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Problem with Juvederm to Raise Eyebrows/Blepharochalasia Syndrome

I wanted only Botox to get rid of frown lines and...

I wanted only Botox to get rid of frown lines and maybe raise the eye brows. My doctor suggested Juvederm injections as well,in his opinion to raise the browns and give them a youthful apperance.

In few months I have developed an Inflamation syndrome in both upper eyelids called Blepharochalasia Syndrome and extreme dry eye condition. I have been seen by Ophtalmologists and specialist for months now and I have not been given any solution yet.

I had Juvederm injections to raise the eye brows and I have developed an acute case of Blepharochalasia Syndrome on both upper eyelids and extreme dry eye condition,I am seeking advise to correct this condition. The upper lids are extremely inflamed or edema, with a bluish reddish coloration with no response to ice packs or warm packs or any treatment so far to aliviate the condition.
Botox is used to left brows not fillers,I hope you sue this DR.
it took so much time to figure out what had cause the edema and to chase the doctor that would not release my records and finally could not find them after moving offices,also I was advise that in medical law suits you have to prove medical negligence, by the time I figured out what to do I had lost my rights to sue.
Hmm. Just read all these negative replies about juvederm to lift eyebrows. I've had several areas done and the one i think i'm happiest with is the juvederm that my doctor suggested to raise my eyebrows. All of a sudden i saw eyebrows and immediately could wear makeup and I feel so much better. I don't think he put very much in but with just a little it worked well. I always ask my doctor to do very small amounts each time i go just to make sure none of these problems i keep reading about show up. So far, under my eyes is taking awhile but the puffiness is defitely better than the sunkeness and my mouth lines are gone. I'm going back again for my naso folds but only going to get one syringe, as i'm a bit scared to get more. I can go back anytime if it appears good, which to me is better than getting too much at once. I feel like some of these doctors may be injecting too much at once.
Dr. Shane Sheibani

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