Chipmunk Mouth After Juvederm Was Injected into my Nasal Labial Folds and into One Cheek

I did it because I have lines around my mouth that...

I did it because I have lines around my mouth that are quite severe and I'm only in my early thirties.

The cons were the price 3 syringes for 1300 and the pain, which wasn't too bad due to the lidocane. If this swelling bumpy thing doesn't go away, then another potential con is that my face has been jacked up for 12 months.

The pro will be that if the swelling goes down and the lines around my mouth lessen, it will have been worth the hassle.

I had Juvederm injected into my nasal labial folds and into one cheek (her idea, not even sure why she did it) and now it looks uneven and bumpy on the cheek area around the mouth. Granted, I expect that there should be some swelling after such a procedure and it has only been a day, but the bumpy texture of my skin has me uneasy. I have noticed that some docs say to massage the injected area but the lady who did mine has told me not to touch my face for three days or have it massaged for up to a week. Are the bumps cause for concern? Further, the sides of my mouth are pouchy looking like I'm holding something in my mouth. Is this normal? I'm looking rather swollen and bizarre. I'm in my early thirties and she used three syringes on my lower face. I'm thinking she may have gone overboard but I'm not entirely sure.
you should be concerned about what was used "to make the juvederm go down."
the doctor used a steriod, which can cause an indentation if even a small bit too much is injected. the indentation is not permanent, but it can last for many months.
Sorry, I missed this. I might pictures around here somewhere. It has been over a year since the effects of the Juvadrem faded. I no longer have jowls. The only good thing that came out of it was that it healed the lines around my mouth. They never went back to the way that they looked before. But I haven't tried to get it done again because for that much money, I need to trust the person doing it. I have seen such amazing work done on people with this stuff and I definitely didn't get that sort of quality where I went. I'm not looking for a miracle, I just need a doctor who uses their syringe artfully and with skill.
You are far too young to be dealing with that. can u send pics? you do not have to include eyes so not to disclose identity.

It was a big rip off, I think. Three syringes for...

It was a big rip off, I think. Three syringes for lines around my mouth and I was 32. It migrated down and gave me jowls. Be careful who you let do this procedure. They need to be both skillful and trustworthy.
Luckily mine was gone within a year. The weird jowly things finally disappeared and I got the oval shape back to my face. I hope to find a doc in the future that I can trust to only use as much as is needed.
Did you have the regular juvederm or juvederm plus? I'm 30 and was also left with odd jowls after juvederm and wondering when mine will go away. Mine has been going on now for 8 months.
Juvederm effects last for years. I had it injected under my eyes March 2008. It is now August 2012 and the bags stayed. I had to have some vitrase injected in the inner corners of my eyes in fall 2008 because it looked just too ridiculous! Many MDs, nurses, etc have no idea what they are doing. They are legal to stick a needle in you, and that is pretty much it. It is important to get someone with an idea for facial aesthetics.
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I went to the nurse at the medspa where I had been getting peels.

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