JUNE 4th TT AND READY TO GO : ) - Massachusetts, MA

I am 57 and have lost almost 25 pounds since last...

I am 57 and have lost almost 25 pounds since last August. I am 5 6 and hover at 160 and wish i weighed 150. I work out or exercise 4-5 days a week. The more I lose the more pronounced my tummy pouch is. I have 4 sons the last 2 being twins who turn 21 next week : ). I decided in March to see a favorite doctor I work with at my hospital and after a consult I booked my date because he was so reassuring and positive. I am an RN and take care of his patients post op and his work is meticulous so that made my decision easier. I am not too nervous and really look forward to my surgery in 2 days. I say I have a high tolerance to pain and hope at 57 to fly through surgery. Positive attitude is half the battle. Good luck to anyone thinking of having any cosmetic surgery or who has recently had it done!!!!!

June 6th, I survived. : )

I was more apprehensive of anesthesia and no issues there. So funny, they give you a bit of medicine and bingo, you wake up in recovery with a new tummy. Last night in the hospital was tough because every time I got to sleep, my very nice roommate would wake me up. Worst is not being able to move much and having to stay on your back. Trouble getting out of bed for the first time, but it gets easier every time. No incisional pain, my doc used Exparel which is a long acting novacaine. Worst discomfort is burning pain in rib area. Lost 3.5 pounds of flabby skin and 2 liters of fat! Looking forward to a goodnites sleep tonight. Thanks to all for their encouragement and prayers !!!!

Drug induced wrong date post above. It is June 5th

More pic up soon.

Pre op marking photo

Post op pic

Doing well. Lost about 3-4 inches on my waist already . The skin will all settle down when the stitches dissolve on the inside .

Forgot the pic

Life is good : ). Post op day 3

Woke up feeling rather miserable. I feel like a tire tube . Percocet works well though and comfy now watching a movie and enjoying a cup of coffee : )

Post op day 4 dressing change

One of my drains leaks quite a bit at the site so today I changed the dressing. Pleased with the result but know I have to be patient Measured my waist and went from 37 to 32! Now that is a good day at the gym: ). Have a real tight feeling around my midsection. Still walking like an old laDy. Getting very bored with the tv but not enough energy to do much else. Good luck all!

Post op day 6. Things are looking brighter

Highlight of the day wast first post op visit with drain removal. :). Was draining 40 cc over last 24 hours each side. Not a big deal. No pain when he pulled them. All is going well. Only needing ibuprofen for discomfort. Getting up easier by myself and not walking so bent over. Hoping to be able to accomplish at least a little paperwork soon. Still very tired !

One week post op!

What a difference a few days makes!!!! Thrilled with my results so far. I know the area above my belly button will settle down once sutures dissolve:). Day of surgery weight 159.6. Today 153.6!!!

Day 7 pictures

Yes it was worth it!

day 8, cold and sneezing continues but doing well : )

Evening of post op day eight and I think this miserable cold is on its way out. Sneezing hurts and if I didn't have the cold I'd be great :) Still very tired but determined to start to get through some of the mounds of paperwork I have around here! Good luck all. Day one is a distant memory!

Day 9, not knowing what day of the week it is!

Oh my, I am getting cabin fever. I don't feel quite up to driving. Actually in the shower this am I got quite dizzy and ended that quick. Had not eaten anything and it was 10am. Stupid me. Went for a joy ride out to a deli for lunch. Pooped and came home and took a lovely 2 hour nap on a rainy day. High hope for getting something accomplished tomorrow! Hope all is well girls. Don't have second thoughts, this is a great surgery to have.

Shopping post op day 14!!!!

Well today I felt REALLY good! Visited my ps and all was well. So I decided in the afternoon to go shopping for bathing suits. Now At 57, I have not worn a bikini for about 25 years. With the encouragement of my sweet daughter in law we had a fabulous time andI bought 2! Still don't know if I will wear either one or both and I can return if I want or maybe I will just book some exotic vacation! August is my 30th anniversary :) I so encourage cosmetic surgery and specifically tt! It is such a boost to our overall self confidence and happiness ! I recommend this surgery 100% but urge anyone to really research your ps! I knew I had a fabulous one but do your homework. Make sure he does a good number of tt per month. Good luck to all of you!

One more picture!

Now using micro pore tape on incision per ps. Also FYI , never used compression garment. I researched this a bit because it seems most have it. I guess there are no studies to say if it definitely helps or not, so I'm good.

Day 17 and sore

Believe you doctor's and don't do too much. I feel like I have a pulled muscle and am going to really relax this weekend.

Life is good :)

Post op day 18. Yesterday I was exhausted but this morning I felt great so I drove myself 1 3/4 hours to Maine. Family had all left me to fend for myself at my own private Friday pity party and that was fine with me. Drive was uneventful and everything is better in Maine :). Have a great weekend girls !!!!

6 weeks post op and feeling GREAT!!!

Well girls, today is 6 weeks following surgery and time for an update. I saw my wonderful ps Dr. Hall yesterday and all is well. He says I am doing better than the average tt. Maybe he says that to everyone. Being a nurse, if things can go wrong, it seems they usually do to the medical person, so I am so thankful that all has gone according to plan. My friend in the recovery room who took care of me told me I kept telling her "I'm alive!" post op. I had never had general anesthesia. I was nervous of not waking up. Absolutely NO nausea, vomiting or any problems. Things are going great. Looking forward to the gym which I now have the okay to do except for heavy duty "core" exercises. I feel like my legs have lost muscle tone and are getting flabby along with my arms. My gym stuff is in the car today. I figure I will try a mile on the treadmill and a few machines and see how I feel. My ps was a bit surprised I was in a size less (size 10 fits nicely) as he says most are just fitting in the usual size because of the swelling. He did a lot of lipo plus some no cost "extra" because he knew me on my flanks :) He predicts within 6 months I will be another size down. Size 8 from size 14 last August before 25 pound weight loss?? Are you KIDDING me??? August of 2012 I was 183, today 153. Goal is 145. I am 5 feet 6. I can't imagine size 8 will happen, but right now just the thought of it is inspiring me to go to the gym big time and get back on track! My ps did NOT have me in any type of compression. He said yesterday he did not because he did so much lipo etc and he did not want to restrict the blood flow. But he said to NOW wear any type of compression 24/7 so I had a great tummy tucker one that he says will make the swelling decrease faster. It actually feels nice :) I have micro pore tape on now. Incision looks great but am ordering a scar treatment bandage and will start when I get it. One of my only complaints is that my stomach muscles will "cramp up" like contractions and I am looking forward to this going away. Ps says to massage the area and that will help. I slouch a little when this happens and he assures me I can force myself to stand up straight which I will now try to do. To any tummy tuck sister reading this who is newly post op or thinking of having the surgery, it is so worth it. It is a HUGE boost to your self confidence. At 57 I do not feel I look my age and am so happy with how I look now. Blessings and good wishes to all !!! I will post some new photos soon, although I think I look about the same from my last pictures.

One year anniversary of surgery

Well, I'd do it all again in a heartbeat. I had no problems at all. Biggest issue was getting out of the habit of exercising as I had no core cardio for 6 months. I have gained 8 pounds, but still have a wonderful flat tummy. Anyone contemplating surgery-JUST DO IT!!!! Get yourself in the best physical shape you can and to your goal weight if possible. And then, enjoy life :)

Zip-lining~this was actually last October-just 4 months post surgery!

A little bit out of order as I was searching for some pictures and can't find much. You'd think I'd love showing off. In October, 2014, a bit more than 4 months post op, a group of friends went to Utah to Bryce and Zion National Parks. It was an extremely active vacation, with lots of hiking, zip-lining and eating :) I had no problems at all.
Boston Plastic Surgeon

I work with Dr Hall in the hospital setting and he is a fabulous plastic surgeon as well as a very kind and compassionate man. I have seen his work and he is very gifted in what he does. I highly recommend him.

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Thanks for sharing.
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Thank you for sharing. It really helps those whose surgeries are coming up and still have doubt. Thanks so much!
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Thank you for sharing your journey. I'm 5'8 and weigh 153-156 lbs and will turn 50 in Novemeber. I'm so tired of sucking in my stomach all the time and ready to cross over to the flat side. Did you have the pain ball or just the Exparel? You look amazing. Thanks for the encouragement.
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I'm only 2 weeks post-op and already seeing results in my profile wearing my old clothes. Things look so flat. I didn't have a pain ball or Exparel (or at least I don't think so, because I don't know what Exparel is) My pain was relieved just by taking oxycodone every 3 hours (and I mean every 3 hours and not a minute later). I once "let the pain get away from me," and that wasn't going to happen again! The RS community is wonderful. They truly got me through this. Good luck and happy healing. Triple
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Welcome to the flat side club. You look wonderful. I hope you are feeling better.
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You look FANTASTIC !! Thanks for posting your photos. Us newbee's of tummy tucks really have something good to look forward to after the swell hell weeks. Take care!
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Hi, Thanks for your encouragement. You look fabulous. I was worried that I waited too long, at 55 years old, to have TT and BR. The average age on this site is younger and I am concerned about healing at a later age. I'm nervous and excited at the same time, but thanks for telling us your about your journey. Triple
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Got my surgery from the same ps as you wish I could say I was happy with his work
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You are an inspiration to me with your journey and attitude!! Congrats on your new tummy! Mine is scheduled for Sept. 11 and one day im unsure about it and the next im all for it! Im just scared I guess but when I see ladies like you who are so positive it makes me feel a lot better! So THANK YOU for posting you journey!! Best wishes to you!!
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You look fabulous!!!! I'm so happy for you!
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Thanks soucy :)
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So much
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Looking amazing Cheryl. I'm sure you will easily be an 8 if you hit your goal weight of 145. Best wishes to you!
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Thanks for the encouragement Nichole!!
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Post some pictures ;)
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ok, I will do that real soon :)
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So good to hear you are doing great. Sorry you were so busy Thursday but it made the day go by quickly. Size 10 WooHoo!!!!
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Thanks Sara! Back to the grind :)
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L-O-V-E. the BIKINI's!!!' Glad to hear you are doing great--- I bet your lab buddy is happy to have his walking partner back--woof!
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Ha, my golden with her summer haircut!!!! She looks like a puppy now for some reason and the party is over and I need to get the poor girl back on her walking schedule!!!
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Hey sweetheart !! You look fabulous!! Your scar looks a lot better than mine, I think because of my complications it's taking longer, just updated my profile... Btw love your photo on FB... How's work going?
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Hi!!!! Thursday we had a zillion patients, busiest day of the summer for my first day back. On my feet all day, Friday much quieter. It wasn't too bad though, but went home and got to bed early. It made me realize I have to get out of vacation mode and eating so much junk and get on a treadmill no matter what! Parties over. I have my 6 week post op check today, so for the first time, I have a few questions. Things have been quite uneventful for me. Only issue I hate is my stomach getting so hard with muscle contractions when I walk. But prior to that was the "vise grip" feeling, so this too shall pass I'm sure. I have 2 sutures that worked their way through my scar, so I'm sure I will be minus those today. You look amazing too my friend! Just love no tummy. Wearing a beautiful Tahari skirt size 10 today that I found on clearance. Haven't seen a 10 in over 20 years I bet, actually more than that maybe. Have a wonderful day :)
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Just noticed you went to the same surgeon as me was wondering your thoughts and your results from him I am 18days party op tt ba and hernia repair so far happy
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Hi Boston!!!! So sorry I just say this message. I am thrilled with Dr. Hall. You probably read my bio but I am an RN and take care of a lot of his patients. He does amazing work. I also see a lot of his reconstruction work, he is fabulous. I work where you started in the am, in day surgery. One of my friends there would have gotten you ready for surgery. ps, if you prepaid the hospital, call patient accounts if you only stayed over one nite. I just called and am getting a $600 refund because we pay for 2 nites. Not sure you may be different because of the hernia too. Anyways, be patient, each week you see a new you. Like I said to cute grandma, first week is burning pain, next was the vice grip pain, now crampy muscle pain, but all in all I feel great. Hopefully your exhaustion is gone now too. Hated that. But you will be very happy I am sure. Good luck and happy healing.
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hey Cheryl56! yes I was at the Winchester hospital in the am don't remember the nurses name but was very sweet I think I was to nervous thinking about what was getting ready to happen to even ask her
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