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I struggle with my appearance every day, I am 18...

I struggle with my appearance every day, I am 18 yet I have the features of an elderly woman with a big shnozzz. I plan to go for a rhinoplasty & then fat grafting for the face. Looking for a good surgeon on long island, I have 4,500 saved up towards my rhinoplasty so far. Any suggestions would help tremendously


u have a nice nose and don't need anything done! girls are just jealous of you! i have gotten my fair share of catty comments since my rhino from all the haters
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Thank you for sharing on RealSelf! I think you look lovely and perfect for your age. Have you consulted with any board certified plastic surgeons yet? I'm curious what they'll say about the fat grafting because you don't look like you "need" it.

When you go on consultations, here's a list of questions to ask prospective surgeons.

Please keep us posted on your journey (though I'm kind of hoping you'll change your mind because you're gorgeous as is).

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Aw that's awfully sweet



There is nothing wrong with your face at all. I don't think any doctor should work on you. That would be terrible! I think your thoughts are unreasonable. I promise you. There isn't anything wrong.
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Your nose is not a schnoz. However, I can see why some of its traits would bother you. Totally do it if it would give you more confidence, BUT I wouldn't recommend fat grafting for the face. You don't need it at all. I think your face will lose its natural essence very obviously if you do it.
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U have a nice nose! All of us pay thousands for noses like yours! I don't see a bump - post a profile shot ? Have u visited any doctors yet?
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hi againnnnnnn :)

I know you guys are saying i don't really need surgery & awfully sweet but i really do have these issues . & maybe these picture will show you more of what I'm talking about. I'm really excited to start searching. Does anybody know how much you should save up before consulting with a doctor?


An make sure your college expenses are taken care of first. You don't wnt to have to choose between having a dorm or a procedure!
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Try to save at least $20,000 so you are not stressed out over money during your recovery. I'd have liked to have taken more time off from work but wasn't able to do so.
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hey girl :) i totally get you. you are beautiful, and im sure people think you are too. but why not want to be better? if you can be even more stunning after a bit touch up, why the heck not do it? thats how i look at it. but you also should know that you must do your research well. this experience was terrible for me. my nose wasnt bad to begin with and now it is droopy like it was before, and im not satisfied. You must find the perfect surgeon and be totally confident before going to surgery. i even had doubts THE DAY of surgery! and later after i got into mild depression because of it. some people are lucky enough that they get really awesome results but thats just not everyone... i say know what the surgeon will do to you and make him promise it's going to be similar. mine showed simultation but my nasal tip is WAY more droopy than wht he showed.
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So I have 5,000 saved up now & its just tough working on min. wage but I will wait because I want this more than anything. I hope everyone is doing well on here, have been doing my research & I am in love with reading all of your stories :) You guys make me realize that there is still hope to love your appearance, despite mean judgmental people.


This is my honest opinion....you are beautiful! I personally think you absolutely DONT NEED a rhinoplasty procedure. Your nose is perfect the way it is, trust me as someone who went thru this procedure and who has always payed attention to noses, yours is perfect the way it is. Rhinoplasty is a tough procedure because not only does it take forever to see the final result, it also quite impossible to achieve a "perfect" result. Im not by any means not supporting your decision with going thru it (I got it myself) but I do think your nose is great the way it is, it really just matches your whole face well :)
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You know what? These comments prove to me that you can not take seriously to anyone elses opinion online. go get ur surgery. youll be more perfectionalized. my nose wasnt so bad before and i got it, and now i dont like it so ill get a revision to fix whichever i dont like. i honestly dont think that its a big deal.
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thank you I don't think its that big of a deal either mann

Haii all ^.^

Hit the 6300 mark can someone tell me what a decent price to spend on this because I've seen the price varies , I'm in ny & it seems so much more expensive here but it doesn't seem like the work is that much better quality. Please no mean feed back :/


If you truly want this, it is up to you. However as someone who had my nose done two years ago at 17, i feel like it would have been better to wait. You haven't had a chance to find yourself and grow into yourself yet. I know that sounds like some old person advice, and you may feel like you never will "grow into" a nose you don't like, but maybe waiting just a couple more years until you're 20 or so would help? Just make sure you choose a really good surgeon with proper credentials. I was too excited to realize the surgeon I picked was not the right one, and I am having a revision now. I know it's your opinion that counts and not others, but I as well as every on here think you're gorgeous and definitely not old looking or in need of "work". Good luck and I hope you choose what you feel is right :)
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Hi, I just want to say that by the looks of all of your comments you are in the same boat at me !!! I'm also hating my appearance and want my nose done, but everyone thinks I'm crazy. So I know how you may be feeling. Hate to be annoying, but you are beautiful and swap noses with you?!! Haha !!! :)
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Honey, you are beautiful and while I understand the desire to improve oneself, ther is mothing about your face that needs improving. I mean you are stunning, fresh faced, and barely look 16. Unfortunately, the culture (or cult) of beauty in this country has spawned a disturbing trend of dysmorphia.
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Almost there!!


Don't touch your face, your nose looks good and it fits your face. Rhinoplasty is the most unpredictable surgery and there are no guarantees. Its a gamble and a life time change that cannot ever be reversed. I went to get my nose done because I had it broken really badly and needed it fixed but after my surgery I wished to have my broken nose back. If I knew than what I know now I would probably not rush into fixing my nose and do more research. But before I broke my nose I had a little bump that most people could not tell and I loved everything about my features including my nose. Now, I don't even look the same. You are a very pretty girl who doesn't need any make over, listen to your gut, listen to people that have had experience and leave your nose alone. You are beautiful the way you are!
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Second life startingg noww

Have 8 grand so far I actually almost passed away 2 weeks ago had to have a gastrectomy because I had a huge ulcer, my stomach perforated, & my artery ruptured. I had to have over 8 blood transfusions. It's been tough regaining my strength. I feel like I owe it to myself just to do something for me for a change, I spent my Christmas in the hospital with no presents I think this should be my gift to myself. Once I save up a bit more that is :) good news I'm not nervous about anesthesia anymore being that I was forced to be put under it to save my life. I hope everyone else's Christmas was wonderful & they all got to spend it with loved ones. I still obsess over reading all of your reviews & it gives me so much hope & insight. So anyway I'm just babbling on now but I'm starting school soon so it's gonna be a little harder to save money but I'm hoping once I'm done recovering I will get back to being my ambitious self. God bless everyone^.^


I'm so sorry to hear that that happened to you…I hope you feel better soon
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Thank youu
your nose looks perfect! please don't do anything to it!
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You are just stunning! Already. Sorry to hear about your recently medical emergency make sure you take the time to recover from all of that. I'm 6 months post op, from my rhinoplasty and don't regret it but in my case I had a really big bump in the middle of my nose from a fall I had when I was much younger. I agree with kitty below your so pretty either way good luck with starting school too.
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whatever you choose to do you are gorgeous either way. i had rhinoplasty done and ive had so many issues with my nose. ive had mine worked on 3x all by the same surgeon. im in the process of trying to find a good surgeon to work on it for a 4th time and fix the original surgeons mistakes.
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You're gorgeous too! & ugh I definitely worry about that. Have you seen anyone about revision?



Don't take a wrong way but your simulation of your new nose looks unnatural and does not fit your face.
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Well I guess I like the look of "fake" noses
Thank youu so much :) I'm glad you are happy with your end result that's awesome!
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