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I did it because I used to be a boxer and had my...

I did it because I used to be a boxer and had my nose broken a few times.

I had reconstructive nose surgery from this Dr. in January of 2006. He took cartilage from my ear and put it on the tip of my nose for better support. When the bandages came off and the swelling went down I noticed a bump that goes across the tip of my nose where he put the cartilage. He said it was from the swelling and would eventually disappear. More than four years later it is still there. Twice he made some minor tweeks to correct this with no success. I have had many people ask me "did you get a bug bite on your nose?"

I am a performer in the entertainment industry & I have lost a considerable amount of film and print work due to this issue.


I agree, do you have photos?
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I had a similar experience in Madison, WI and I currently have after 2 surgeries a very lopsided nose, a wider mid-section, a much bigger tip than my original nose, and about a 1/4" farther projection because for some unknown reason this doctor built up the top mid to bottom portion of my nose and built-up the left side more than the right-very uneven. I can see and feel what looks like a large pimple, but I know it is a chuck of cartilage on the middle left side of my nose, which I begged him to remove after the first surgery, but it is still there. I never had breathing problems and now I cannot breathe. It feels like someone shoved something up my right nostril and I am woken up several times a night because my right nostril makes a loud whistle noise. I live on Advil and decongestants. I had 2 surgeries with this doctor and everything he said the opposite occured. He is very dishonest and is good at one thing-photoshop. Don't be fooled by pics your doctor shows you, make sure you get real referrals from people. Best thing I did do was let family and friends know I was getting the surgery, so I had their honest opinions. The doctor tried to convince me I was not seeing my nose as it really was, but I have a very large, intelligent, compassionate and honest support group and not one of them said anything different than what I believed. I went in for a smaller nose and came out with a bigger, very lopsided, lumpy nose, which I cannot breath out of. It is going to take a miracle worker to fix this mess, so if anyone knows of a great doctor-please let me know!
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Wow our experiences are indeed very similar. Believe me, I feel your pain. Do you mind sharing the name of your doctor??? I ask because I had my third revision perfromed by a doctor in Middleton, but very little was fixed. In fact, I too am researching new surgeons. I am so depressed about the whole situation. As for a good doctor, one of the best I have researched is Dr. Motykie in CA. However, much of this is based on before-and-after photos and not actual referrals which, like you said, can be risky.
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I recently talked to "patient relations" to see if another Dr. from this facility could look at the problem and fix it. I was sent a letter that more or less said too bad, if you want it fixed, pay for it yourself. So, if you need any surgery on your face and want it to look natural, please find a surgeon who will stand behind his work or send you to a Dr. that will correct his work. I understand mistakes can be made, but they should also be corrected.

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