Ruptured Gel Implants Removed and Replaced with Natrelle Style 20 450cc with Strattice - Lubbock, TX

I had 30 year old silicone 425cc implants removed...

I had 30 year old silicone 425cc implants removed because they had ruptured and were calcifying. Removing the plasterlike goo took my ps 3 hours. He then replaced them with natrelle style 20 (high profile) 450 cc smooth gel implants. He went through the areole. He was able to lift them some by cutting the areale out in a crescent, then cut around it to make it smaller and round and replaced it. I didn't want a lift as I didn't want a scar going up my breast. I am very happy with the results. He placed strattice to help hold them in place and to give my thin breast tissue more padding. The strattice is also used to keep them from sagging in the future. The following pics were taken 4 weeks and 3 days postop. I also had a mini tummy tuck and flank lipo. Wow does lipo hurt like hell. I did not have much pain with the ba. The only pain I have had is the very tender to the touch skin above the crease line and the outer half of each boob. Periodically I get sharp pains from the muscle/strattice as the new implants were placed under the muscle. My old ones were placed in through under the arm and above the muscle. He went up 25cc from what I had before and used high profiles so they I would have more lift. The old ones were very saggy. I am extremely pleased with the results. My nipples are higher and the boobs don't sag. I started using strattice sheets at 4 weeks so its only been 3 days. I wear them 12-16 hours during the day and take them off when I sleep. I sleep in a platex 18 hour bra with no wires. Very comfortable in fact I wear the bra nearly 24 hours as I don't want the boobs to drop so much.

Saw my ps today and he said everything looks great...

Saw my ps today and he said everything looks great and not to play golf until 2 months postop as I swing the club very hard and we want the strattice and muscle tissue to do well. He snipped off the ends of two sutures, one on each breast. We are both pleased that they lifted. I don't have before pictures but he does and he said he would give me copies I could post on here so everyone can see the before pics and how bad they used to look and how much they have lifted without doing a lift.

Oh, by the way I am 52 1/2 years old and by old boobs were a mess 30 years later. Sagging, with dimpling and ruptured.

Now they are beautiful! I go back in 3 1/2 weeks for my 2 month postop.

I will post BEFORE pics in 3 1/2 wks. I forgot to...

I will post BEFORE pics in 3 1/2 wks. I forgot to take any so I'm getting them from my ps at my next postop visit. It will then be exactly 2 months. He is so great I just got off the phone with him. He called to see how I was doing. I found some info at regarding golfing with big boobs and will have to change my swing.

For all of you ladies that had tummy tucks done...

For all of you ladies that had tummy tucks done along with you ba, this might interest you. I started using a silicone gel strip at 4 wks post op and my scar is incredible looking. Very thin, etc.. I will post pics later. Only warning is that some people are allergic to the strips so not everyone can wear them. I'm wearing them 12-16 hours a day and not at night. No problems at all. The sheet I bought were 6" x 48". So I cut them up to fit my tt scar and my ba scar around my areaole. I made a donut for my areole with this product. Since it is 1/2 foot wide and 4 ft long I have lots and lots to use and cut up as I need them. I found them for only $69.31 at amazon. Unbelievable price if you've priced them! Here is a link for anyone interested.

They also help fight infection, promote reordering of the tissue below. Medical rehab clinics use them on burn patients and on patients whose scars are not healing.

5 wks tomorrow. Post pics.

5 wks tomorrow. Post pics.

14 month post op pics

Here are 14 month post op pics. I'm getting them redone. I'm going from 450cc to 350cc and getting a lift this time.

Bikini Top 14 months postop

Here's a closeup in a bikini.

14 months post op whole bikini shot

Here's a whole shot in bikini.

Won't post again on this site till after redo.

I'm having them redone next week 9/26/13. So I won't post here again. You can follow my progress under my mommy makeover review. I'm going 100 cc's smaller Natrelle style 20 Silicone implants with a lift and lipo of underarm pit area.

Redoing my ba and going smaller and getting a lift on 9/26/13

I don't want to have to post in so many places so I will post the ba portion of my upcoming procedure under mommy makeovers. Cuz I have to update on the tummy tuck and lipo too and I know I'll be tired. So one review will have updates on the 3 procedures I'm having done 9/26/13

Review is:
Mommy Makeover Part 2 - Perkier Boobs and Flatter Tummy Coming Next Week! - Lubbock, TX

Mammogram Abnormalities

I posted this under my mommy makeover part 2, but thought I would specifically share this with any women carrying over 30 year implants that ruptured.

My husband just called me and told me he got back my mammo report he had ordered for my surgery on thursday. They said I had some anomilies on the upper right side breast above the implant. I think it may be the strattice or some left over silicone that my surgeon wasn't able to get out last may. So now I have to drive to Andrews which is an hour away and pick up the cd to take to my ps on tues.… Show more He's going to use it as a guide when he removes and replaces the implants I have in now. So he can make sure I don't have any more calcified silicone left in the breast tissue. Calcified silicone is not dangerous it just makes your mammos difficult to read. So you keep getting false positives for cancer. So its a good thing a want to go a bit smaller and he's going to go in there anyway. His wife just had both her breasts removed from cancer last month so he's paranoid about this kinda stuff. I'm not worried its cancer. I know it's the ruptured silicone that I had for over 30 years. Not a big deal. I never had any aches or pains or symptoms ever in the 30 years I had them. But, these false positives on mammos needs to be remedied. My husband whose a doc is not concerned either. But he wants me totally cleaned out so he called my ps and told him what's going on and my ps told him to have me bring him the films on cd and he would use that as a guide to finish cleaning me out before he puts the new implants in. GOSH! Drama

Breast Augmentation with reduction and lift Post op day 9 Pics

Here's the latest boobie pics. I replace the natrelle style 20 silicone 450 cc with the same style but 350cc. Also had a lollipop lift done and underarm pit fat and loose skin removed.
Lubbock Plastic Surgeon

He is so wonderful and the staff is amazing. I've not had any problems and am thrilled with his bedside manner and his ability to give me exactly what I wanted. He wanted to do a lift but I talked him out of it. My results have exceeded the expectations he gave me. He's better than he knows!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I'm still smoke free and I try not to think about it. Soooo. My boobs are still tender. I've not worn my bra at all. It hurt cuz they were swollen. I'm not worried about wearing one cuz they are not gonna be big. They are not as hot and swollen today. They still look mishapen, which I remember from last time will last a while. I will post pics tomorrow.
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Okay, I'm supposed to be focused on your surgery and all I can think about are those cute shoes and dresses! LOL! You must have an amazing wardrobe.

I saw on your other review that you've been "smoke free" for 3 days. Way to go...keep it up! What size implants did you end up getting with your lift? I'll try to remember to follow your journey under your Mommy Makeover review. Happy healing!

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350cc natrelle style 15 on both sides. I do have an amazing wardrobe. I also love to sew and design.
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With more fun clothing to come since you'll have all that cigarette money saved up! ;)

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Looking good! I so badly want a BA.
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Can ask..why did you keep them in for 35 years? that is a long time to go without a replacement. Hey my husband is from Lubbock TX! I love texas:)
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They never ever bothered me at all. Not one single bit. I wouldn't have replaced them but getting older and mammos were getting hard to read. My mom had hers in over sixty years. She passed away this year with the same ones in her. She was 81. She never had any problems with hers either.
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Got my lift revision done. Post op day 1. I've posted pics on my mommy maker part 2 .
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I'm glad to hear everyone is being extra cautious even though it does create a bit of drama. We'll be anxiously awaiting your update!

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Thanks for sharing this in the breast lift/ revision reviews too. I also had my 30 year old implants removed. I'm having pain issues 7 weeks post op. Did they have you get an MRI? Are you familiar with the 3D images they can now use for women with implants?
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Yes. I did an mri last year prior to the removal of the 30 year old ones. But mammo shows he didn't get all the yukky silicone that leaked into the breast tissue. It's not dangerous it just makes mammo's difficult to interpret.
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I'm lucky that i only have to pay $300 for any kind of mri since my hubby sends so many patients to them. So it's really cheaper than a mammogram complete which is $450. And they don't have to squish your damn titties!
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I refuse to ever get a mammogram again ( I think) I had one that either caused my rupture or made it worse. It was excruciating. I would prefer to just get an MRI but was told you need both as MRI will not detect all cancers? I'm still having pain from pocket repair. I'm surprised you will not need drains. That's great! I had mine in two weeks as there was so much drainage from internal work.
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Me too. However, last time even with all the trauma of scraping out all the old silicone I never drained more than 25cc.
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I won't have a mammogram because of fear of rupture but opt for thermography instead.
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             looking good!
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I can't see her pics. I am curious, LOL. I never thought I'd spend so much time looking a boobs!
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Click on my Profile picture next to my name "Great2BeMe" and then there should be a list of reviews I've posted under my name. It will say "80 year old....." Click on that and you will see my mom's pics.
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I posted pics of my moms with 60 year old implants if anyone is curious. She is 81.
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Wow! Amazing that your mom never had in problems!!
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Nope. She never did. My sister has implants too. She's due to have hers redone this year too. Hers are also 30 years old. Mom never replaced hers and didn't have any problems. No ruptures or anything. I sure do miss her. It's hard when I think about her. I just got her ashes back from the medical school last week. She donated her body to science. I'm going to plant tulips in my front yard and plant her in with them. Flowers always make me smile and in the spring when they come up I hope i can smile by then. Right now when I think about her it makes me so sad. My dad's ashes are under an olive tree in my front yard. I tell everyone I'm an orpan now. I don't have a momma or pappa anymore. My husband made a 3 hole golfcourse in our front yard, so we are out there alot. It looks really good right now.
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I lost my mom last Christmas. It's so hard not having her to talk to. That's sweet that you have her ashes in your yard.
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When the tulips come up they will be so pretty just like she was.
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Your story is great. I'm glad the first ones lasted so well and that you felt enough confidence to use the gel again. I know there is a big difference between the older silicon and today's gels. I've seen a lot of women with revisions opt for saline the second time around. You help me feel even more confident in my choice of silicon gel for my implants. I hope that by waiting until I'm 50 I will only have to do this once. I'm 6 days post-op and finally starting to feel like myself again.
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The ba recovery is a lot faster than the tummy tuck. I chose the gel cuz I never had any health problems with the gel. I was afraid the saline would deflate was another reason. I'm so glad you are feeling better. I plan on being buried in these ta tas!
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