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36 Yr Old Mom of 4... LBL, Brachioplasty and Who Knows What else - Louisville, KY

Hi everyone.. This is my first post in my journey...

Hi everyone.. This is my first post in my journey to the body I want. I have 4 kids and have battled my weight for almost 20 years. Over the last 2 years, I've lost over 80 lbs. I still have about 35 lbs left but the excess skin is the issue. I have talked with my husband and I have a goal of Feb of next year to finally get the body I have worked sooo hard to get. I'm glad to share my next year with you guys as I approach my surgery
I have started this journey. I had a lower body lift, followed by a brachioplasty (10 days later), then a breast lift 25 days after the belt lift. Alot of surgery all at once so to speak. My husband has been of great help and I could not have done it without him. I researched and consulted with 3 surgeons before making the final choice. You will be able to find a balance between cost and expertise. I would advise really knowing your overall goals for your total body makeover and then let your surgeon guide you through the process of staging. I staged mine close together because I had arranged a leave of absence from work and wanted to maximize my time off. I don't know when I will be able to get more time off but still want to pursue a medial thigh lift. I am still researching that. I think that my buttocks are little flat and hope that can be addressed with the thigh lift.
Thanks for all the info!! How has your recovery been? Are you happy with your results so far? I'm not sure what I expect. I see a picture in my head but don't want to her my hopes up too high. What made you decide on your surgeon? Sorry for all the questions:)
My recovery has been a little slow, but I did have a lot close together. I had a hematoma in the in abdominal part of the belt lift , so drains had to be in longer than planned. Now I have a slight separation in the mastopexy incisions at the base of the "T" -which I guess can be fairly common (although to different degrees). Definitely bring pictures. It would be better to have a clear, realistic understanding of what you want vs what is reasonable. I chose my surgeon on the basis of expertise balanced with cost. He had experience and was not the most expensive (or the least).

Surgery outside of the country

Ok... So I have been reading so many reviews about surgeries doe in mx. The results look amazing and the reviews are great. So... Is that too scary??

Thigh lift questions

Question for anybody that has had a thigh lift. Does your scar stay extremely noticeable? It's such a large incision in a very noticeable place. I am good with the brachioplasty because how often do you show people the underside of the arm? But your thigh is pretty much out there unless you wear pants all the time. I've seen so much amazing feedback on here so I need some advice on which way to go:)
well done on your weight loss and a smart move taking your time and doing all the research. Im have brachioplasty and LBL all at once in 3 weeks time. Ive lost 42kg and although toned, the tone is under the skin Ill never lose. My weight has been fairly stable for the past 12 months and now is the time to complete my journey. Excited, anxious, and still some doubts but this site helps as there are so many in depth stories and it seems most people are happy with their results. Best of luck with surgery, cant wait to see how you go :)
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