21 Years Old and I Am Extremely Unhappy with my Nasal Tip After Rhinoplasty -Los Angeles, CA

I had rhinoplasty performed on me about a year ago...

I had rhinoplasty performed on me about a year ago and I am extremely unhappy with the nasal tip of my nose.it is very crooked I continue to be so self conscious about it and maybe worse than before :( i could never look at someone straight in the face, it's horrible. I went back to my doctor and said that this is due to the structure of my face and that my face is not symmetrical .. I really need advice on what I should do?.. Should I consider revision rhinoplasty? And can revision fix the crookedness of my tip nose?


Your surgeon's comment is insulting and shocking. As a physician, it is HIS job to note your facial characteristics and bring them into balance. Blaming the patient for his failure is ridiculous.
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who did your rhinoplasty? If you did this in california, you should visit dr. G! He's amazing.
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Obviously we can see what the problem is . I don't think it's as bad as you may think. I think you look stunning , it's just a minor defect for you . If you got the money go see dr Becker . You guys are lucky you have acces to good surgeons in USA in aus there isn't any I need a revision too :(
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