might as well get the whole lot done at the same time. But I was really nervous about Mr Thomas only being an ENT. I have met with Mr Thomas twice, and my only concern is that he hasn't really told me what to expect as far as the bump is concerned and what my nose will look like, or shown me any before and afters. However, you have allayed some of my fears and it's such a coincidence that you have been to both doctors I've been considering, and recently too! It's good to know someone else has had the same experience and is very positive about it. Thanks again.
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No worries at all! Im glad you found my post! I completely agree with you in terms of Dr. Thomas. He didn't really give me much of an indication of exactly what he was going to do either. I just kept reiterating what I wanted and that I didnt want a huge change, mainly just the bump removed. He agreed with me but didnt expand too much on exactly what he thought it would look like after which did make me a bit nervous. I guess I took a bit of a leap of faith but I felt like I really trusted him for some reason and it paid off! Did Dr. Thomas show you any of his previous patients before/afters or do you mean he didnt do the digital imaging? Just asking because I saw quite a few of his before and afters and was quite impressed with them and seeing them made me feel more at ease. I tried to post some photos but I dont think it worked :S..If you want me to send you some before/afters via email so you can see the sort of change that I had I would be more than happy to! Or if you have any other questions just ask :)
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Hi ems89. I would love to see some before and afters. I sent you a private message with my email address a while back, but will send you another one in case you didn't receive it. Thanks again.
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Thank you for sharing your experience on RealSelf. That's an insanely low price! Did insurance cover any of your procedure?

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No worries! My health insurance just covered half the anaesthetic fee and all of the hospital. I'm on the highest level of cover possible so thats why. The surgeon fee is just straight out $500 with no rebate which I paid when I went in to see him the week after surgery :)
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wow that's amazing! do you have any before/afters that you feel comfortable showing?
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Yeah it sounded too good to be true! I honestly didn't believe the girl who told me, at first! Im more than happy to send you and anyone else before and afters via private message if you like :)
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Can you email me contact information so I can set up a consultation? Send me an email ***

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hello, could you send me before and afters also, and how you arranged to have such a cheap procedure,.. im exactly in the position you were in beforehand,.. big nose, need nose job,.. getting a consultation with greensmith!! please give me some advise!!!
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