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48 Years Old, Mother of 5 Children & Wife Needs Tummy Tuck, Abd, Lipo, on the Calendar for Sept 10th, 2014...Los Gatos, CA

After losing more than 50lbs my body is flabby,...

After losing more than 50lbs my body is flabby, saggy skin. I just hate looking at myself everyday. I started at my highest weigh 266.8lbs in Decemeber 2013 and lost the weight naturally, excercising, and changing my way of eating. I started consulting with many doctors I've seen a least a dozen, here in the US and Tijuana boy do you get different options, and prices. Well, I finally made my descion and I'll be going with Dr. Timothy Weibel, I was referred by my best friend he's does an amazing job. I just loved the doctor how he treats his patients, answered all questions, and a lot were not even asked because the doctor covered them his self. As, soon as I made my descion in his office lets do it! Let's schedule. I started to cry with mixed emotions.
I'm excited, happi, proud of myself, etc. count down has started for me I would like if anything please help me with an list of items I might need. I already went today and purchased Tylenol Extra Strenght, Advil, Medaderm Gel, Ploymorin, I'm very open to options, and suggestions...hope to hear from you girls...
I had surgery with Dr. Medina a month ago today. She is amazing. If I can help you with anything or answer questions feel free to ask. You do NOT need to take a lot when you see her. She provides you with most of your stuff. You will need...toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, baby wipes, a few maxi dresses, I bought one of those robes that zip in the front from Walmart for $11.00. That was the best thing in the world. 2 pairs of panties, 2 tank tops, laptop, cell, chargers, a book to read, snacks and stool softener. The list Dr. Medina gives you will be almost identical to mine. She doesn't have you bring much. You won't need to bring Tylenol, Advil and all that stuff. You won't be using the medaderm gel right after surgery. They are pretty particular about what you can use. Anything else I can think of I will let you know :)
Guesswho22 thanks for all you help pls call me so we could talk if okay with you 408-644-0578.
How are you doing honey? Hope all is well.
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