Left Breast Very High and Hard/ Right Breast Travels to Underarm - Mcallen, TX

The first procedure went well; however, my results...

The first procedure went well; however, my results were inadequate to my expectations. The procedure itself is very fast, I had an immensely fast recovery, I do have a high pain tolerance, so this may not apply to others as well. I am hoping the revision allows me to love my breasts! I strongly dislike them!
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon

I like him as an individual; however, my experience was awful.

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Wow the exact same thing happened to me with doc Rios, same side too (left high,right low) but i didn't get it fixed because i didn't went to go through surgery again...good luck on the revision! Will be checking back for pics!
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             when is your revision scheduled for? 
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Febuary 2014 "/
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Thank you for sharing your story on RealSelf. What type and size implants did you get? Do know what your PS has in mind for a revision? Different implants or sizes? Have you had any other doctor consults? Hoping everything works out for you. Keep us posted!

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