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Born with small upper lip, wanted a fuller upper lip!!- Mayfield heights, OH

Ive been wanting to get my lips done for a couple...

Ive been wanting to get my lips done for a couple years snd upon researching juvederm I found this webite and saw a lot of great reviews so I decided to ginally go through with it! I found my doctor on n Google and called to set up a consultation. The receptionist saif it wasn't worth the consultation price if I wanted them just set the appointment up so i did. I had questions and the dr actually called me at 10pm, talked to me for a halg hour, I sent him pics of my lips and how big I santed to go and 2 wks later got them done. I can go back, in a week or so once the swelling goes down if I want to use the rest which I probably will. Im definitely happy with them but upset it didn't solve the isdue of hiding my gum, which was the main reason I had wanted it. But im glad I found this website, and I would definitely reccomend this to other people!
Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! Sorry it's rough right now. I got a really big lump, too and it stayed until the juvederm wore off. I have heard that for lots of people the lumps go away. Have you tried massaging them at all.

I hope the bruising/bumps go away soonest so you can enjoy your lips!
OMG! I can't live with these bumps the whole time! they are huge and horrible! I tried massaging it yesterday,but today I woke up and it was worse! I'm going to post pics later, I tried calling the dr hoping I can be seen today.. it's mostly on the inside of my lip.. it's a white color.. i've read that it could just be where the juvederm didn't spread out evenly.. I'm just praying to God that it isn't permanent!!

Wondering if it was worth it! Day two is crappy and lips look worse!

Today is day two.. my swelling is worse and I have two really big lumps on the right side of my upper lip.. not sure if this is normal.. Kind of worried.. Waiting to hear back from my doctor.. :/

2nd day!! horrible lumps!!

Woke up with bigger lumps than yesterday. Getting different answers on what to do.. do I massage them, ice what? Please someone tell me their lips have looked like this within the first few days!!
This is really unusual. there is usually very little reaction. I think this may be bruising. Don't massage it may make it worse.
I know I realized not to massage it after I read all the comments! Took my first round of antibiotics so we'll see!!

Getting a little better

Talked to the dr last night, exactly why I love him and everyone in the area should go see him... What dr calls a patient at like 10pm?! I'm seriously such an odd bird with everything and I never have luck with stuff, but I might have an infection.. Started my antibiotics last night so we'll see in a couple days how it is.. But either way now when I'm looking in the mirror, the fullness I have I'm loving.. I could totally go bigger! Lol

Day 3

Started antibiotics, literally anyone reading my profile, just know I am A RARE KIND FOR EVERYTHING!!! I had a feeling something was gonna happen to me lol.. I don't have luck with anything and any odd medical thing.. I get it or have it! So please don't be afraid to get juvederm because of me!! And please don't mind my make up less pics! I look a hot mess lol
I'm wondering if those of us with "no upper lip" have the bumps more? It seems having little lip to work with might make the results smaller than we hoped for... I don't know how to post pix here. I made a side by side comparison. There is an obvious difference in certain angles. I do have a trout pout. Feels like each half of my upper lip - on the bacjside- has a squishy skittle underneath. Freaky but- oh well- done deal. It's simply not in the cards for me to have a sensual puffy set of Lips. My aunt said with eyes like mine- I don't need a lip. :) ha! She's a bit biased.
Glad the bump isn't as bad now for you. :) I went today. He put in the rest of my vile (30%). For whatever reason the "block" numbed up to right under my eyes. :( He filled mostly the right side, hoping to match it with the left side. Soooooo- I felt that long need,e go slloooowwwwwllyyyyy into my lip. :( Dang- that was not pleasant. Oh well. I told him to just keep going. I wanted to get it over with. I haven't listed pix. They're embarrassing & might scare some off. I'm even more bumpier now- even a whitish one on the outside. Oh well- I tried it. Time will tell if I do it again. Thank you for the update. I hope you feel comfy at the wedding and smile a lot. :)
Sry I have updated in a couple weeks I've been super busy! Ouch! Yea I went for another round yesterday! I'm bumpy still now just in the middle! Ugh! I might have to have the injection to get rid of some of the juvederm to get rid of the lumpiness which will get rid of my fullness! Don't be afraid to post pics! You saw the ones I posted! Are you happy with the fullness?

A couple weeks after first injection

The overall big lump went away.. It took about 3 weeks and some massaging.. Still had it a little bit but it wasn't as bad as it was within the first couple days or even the first week..

2nd round of injection

Got my second round of Juvederm yesterday.. Wanted to see if we could get rid of the Juvederm that didn't settle which caused the lump.. Today is overall a completely different look and feeling than the first time.. Minimal bruising and not as swollen, although we didn't use as much this time.. I do however have the lumpiness in the middle where he focused on.. But hopefully as the week goes on that will fade! I have faith! Lol..
I love your lip!!!!!! How much did you use all together? I don't know where my "one full vile" went! Seriously~~ I want you lips!!!! Beautiful!!
Thank you! I used I think my whole vile and maybe like .2ml of another one? I'm not sure.. We'll see how my lips look in about a week and see if I'm gonna go a lil bigger or what I'm gonna do if I still have the lumps.. I may add a lil more in the bottom but probably not.. I think they're good where they're at..
I updated. You're gonna be shocked. Mine look nothing like yours- full & pretty. Mine are just saggy deflated old lady lips. It is what it is. :) I don't know how to find what I posted. :)
Cleveland Plastic Surgeon

He was very professional, answered all of my questions, didn't rush and just amazed me with texting and calling me after hours to answer my questions. Just truly a doctor that shows he cares about his patients! I've never had a doctor show so much care and concern towards me and he goes above and beyond for his patients! In his office he makes you feel at home and during the procedure he kept making sure I was ok! Just a genuine great guy and awesome doctor. I would recommend him to everyone in the area!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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