Breast Implant Exchange from 350cc Saline Textured Unders to Sientra 505cc Silicone Round Textured Unders - Mandeville, LA

After 12 years of having my saline implants and 2...

After 12 years of having my saline implants and 2 kids later, my implants were not what they used to be. My left implants was sagging and rippling, while my right implant shifted and was also rippling. I decided on getting silicone implants in a larger size to compliment my post baby figure.

I decided to go from 350cc saline round, textured unders to 505cc round, textured silicone unders. I was a little hesitant at first of jumping a size, but my PS gave me assurance that it truly would look and feel so much better than what I had.

My original pair of implants were inserted under my arm, and my new implants were inserted in the crease under my breast. I am just a few hours out of surgery, and I am a little sore. Though, it is not unbearable. I am able to walk around and had no problems eating. So far, this experience has been better than what I imagined.

Day 1 Post Op

I've slept in 4 hour intervals since coming home. The meds definitely help. I'm on an antibiotic, Percocet, and diazepam. My breasts are super sore but they look amazing.
You look fantastic and such a difference!! I hope you don't mind but I have saved the pic of the blue bikini twin size comparison to show my doc and to see the difference 150cc makes. Cheers shelly xoxo
Not a problem! I love the new look with the extra volume. I hope you will love yours too!
Thanks girl! I just know that im going to be much happier when I finally have what I wanted. :)

1 week post op

It's been one week and I'm feeling great. I've been having minimal soreness, just tenderness at my incision site. I had my post op visit yesterday and had my outer stitches cut and have been told to refrain from lifting for another 4 weeks. This drives me crazy bc I'm used to working out everyday. I am attempting light cardio on the recumbent bike today, which I was told I could. I am also going to bra shop today to see what my actual cup size is at.
Size looks perfect on you!! What are your stats?
I'm 5'4" 126lbs :)

Wear the surgical bra as long as possible

I tried after my post op appt to wear a regular sports bra bc the surgical bra is well, not too attractive under a tank top... Well, I am hurting and sore from lack of good support that the surgical bra provided.... I put it back on and I feel soooo much better... I need more time to heal before the sexy bras come into play. Lol
I heard the textured implants pretty much don't move at all, like when you lay down they don't move slightly to the sides like regular breasts, is this true? Im so conflicted on getting textured or not.
That is true. They do not move. Even in my post op, I am strictly instructed never to massage my breasts for that reason.
I guess it depends on who does them. My implants are textured and they fall out into my armpits lol!

3 weeks post op!

3 weeks into healing and I'm loving these beauties! My incisions are healing nicely. The pain has gone away completely. There is no swelling and they are setting into place. I'm looking forward to getting sized so I can go bra shopping! :))
Did you have a lift as well or just an implant?
No lift, just implant replacement. The pocket was considerably increased to fit larger implant, giving me less boob gap.. Way Better than before
Thanks. I am having my first set of implants in Monday with a tummy tuck and I am so scared. I am going with 510 cc Sientra implants. I seen yours and it was pretty close to the same cc's, I was worried that they may be too big until I seen how awesome yours looked. :)

One month check up (pre/post op pics)

Went to see Dr Boudreaux today! Very happy with my healing and I am cleared to resume workouts and finally can get fitted for a new bra! As you can see from the before and after pics... BIG improvement! I go back to see him in 3 months. (I was preparing for a fitness competition in the pre-op photos so my skin is very tight) I've put on about 8lbs since post op.
Your pictures are still pretty my much just what I wish I had. SO pretty
How tall are you and how much do you weigh? I like your implant size they look proportionate, I am tall, 5"7 so I want to go big, but I want them to look natural. I'm only 115 lbs.
I'm 5'4" 128lbs. I've gotten measured and I'm a 34 D/DD :)
Mandeville Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Boudreaux is a confident physician, who portrays true professionalism. He gave me peace about the size of my new implants, and gave me assurance about the outcome of the surgery. His office staff are all very sweet and made me feel at ease.

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