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Juvederm for Tear Troughs NEVER EVER DO IT! - Melbourne, Australia

NEVER, ever have any filler to your under eye...

NEVER, ever have any filler to your under eye area, this area is very delicate and very unforgiving, you will end up with big bags under your eyes which will make you look decades older !. I had it done in Windsor by a plastic surgeon, he injected too superficially, it should have been injected DEEPLY, right down to the bone, the result: dark circles and prominent bags. IT does not go away, massaging the area will not get rid of the bags.

If you have it done, demand the plastic surgeon to inject you with Hyalaronidase, an enzyme which dissolves the filler. Don't fool for a risky procedure, you will spend a lot of money and be told that there is nothing wrong !. Just an easy way to make money from a vulnerable person. BEWARE,I warned you !


Hi bronzie,

Thanks for the warning. Yes a number of community members have suffered the same effects as you do to not correct injecting under eyes. I'm so sorry.

Thank you for the review. 


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Fillers are a total waste of money, they are...

Fillers are a total waste of money, they are pushed by plastic surgeons and dermatologists as they are an easy way to make big money from YOU. They don't last long, have terrible side effects, just look at all the complaints about Juvederm and get bags under eyes and looking worse, or lips that look like pillows. Do you want to spend your hard earned cash on making greedy doctors even richer ?. Change your diet, exercise more, use a fragrance free oil free moisturizer only in the dry areas of your face and go to bed 1/2 to 1 hour earlier each night, cut down on alcohol and especially sugar and buy some flowers for your home. This will make you look and feel better. And throw away those magnifying mirrors, nobody looks at you the way you look at yourself .Doctors know this and are just exploiting you !


Hi Bronzie i saw that years ago you ask if was safe to had done juvederm for people who has vitiligo.... I have and i would like to do just a little .... Please help me ....
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I had my tear troughs done by Dr. Tass at Crown, terrible job! TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU! NEVER, ever have any filler to your under eye area!!! Good news is it's been 1 year now, the filler are gone. I'm still looking for another good way to get ride of my tear trough and dark eye circles
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Well, I had my tear troughs done one and a half years ago, she did a great job, so when it went away I asked to have it again, the SAME way, she did it a different way, and I hated it, it has been 5 months now, and it is looking better. But, I still see it everywhere I go, and I still hate it. It is like a Nike sign under the right eye and a wishbone under the left, also i have the bluish effect. I am sick to look at myself. I looked better before the procedure. I asked for my money back, they gave it to me $600.00, but they "divorced" me from the practice. Even though it was their fault. I just wished she'd have listened and done it the way we did the first time, it was great. So sorry I did this, it has really put a damper in my day, my outlook and what I think of how I look. I would not do the anecdote because I have read bad things about the results. So i am waiting it out, does anyone know how long till it is gone- blueness and Nike sign and does it leave you looking baggy? I see the bag look under the right eye and I never even had bags before!!

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This procedure is well documented to give bad results and plastic surgeons are well aware of it, they take your money, and then inject you with a dis-solver, but what about the money you spent getting it done, aren't you entitled to a refund ???. If something damages you,legally, aren't you by law entitled to compensation ??. Make sure you report the surgeon to the medical board and make public comments

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