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Today I started taking my first accutane capsule!...

Today I started taking my first accutane capsule! :) I was put on 20mg every second day by my skin doctor for the 1st 2 weeks. And if I tolerate it well, I'm going to take 20mg every day. I'm a 15 year old female and has moderately severe acne. Tomorrow is Monday, and I'm pretty nervous because it's summer now and at school it's going to be really hot and sunny. So I might need to put heaps of sunscreen. Oh well :) So far no side effects as I'm gonna be taking one cap. Every 2nd day. I have seen lots of good reviews on YouTube and on here, and I hope I become one of those lucky people. Wish me luck! Haha :)

Definitely wishing you lots of luck!! If I'm following correctly I think you have taken 2 pills now. How are you feeling?? I'm guessing you can't really notice anything this early, but would love to hear.

Thank you! Well, I told my doctor that I'm not having trouble with the drug so, she changed it to 1 pill a day. Today I have just finished taking my 4th capsule and its going ok. Still no side effects! I'm feeling fine. Oh and I have noticed that my old breakouts are 'popping out' If you know what I mean. But nothing big :)

That's good that all is going well in the early stages! Hoping things continue to go well - keep us posted, please. :)


UPDATED I have just finished my first week on...


I have just finished my first week on Accutane, and I'm starting to get dry, chapped lips, but nothing big. That's all. So far, no improvement as its still pretty early. I will be updating again :)

It's the start of my 3rd week and I got a...

It's the start of my 3rd week and I got a nosebleed. I didn't really freak out as I thought it was a side effect of accutane. I've been getting dry lips a lot as well. My face is also peeling/flaking. My forehead is 90% clear! :)

My right cheek is 80% clear :) the redness have...

My right cheek is 80% clear :)
the redness have reduced a bit.

Wow, it's been like a month or two now or...

Wow, it's been like a month or two now or something since I've last updated,,,,

The redness have reduced a lot, and since I've mostly red acne marks, I have bumps scattered around my face, but they are drying out which is great. I still get the flare-ups here and there..

Last Update!

I am SO sorry I forgot to update the end of my journey! Okay, I started taking accutane on the 17th of feb. and finished on the 29th of June. I ran out in the middle so I stopped taking for 9 days. I wasn't worried as my Derm told me that it stays in my bloodstream(?) for as long as 30 days, if I'm correct. Anyway, it's the 28th October now- post accutane and I'm free of lumps and bumps now! I only have acne marks, but I don't have to conceal my acne too much!

Stuff you may want to know!

Okay, this is the last update. For people currently taking accutane: Don't lose hope! It really does take time (months) and it will feel like hell at the start, but you'll get used to it. It happened to me. Try and wear (if you're a girl) as LESS makeup as possible when at school, or going out. Drink loads of water (8glasses). Wear sunscreen/sun block cos it kinda makes your skin sensitive to the sun.

For people who want to consider taking accutane: Good luck! If you're willing to take the risk (possible side effects) then go for it!

TIP! Never think negatively! Especially about the possible side effects.

:) I hope it works for you as it did for me!


My derm put me on prednisone at the start and I COULDN'T WALK FOR DAYS. It was really painful. I called her and she told me it was skeletal muscle pain or something like that. If your Derm tells you to take the "pills from hell" STOP. Say no. Keep in mind that I'm not the only one who experienced this. Prednisone can also be used to treat severe conditions such as cancer, and other things so it has dangerous side effects.

She didn't put me on the pill.
I didn't take any I pledge program thingy.

I'll probably add some more info If I remember them!
How long did it take you to see an improvement,, I've been on accutane for more than 2 months now and I'm on the highest dosage for me now and have been nearly for 4 weeks. My derm said I should see an improvement and if anything it's just getting worse. It was extremely bad at the start and then I got back to where I started I feel like I'm going around in circles! I would love to know if I will see an improvement soon as I'm going on holiday and I really want to be able to feel confident swimming again.
Hi, I've been on Accutane for 5 months and it took nearly three/four weeks to another month to see results. It WILL get worse for a while before you see improvements but it really depends on the person. I took 20mg daily because I tolerated it well. It really depends on you and how you take the medication. My advice to you would be to wait. I know it's hard because I've been there but I also know that it gets better in the end. As for confidence: Don't care what people think of you. They don't know that you're going through an emotionally painful journey. I've been told hundreds Of times that my face looks like a rocky road, pizza etc. Even the guy I liked asked me why I had so many pimples. But I ignored those people and focused on myself. Look at me now, I have an almost-clear face and feel happy! So yeah, don't base your emotions on the people surrounding you. They just can't empathise. Just go on a holiday and swim and do anything you want, even if you think you're not flawless on the outside.
thanks you for sharing your story ; good luck!
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