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Cheek Filler with Juvederm - Melbourne, AU

Hi all, I recently had 1mil of Juvederm divided...

Hi all,

I recently had 1mil of Juvederm divided between both my cheeks to achieve a lift due to the small jowls l was getting and a little bit of volume that l had lost in the upper area near my nose section of the cheek. I'm 36 but always get 25 so the jowls were playing on my mind. My doc said that l can get the 1mil divided between cheeks and if l want more l can come back. I've learned from previous experience to try a little bit first and then decide to go more, after my botox scare in 2009 l was very fearful as to what may happen to me this time, (l have bridget jones syndrome so whatever can go wrong with me will) I need to say that the administration can be a little uncomfortable yet durable and the results are visible instantly yet the cheeks do get fuller within a few more days to a week after the procedure. Your cheeks will feel a tender for a few days and you may experience some sore sensations when you wake the next morning yet this subsides quickly. Now l need to share this with every body.. l have found that my facial structure looks different, cheeks are higher and under my cheek is a little more hollow like i'm very slightly sucking them in, not too much yet its slightly there. Please understand that it will make your face appear different and you may or may not like it, l find that l cant use much blush as it really makes my cheeks stand out thus changing my facial appearance more, so keep this in mind when thinking about getting this procedure. I believe that as we age we forget how baby faced we were and once those cheeks come back it looks different to what we are now used to yet in saying this l adore how l have no jowls and the fresher look it's given me :)) Do your homework when trying to find a doctor and only try a smaller amount first, i've read really bad reviews about other fillers yet i've always used Juvederm around my jowls and in my lips and have never had an issue. I will try and upload some pictures. My doctor told me that the trick is administration. She's very good at what she does and will make you very comfortable and explain everything that she is doing. She even took shots with her camera and showed me how and where the needles will be going and which part of my face will get fuller. She amazing!


Hi Neeena, glad to hear you were happy with your results...I recently had juvederm voluma in my upper cheek bone area as I was feeling a bit hollow/tired and drained looking and was hoping this would create some volume and get rid of my tired look. I am 43 and this was a first for me with fillers. Although I am happy with the results and that I do appear more refreshed I feel like my appearance is quite different. I found it interesting that you posted that it changed your appearance (the way you look) to some degree, and that others may find that they may or may not like this if they have Juvederm in the cheek area. I agree 100%. I feel like it did change the way I look to some degree, and that part I'm not sure I like. Although I feel like I look different, others that know I had this done don't. They just think I look refreshed, not as tired looking. It's strange that to me, my appearance seems different but to others it doesn't. I was wondering if this is how you felt too and if you wouldn't mind posting what others said after. Did they also feel your appearance changed to some degree or what was their reaction? You said you may post some pictures. If you wouldn't mind posting before and after pictures I would be curious to see how it turned out for you. I started doing a review of my experience too but haven't completed it yet. I would love to see some of your pics when and if you post. Overall I'm glad you are happy with your having it done! :) thanks for posting your experience, it helped me in understanding mine.
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Hi Pittsburgh, Yes everybody can't see the difference in my face yet l only can. They say that l looked refreshed and my face appears tigher yet they don't see what l see in the mirror. As much as l love it my cheeks are higher and l look like im staring at a different woman in the mirror. I can notice small little hollows under my cheeks or should l say definition darkness that sits under the 'new cheek' which is kind of making me question if id do it again. I
Sorry l accidentally pressed post lol. My face was more rounder but the new cheeks make it look a different shape. Strange how only half a mil per side can ulter my appearance. I know exactly how you feel and l bet you keep looking in the mirror like me. Don't use blush at all as it will make it more noticeble and if you really don't like it add a heat pack to it over a period of a few weeks and keep it there, juvederm hates heat.. I did it once to my lips and it took it down a lot. Is it that you really don't like it or just that you can see a difference and it's bothering you? When did you have it done?

pictures of my new jevederm cheeks

Its harder to see them in a picture yet I have posted a side on cheek pic that shows the hollow under my new cheek


Hi Pittsburgh, Mine is also voluma, l asked so yes it will last a while. I'm still not going to do it again as much as l love the fresh look, l feel so different, l look very young when l smile and my cheeks glow which l love yet when im not smiling the cheeks are still there so it's confusing. Maybe just a jowl filler would have been enough. Plus l did an overkill on my lips yet again so im trying to bring that down. I tend to do that even when im told not to. I love the look and think yep just a tiny bit more will look better and wham!! They're too big. Ahh l never learn. Have you tried the heat packs? It dissolves juvederm faster. If you apply it daily at night for an hour it should make a difference in the size after a few weeks. How about getting a little bit of dissolver injected? Find a good surgeon and give it a try. People that know your face well will notice a difference instantly, such as hair dressers or people that provide say eyebrow or waxing services. Difference is always harder to get used to, after all who knows your face better then you. Australia is beautiful, though l haven't seen a lot of it myself l honestly should do a nice Aussie tour. You should come for a holiday we have some of the nicest beaches here. If you love the wild life stay away from the cities then, you sound like me l love wildlife and we have a lot of outback, forest and wild life here, they can organise you a tour that will just focus on those areas. You'll love it.
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Hi Neena, did you recover from the botoX eye sweswelling? I'm experiencing the same thing.. :(
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Hi Weathergirl, l feel your pain :(( It took a good year to wear off and that's with the constant use of visine eye drops, if l have a few late nights it still comes back.. l wake with small puffy round eyes ( mine are armond shaped) and again l have to use the drops to make it go. Don't panic, it may not be like that for you im just super sensitive to everything. My lips fillers last years not months. Sleep slightly upright as in elevate your head a little, cut out salt from your diet, massage your upper eyes gently starting from the bridge of your nose up towards the brow arch ending at the end of your eye brow do this every morning and night making sure that you dont stretch the skin too much, it helps get rid of the fluid. Do it in one direction. Get your hands on visine and use it morning and night, trust me it helps. Be liberal with it as in dont just apply one drop her eye. I'm not a doctor and have been told not to over use but it's either that or puffy upper eyes.


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If you look closely you can see the dark shadowing under my cheek filler, it gives me a more thinner longer facial appearance, plus the overkill in my top lip can be seen.

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full face shot before filler

This picture of me shows a slight drop in my cheeks ( sorry for the pose ) its one of my selfies yet it shows my cheeks clearly without flash or other people around, it's before the filler was injected, It's lifted the area up greatly yet l have that definition in both sides under my cheeks now so my chin looks thinner almost longer and more square.


Did you have any bruising at all? That's my only real concern. Thanks! You look fabulous.
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From what I can tell in your photo, you are very beautiful! I have been considering fillers but am really afraid! How are you doing today? Have you had any problems since the fillers? Sorry for all the questions, but I'm very nervous! Thank you so much :)
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Your pics looks great I had 2ml on both cheeks yesterday how long you think I can see the difference
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