Jessner Peel for Hyperpigmentation and Acne - Los Angeles, CA

I received a three-layer Jessner peel. The peel...

I received a three-layer Jessner peel. The peel seems to have reduced some of my hyperpigmentation, while slightly irritating my skin- today is my fourth day after the peel, and I have experienced a few whiteheads (which I believe were there prior to the peel) and one cyst. I generally experience breakouts, however, upon receiving peels and other treatments. Obviously, one peel is not enough to fix my skin problems but overall, I am pleased.


i only received one layer Jessner Peel though
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Me too ... I did my jessners peel on wednesday evening and i am experiencing a couple whiteheads... but i didnt have those before the peel... i heard its normal but im not sure... i was told not to peel the old skin and i have a bit... today is when i started peeling after i ate and i had to stretch my mouth a bit to open since my skin is so tight...
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