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23 Year Old, Been on This Battle Since Age 12. - Marlton, NJ

Ok so i have been battling acne since age 12 as...

Ok so i have been battling acne since age 12 as the title suggests. I've been through at least 4 dermatologists with little success. Until my recent one, she put me on antibiotics which worked great however, after 3 months of being off of it, the acne came back with full force so she decided to put me on 40 mg accutane. I've been on it right now for about 2 weeks. So far the side effects i have noticed are just as everyone has suggested extremely dry lips. The first week was pretty bad with regards to the dry lips. It was very swollen and painful but it's actually getting better. I apply Vaseline with every chance i get, do not give your lips the chance to dry. I also have constant headache, i actually got one the other day that felt like my head will explode but i didn't have anything to eat that morning till about 2 so i don't know if i will contribute it to that. I'm also under some stress so i don't know if i will contribute it to that also. I will definitely watch it. My nose and feet are peeling. So far that's all i have noticed. It's only been 2 weeks and i have noticed some improvement so i don't know if i will still get that major breakout that everyone talks about. Hopefully not. I will keep this updated.
Good Luck. What kind of acne do you get around your chin/mouth. It was hard to tell from the picture
Hello, Sorry i realized that it's not very clear. Around my chin, i usually get the nodules and cystic pimples mostly around the time i get my period or when i'm stressed (which is a lot considering my major). Around my lips i get the blackheads. My cheeks and forehead are persistent throughout and it's a combination of whiteheads, papules and nodules. The pics i have up right now was after being put on antibiotics before the start of accutane so it was a lot worse than that. Hope this helps.
Good luck this is my first week! I am having headaches and painful bumps on my back like 2 and I haven't had bacne in years... I too uploaded photos my doctor recommends a 6 month course for me praying for the best I'm sure I will be on high dosages my biggest fear is losing my hair possibly and migraines not too worried about the other serious side effects ... Hoping for the best on your journey !!! - KB

3 week update.

Ok so i'm on week 3 now. I see a big improvement. A few things happened within the past 3 days. I started to get insane headaches so i panicked since i'd read about head pressure and all of those so i stopped for a few days (of which i have noticed a few pimples here and there). I realized however that it was due to caffeine. Whenever i don't have caffeine i have insane headaches so i'm def watching that. So far i haven't had any such headache in 2 days. Also it started to feel like my liver was a bit swollen, i felt very bloated not towards the abdominal section where the stomach is but rather the section where the liver resides, so that also scared the life out of me ( I don't know if it is all paranoia). So for the past three days i stopped taking the medication and i have fully recovered. I will be seeing my doc soon so i will let her know about all of these and update back. I have started taking the medication again.
Just reading your updated that would be scary !! Week 3 is Sunday for me! What dosage are you at now could that be attributed to the sudden onset of side effects do ? What are all of your side effects and are you on claravis?
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