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Those "Rare" Side Effects Can Happen! - Maryland

I recently got botox for the first time-LOVE! I...

I recently got botox for the first time-LOVE! I next wanted to try out fillers for my tear troughs. I abstained from all usual bleeding/bruising culprits for over a week before (ASA, ibuprofen, vit E...). The doctor used numbing cream and iced the area before getting started. She did warn me that the eye area is very vascular and hitting a vessel was a risk. She injected me w/ one syringe which was enough to do my tear troughs and n/l folds as well as one tiny horozontal wrinkle on the bridge of my nose (the ONLY wrinkle I still have on the upper part of my face post botox!)Well, she hit a vessel. I looked kind of bruised and slightly swollen right after but I was able to cover it up pretty well before my 12 hour shift. By the end of my shift I looked terrible and the horror has increased each day for the past 4 days as I have developed an ugly hematoma underneath my eye.

Maybe it will all be worth it in a few weeks but right now, I look like a freak/ battered woman and I get stares everywhere I go! Anyone else have this kind of experience? Also, my "good" eye has a small, soft lump that I can't tell if is temporary swelling or filler. How can I tell?

Did this ever heal? I had my eyes done 12 days ago, and although my bruise is much smaller than this, it isn't healing! I am terrified. I too have had a weird shooting pain on one side! I can't believe how scary this can be for some. I love the look, other than the stupid black eye. I'm just scared the bruise will never heal, and it will become a hermosiden stain! AHHH Kaytee1, how long did it take for your friends bruise to go away?
I'm so sorry this happened to you. I had my eys done not one bruise but a friend, same doc, looked pretty much like you after she had it done. It WILL get better! I had my lips done too though and wow terrible bruising and I had two events to go to. Looked like I had a mustache. Did you take arnica ahead of time?

OMG I'm sorry to hear that happened!  Is it getting better now?

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