Post Op Rhinoplasty - Swelling after Splint Removed (Manila, Philippines)

I'm from the US and I had rhinoplasty with...

I'm from the US and I had rhinoplasty with Gore-tex procedure done 8 days ago in Manila with a well-known and pretty successful group of plastic surgeons. I just had my splint removed earlier today and I was horrified at the swelling. My original nose had bulbous round tip and the sides were very wide (fat-looking when I smiled). After the splint came off, the sides of my nose looked great because it looks smaller and they maintained a similar shape from my original nose. Quarter view, side view and top view is the worst. They fractured my bone because they said it was very wide and also said that my bridge started too low below my eyes. They implanted Gore-tex and raised my bridge by 2-4mm.

Doctor notes before surgery:
Focus of the surgery will be on the nasal tip, to defat as much as surrounding soft tissues and increase nasal tip projection using strong cartilage harvested from the nasal septum and part of the ear cartilage. Narrowing of the nasal bone is also advised. The height of the nose should be increased by around 2-4mm using soft gore-tex. I don’t recommend on foregoing the implant as this will cause disproportion and misdraping of the nasal skin. Lastly correction of the hanging alae will be complimentary to the new nasal tip.

When my nose was revealed today, it looked longer and the tip looks really round. I look like a witch right now. My doctor says swelling should subside within 2-3 weeks, but I wonder if there is anything I can do to help it heal faster? It looks really bad.


Thanks for sharing on RealSelf! Would you be willing to post your before and after photos so we can visualize what you're describing? (You can blur out your eyes if that makes you more comfortable).

I know this isn't want you want to hear, but patience is key right now. The swelling takes time to subside, especially in the tip.

You might ask your surgeon about steroid shots to the nose to help reduce swelling, but it might be too soon for that.

Please keep us posted as you continue to heal.

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It's been 13 days after surgery and it seems like...

It's been 13 days after surgery and it seems like it's swelling is going down a bit. It still looks awful from the side views, but I have hope!


You look great! Everything looks really natural. It's remarkable how much the swelling has gone down over the last 2 weeks. I'm sure the final result will be perfect when it has fully healed.
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Thank you! You're right! Swelling has gone down a lot in the past two weeks. I'll update my post after my vacation. :D
I think it looks GREAT from ALL angles! Wow!
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It's been 5 weeks post op and I'm starting to love...

It's been 5 weeks post op and I'm starting to love my new nose. It's still a bit swollen and numb at the tip, but I was told that I might have to wait 6-12 months for it to take its true shape. My upper lip is still stiff and I'm scared to open my mouth to wide. I posted more pics.


I love your review. Thanks for sharing your experience. You inspired me to patiently wait for the "final look" of my new nose. I had surgery 3 weeks ago under the same doctor(s). It's funny how some people are quick to judge the outcome of the procedure when their new nose has not even healed completely. :-) Hope you'll continue to update us. And just so you know... You look absolutely beautiful! Your new nose suits you ;-)
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wow....wonderful result...
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Your new nose really transformed you... from pretty to beautiful... Congratulations!
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15 weeks post op

It's been almost 15 weeks now and my nose is SLOWLY getting softer. Still swollen and hard at the tip, but slowly becoming more flexible over time. Upper lip isn't as stiff anymore and I'm able to smile as wide as I want. :D

No one notices in person unless I point it out, but my nose is still a little bit crooked from when they took the cast off. I don't think that's going to go away even after the swelling (but who knows, we will see over time).


It looks beautiful! I am def' considering to go in and consult with your doctor!
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My before nose is really similar to you, and I absolutely love your results. It gives me hope that my results will be somewhat close to yours! You're such a beautiful gal, and I'm happy that it worked out so well for you :)
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I love it, it looks so good
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6 months post op

It's been 6 months now and my nose is just a little stiff at the tip when i scrunch it. Still feels like there's something foreign in there (the goretex). It doesn't bother me at all, but I wonder if that feeling will ever go away. I had a facial a little over a month ago because I desperately needed to get my blackheads extracted (especially around me nose area). I was scared to at first and not sure if it was a good idea, but it seemed fine afterwards. It was a little sensitive, so I may need to tell my esthetician to be a little more gentle next time. Anyone know of any safer solutions? I tried using just Boscia strips and masks, but I needed deeper cleansing because I started to break out. I can't wait a year to get a facial. :(

I just updated new pictures. If you look, you can tell that my nose is still crooked, making one of my alar sides look smaller than the other. I doubt at this point that that will go away.

Overall, still pretty happy with it other than the fact that it's crooked.

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oops, more pics


I just had a rhinoplasty last august 9, 2013.. I'm so depress that my nose in upper is to high for my face.. My doctor said it will go down because its only swelling.. I can see the shape of gore tex implant. It is level to my eyebrow. I am so desperate to know if this wil fine soon. Not natural looks
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I completely understand, but you should give it some time. I felt the exact same way after 1-1.5 months after they took the cast off. Even afterwards 3-4 months later, I was not completely satisfied with my nose.
Thanks for sharing your experiences and it gives me hope too to finally do it also. I've been planning it for a year already and i'm getting excited because of your pictures. You really look beautiful!!!! May i know how much it cost with your doctor at shimmian? I'm considering going to shinagawa though.
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About 27 weeks post op

Learning how to pose with angles in pictures because of my slightly crooked nose. Haha!

I just got over a cold. I've been pretty healthy and I haven't gotten this sick since last year. I became very congested and I let my nose run because I was scared to blow my nose too hard. I started to get annoyed with it so I tried blowing my nose a little harder each time and it seemed okay. Nose still feels like there's something foreign in it, but it's completely flexible now! Before I was terrified it would rip if I stretched it, but not anymore. Progress!

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I don't know if this helps...

the picture is really bad quality, but here's a picture of me right after my cast was removed. really embarrassing - swelling at its worst, no make up, and just awful.


I had my nose done in Shimmian Manila and I am very much happy and satisfied. The doctors are very well trained and they're the pioneer and Goretex. I plan to go back there in December for my Mandibular Contouring :-) I have NO Problem with Shimmian Manila at all :-) Oh one thing more, aside from their best head surgeon, Dr. Levi Lansangan. Dr. John Michael Porquez the surgeon who constructed the face of singer-actor Lance Raymundo is part of Dr. Levi's team in Shimmian Manila. I must say that I was in good hand at that time & that is why I will have my Mandibular contouring scheduled with them!
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Hi thisid, I am planning to get my nose done very soon and the doctor assigned is Dr. Mark Fernandez of Shimmian Medical Center (SM North Edsa). Who did your nose job, Dr. Levi or Dr. Mark. I am still on my 50/50 decision making stage. Please help.
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I think Dr. Levi is the senior of Dr. mark. And he introduced and pioneered Gore-Tex rhinoplasty in the Philippines. I had mine done in their Greenhills branch.
Shimmian Manila: Dr. Levi Lansangan + Dr. Mark Fernandez

Family referred me.

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