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It's been about a month since my surgery, and...

It's been about a month since my surgery, and I have noticed that one of my nostrils are bigger than the other.. I felt like my left nostril is smaller than the right... Is my nose still swollen? It's quite nerve wrecking since I don't want my nose to turn out like this.. Tomorrow will be my one month post op... Please help me out..I've been so emotional and my confidence has been going down a lot lately.. I also think one of my nostril size is bulkier than my other side.. Please help me

Now to think about it... my rhinoplasty was worth...

Now to think about it... my rhinoplasty was worth it.. I was really worried before because it didn't look great, and I felt more self conscious about it and decided to re do them, but now after months have past... I realized I'm liking my nose more often, and my eyes as well.
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hi! I know its been a little over a year... I was wondering how the progress of your nose has continued? I have a consultation with dr. Kyoung Charles kim next week and im both excited and nervous. Your nose and eyes look wonderful in the pictures you have posted! thanks so much for sharing xx
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Thanks for sharing your pics. You look fantastic. DId you get them both your nose and eyes done at the same time? Does the doctor you listed above have a link? I'm researching the same two procedures here in LA...
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the doctor lifted my nose a little bit.. I should take a pic of my side profile and show you how it is now... o.o
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Hi, so you didn't have your bridge augmented at all? I also have thick skin and was wondering what the healing process is like. I think your nose and eyes look great now. They fit your face well!
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Your nose looks beautiful and natural! I like the most recent pictures.
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I used ear cartilage, and thanks.. yeah I prefer this new nose a lot better than my original one.. My original nose was too flat, and I hated it. The tip is going higher everyday which is a good thing I guess.
Do you like my new double eye lid surgery as well? does it match. I'm not quite sure..
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I prefere this new nose to be honest. Swelling will be at its peak for 2 wks and then it will dissipate along a year.

What material did you use to build yr tip? Ear/rib/silicone/...?
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I had an open rhinoplasty and septo to make me breathe better. He made the tip a little higher, and made my nostrils a bit smaller.. My nose still looks very swollen and I'm not liking it at all.
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I had a similar prob after a surgery. The last surgeon improved it. May I ask you whether you had an alar base reduction? grafts added to the ala? what did you have?
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but dont u see that ur face is really swollen so sure ur nose is swollen as well and about emotional thing first feww weeks i avoided looking at my self in the mirror as i knew that i would see somthin i dont like and i sisnt wanna feel disappointed
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yes, my nose was extremely huge as well.. It looked like I had a pig nose.. Whenever I look at my nose, I feel very emotional and start to cry.. Were you emotional at one point and burst into tears?
Would you like to see the cast picture as well?
I also did a blepharoplasty as well and whenever I look at my eyes, I feel like it's uneven as well.
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i see now u have a tip that will get more defined with time while in befor pic it was flat
once my splint removed i shoked in huge amount of swellings it looked larger than before then it started getting better till now i have some swelling while i'm going to enter my 4th month
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on the side note.. how do you like the result of my nose so far? Is it coming out great? my nose doesn't look as prominent as before right?
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well my doc didnt make insision on columella he did 2 alar bas incision to minimize my nostrils size
and about touching it i already was instructed to make gentle massaging on the bridge and make slight pinching to my nostrils 10 times at night when i change the tape
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hello i'm telling u now about my own experience that's exactly what happened with me and i was really nervous about it i had my left nostril more pinched inward than the other but my doc told me that its normal to have some asymmetries in few coupls weeks post operatively and it's just swelling yes he was right now i'm 3 months and a half post op my nostrils are of the same size and shape so just take it easy and wait wish i could help u
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Thank you! I hope my nose looks great, and I just hate how it's not similar.. It's so annoying... = /
how do you get rid of the scar on the columella area?
Is it still okay if I gently touch the nose on the side or will that ruin my nose shape?
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Thank you for posting in the Rhinoplasty community!

I think your nose looks great! Maybe it's just the photo, but I can't see any asymmetry at all in your nostrils.

If you do, then yes, it could still be swelling. It can take up to a year to see your final results.

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