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Increase Cheekbones and Reduce Labionasal Folds Through Injections - Marseille, France

I have always had very a poorly defined...

I have always had very a poorly defined bone-structure which made my cheeks look a bit puffy and saggy even when I was younger (I'm now 37 y.o.). I've never liked that, preferring more angular and tonic faces with bigger cheek-bones, like some slavians, oriental or black people have. I thought that cheek implants could be the safest and more effective way to correct this but the three surgeons I met discouraged me from doing that. Mid-face lift (the one invented by Docteur Le Louarn) sounded too hazardous. I chose to do some voluma injections in my cheekbones and some hyaluronic acid in the nasolabial folds. The day after I just looked like a hamster. The surgeon hadn't told me that the swelling due to the injection could make me look like that at firt. I panicked. Now, two days later, I hope there's still some traumatic swelling due to injection (and not to the product) that might get reabsorbed. I'm not satisfied at all with the result. I don't exactly know if it's because of Voluma being injected to low or migrating downards, or if it's because of the hyaluronic acide injected in the nasiolabial folds but i look swollen, puffy, cheeky and that's almost the opposite of what my goal was. I don't look any better, or any younger, or any healthier and more tonic, I just look fatter and swollen and puffy. As this stuff is supposed to live up to 18 months, I guess it will gradually dissolve making my looks some better month by moth. It's not exactly a disaster as I might think at first, I'm not disfigured and people don't throw strange looks at me, but I look uglier than before. I'm quite suprised, I had told that to my surgeon that I didn't mind coming a second time and pay more, and that the most important thing for me was to inject very little amount of the product in order to avoid any correction that would be too big. I'm quite distressed thinking that I run the risk to inject this alien stuff into my body for such a poor result that might last up to 18 months. It's not so disfiguring as to think of using hyaluodase though, too many people had a bad experience with it. My doctor had warned me about that, he seemed to be a very conservative one, that's why I trusted him.

Ok, so the swelling seemingly was due the...

Ok, so the swelling seemingly was due the traumatic passage of the canular needle through my skin more than to a reaction to Voluma.

One year before, I had already had some hyaluronic acid injections in my tear through (a product made in France called Stylage, that doesn't seem to be very "famous" and injected by a dermatologist) to fill them a bit and I had had just a little swelling and bruising so I didn't expect to see my face swollen like a hamster's.

I think my surgeon should have warned me, I spent two days feeling horrible, thinking I was going to be disfigured for at least one month.

Still I'm not satisfied, I have very little volume on my cheekbones and still too much on my lower cheeks, thus enhancing my natural defaults. It's pretty slight though, and not disfiguring at all. Just not satisfactory for the price paid.
Also, where my tear through were, I've been having since a sort of "malar pocket" (as my surgeon called it). It's not as ugly as the tear through I had before but still doesn't look very nice :-(
I expected this injections to fill up this slightly hollows that cast a shadow but it seems they cannot be filled and I really wonder why ! It's like there no product could stay and fill it up !

A few days have passed and I still feel my lower cheeks like if they were irritated inside, specially after sleeping, but nothing too worrying or bothersome.

In four months, I'll go back to see my doctor for some botox injections (I'm very satisfied with) and we will discuss the matter. Maybe we didn't understand each other on the result I was expecting. I'm also going to ask him why there's seemingly nothing that can be done about these "malar bags" under my eyes.

5 days later : In the morning, when I wake up,...

5 days later :
In the morning, when I wake up, still this itching feeling, well not exactly itching, but this feeling that I've got a sort of irritation under my skin, in the flesh of my cheeks. It's not an impression I'm not sure of, it's there !
It makes me worry a bit... Then during the day it's ok.

Also, I have a dark pigmented bruising under my right eye. The first injections I had done one year ago in my tear through also had cause a slight bruising that hadn't gone. My dermatologist said that it was just a shadow cast by a skin depression but it was not.
The proof is that this second injection seemignly worsened it.
It's not horrible, but I can see it.
Also I'm a man, and some roughness in my skin texture is more tolerable.
Though, if any time I have something injected in this area I get a permanent bruising and hyper-pigmentation as a result, I'll end up having black-circled eyes !

Honestly, I think that I will switch to some surgical procedure... I prefer to know that i run some specific risks right after a surgical procedure then not knowing what might happen in one, two... or six months...
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I had the fillers injected on Friday. On Friday night and Saturday I was quite disfigured, and in panic. On Sunday I sent my surgeon an email telling him that i was disfigured, that he had put too much product, and so on. He replied to me right away (on a non-working day, which was pretty nice of him) telling him that it was not possible that I could go on looking like an hamster, that the swelling was certainly traumatic and not due to the hyaluronic acid and that I should wait a bit and see and eventually put some ice on my cheeks. I'm waiting for the final effect to show up, then I'll take some pictures and send them over to him in order to let him see why I'm not really satisfied with the result.

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How is everything now?
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So, There are some news about the whole story.
The voluma injections that were supposed to fill up my submalar triangle seemingly didn't work that well. It was somehow better but just as short as 2 monthas later, my malar dent was there again. With a side light, that damn shadow was cast in the hollow part of my cheek just like before.
So there are two things :
1) Voluma (which is a sort of Sculptra, if I'm not wrong) didn't work for my malar bags
2) It seems pretty obvious to me that some product went downards, towards the lower cheek (mine is already puffy by nature, and really doesn't need any more volume !)

When it comes to the hyaluronic acid that was injected in my nasolabial folds, it just didn't work at all. They are as deep as ever, I just think that my cheeks are kind of bigger.
Then it's hard to say and compare, you know, because you go through the horribly-swelling phase, but it is obvious that he couldn't fill up my folds and it is quie ovious too, in my opinion, that all that filler ended up in the wrong place.
Still, the result was absolutely not a disaster, at all !

I have to say one thing in (partial) defence of my surgeon. He injected the product through a canula and my skin being thick and full of scar tissue because of acne gave him a very hard time to pierce it. Unfortunately, he didn't warn me that I would have grown such a horrible swelling (both reactional to the product and the traumatic piercing) otherwise I would have been much more patient.
Also, he said that I could massage a bit to shape it myself.
When I started to look like a deformed chipmunk, I did massage quite a bite trying to avoid a disaster.
I probably shouldn't have done, but he surely should have warned me that i would go through such a horrible look and not to mess with it AT ALL.
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Well, first because I'm waiting to see a final result, I've been told and alsdo read that one should wait for at least ten days to be sure that the result has "settled down".
I live pretty far from where he works (4 hours by train) so I'm going to wait, take some pictures, and then send him an email beore meeting him up in 4 months.
It's just that honestly, I don't think it's his fault, I think that Voluma was not the solution. I'm not sure I feel like injecting more.
I just would like to undestand what's the problem with my hollow tear trough that nothing seems to fill up.
I start to think that maybe a little lifting would be a solution as it would redrape the skin that in this part of my face is a bit shaggy. I'll mention it to him next time.

Honestly, I'm too scared I might be even puffier than I am now if I injected some more Voluma. Now it's more or less ok, just not really better than before, but I don't want any other volume in the wrong place.

This morning, I noticed I could feel a small round lump on my left cheekbone. I am very scared and a bit paranoid about developping granulomas .. I had already had another hyaluronic acid injected in this area and it seems that mixing the products is not very good. (Specially if it's a permanent filler but I would NEVER do any permanent filler).

Take care.
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Wow, 4 hours by train - no wonder you are opting to wait! That is a long ways!

Hopefully things will settle down into more of a look you like. Please keep us posted on what is going on for you over the next few days.

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I'm sorry to hear your aren't pleased with how your Juvederm came out. I can understand why you would feel disappointed.

You mentioned you are going to talk to your doctor about this in 4 months when you go in for your Botox. Perhaps I'm misunderstanding, but can I ask why you are choosing not to contact your doctor about this now?

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