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Hey, I'm S and I am 21 years old. I have always...

Hey, I'm S and I am 21 years old. I have always hated my nose and even though a lot of my friends say there's nothing wrong with it, I see everything wrong with it. First of all, it has a bump from the side and while that's not a huge hump, the thing that bothers me the most is how much my nostrils are showing. It's ridiculous, you can see inside my nose at all angles and they are large. My columella sticks down very low plus my nose is just upturned overall.
I have been looking for a suitable surgeon and haven't found one without bad reviews as well. A good friend of mine that is a plastic surgeon as well recommended dr. Stefan Gonschior with MYA clinic.
I went in for a consultation and he was very friendly and reassuring and also didn't seem to push me into having it done. It will be an open rhinoplasty and he asked for the liberty of deciding whether to do certain procedures on the operating table as he always goes with his gut. While that might seem worrying, I think and hope that such a praised surgeon certainly knows better than me which procedures work better. I prefer having a subtler result rather than him trying to change too much and end up looking a mess!

I booked my rhinoplasty for the 8th of April and am very excited and looking forward to it! I will update accordingly.

S x
(The cost is £6800 but I put the equivalent in $ as it would't let me change it.)


Your nose looks good. Maybe give it time. Your only 21 yrs old. I'm 28 and have finally chosen to start to save money for a procedure. But I have different circumstances. Your nose looks good...I don't think you would need one from those photos.. Your very pretty.
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What a really ment to say is also. From being 21yrs to 23yrs of age you will change more in your life mentally than you prolly are thinking rite now. 21yrs to 23.is a night and day difference an in maturity. I'd think it thru. But then I had girls in my high school getting nose jobs done...soo...
Please don't do it. I had my op 11 days ago and feel like I am spiralling into Depression. I had a bump and a long nose and how I long to have it back. He has done too much and I look like a pig. I wish I had found this site before my surgery then I just might have not gone through with it. Best of luck in your decision x
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Update of before side view


Have you considered filler for your profile? Overall, your nose is very nice and I really think you shouldn't have a rhino.
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For the enth time, the hump on my nose ISN'T my main concern. What I want to fix is the hanging columella and large, showing nostrils. I appreciate everyone's opinion and advice but just because my nose isn't terrible to begin with doesn't mean I shouldn't get rhinoplasty. It's been bothering me for years and even though the changes will not be drastic, it is what I want. Plus, it's not as obvious in pictures as it is in real life, and trust me, from most angles you can see everything inside of my nose! The insides of my nose are showing in 90% of angles. It is embarrassing and humiliating and I have to think about my nostril hair showing all the time and I have to always be aware I might have something hanging out of my nose.
I thought these were after pictures and I came to see who did such a beautiful job. It looks upturn and perfect nose and size. The bump looks more like a beautiful structural bone. I wouldn't change it, but if you really insist to have the bump shaved down a tad and more upturned.. I can see that on you too. Just hard to change a beautiful nose already. So I'm having a similar issue though because I got assaulted and I had a bump like yours that sometimes I worried about but mostly I realized it added beautiful bone structure but then I got assaulted and now it looks and is more broken. I have to see a surgeon and consult but don't want to overdo it ..something that looks perfect already but want to make worth a surgery so maybe make it more upturned even slightly and more symmetrical but I'm hoping seeing digitally altered pictures of the expected results can really help. seeing your pictures helped me realize though that a tiny appearing bump is no worry but now I have this issue but then again maybe it can look even better without it Can you post after pictures or send to me. :)
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Update front view

Okay, for the girls that said I don't need it, this is a better picture. Look at how my columella hangs ridiculously low and how crooked the nose looks when I smile. Plus the permanent excessive nostril show.


Even after the picture you just posted, I still think you don't need surgery, you are very pretty and nose isn't that bad but do whatever makes you happy because it's your nose you're face and we all have our insecurities.
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I feel ya! I have showy nostrils, too! And really dislike them.
I didn't know it is that bad and as you said in photos it doesn't show that it's bad. Go ahead then and all the best to you!

One week till my surgery

I will be having my rhinoplasty one week from now and I am very nervous! I went in and had a second consultation with dr Gonschior where We decided together than rather than shaving my collumela he will slightly derotate my tip as to have less nostril show. Basically making my upper lip /nose angle straigther as now it's quite upturned. I decided against having my collumela shaved off because dr G informed me that doing so will actually increase the extent of my nostrils' visibility from front view.
After the main procedure he will decide whether I need a alar base reduction (shrinking the size of the nostrils with two incisions on the lower part of the nostril).


Sabri, how are you? How did the surgery go?
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I don't think your columella hangs too much, and hopefully he has clarified how he will shorten that yet not increase nostril show by doing so. Just make sure you are clear on your procedure is all. If it was mine I wouldn't dream of touching it, even if I was not speaking as someone with a bad rhino. But good luck with your choice!
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Sorry just read how you are going with derotation. Sounds like a more sensical plan based on your photos! Best wishes :)

3 days Post Op

I had my surgery Tuesday afternoon and it has been almost 3 days now. The pain is not bad, I can just feel the tightness of my stitches and the general swelling and bruising. Also, not being able to breathe through my nose is quite frustrating. Didn't have any nausea but was a bit shaky after I woke up.

I had a tiny bit taken in from my nostrils too so I have several stitches. The inside of my nose is still very swollen and there is quite a lot of discharge/snot. My side view is straight like I asked for.

There isn't a lot that I can look at just yet as everything feels so swollen. I can't wait for my swelling and bruising to go down.

I get my stitches out in 4 days and my cast off in another 10; my surgeon insists on the cast being kept on for an additional week.


Hi, Dont worry if other girls say you dont need surgery or your nose is fine. i have rhinoplasty booked for the 8th of May and many friends and family say i dont need to go through with it. But if its affects you and your confidence then it was right for you. hope you get the results you wanted my love!! X
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Stitches are out

I had my stitches removed today and it hurt so much! I would have never thought it can hurt so bad but as I had so many of them (because of the alar base reduction incisions too) and my nose being irritated as I have a cold and I have a very runny nose and this probably didnt help.

I don't really have a lot to say at the moment as I am waiting to have my cast removed in 7 days. The tip does seem to be very swollen and upturned and I am waiting for this to come down hopefully in time. The hump is gone and profile seems pretty straight like I requested (I hate too much of a scoop); the nostrils are quite a bit smaller and that bit of hanging columella is gone. Only complaint so far is how upturned it looks but then again I have always had it upturned and Dr explained he can't make it that much straighter. Especially since he removed the hanging columella, the angle is bound to be more accentuated.

Right now I am trying not to worry too much and let it settle before I make any harsh assumptions.


Also checking in on you...

Splint removal 2 weeks post op

So I had my cast removed yesterday with no pain as it was already loose. Skin on nose was and still is very irritated after 2 weeks under the cast. Little to no bruising and swelling left.

At this initial stage I am fairly pleased with results, it's not perfect but that is an unrealistic expectation.

Profile is straight with very slight scoop as I requested, nostrils made smaller and bridge narrowed.

I do have a few concerns that hopefully will be resolved with swelling: nostrils are a bit uneven, and there is a very small curve still to my columella where I can feel the cartilage in a weird way. Nose goes slightly to the right but it always did that a bit and it is made more noticeable by the swelling I think.

Overall, quite happy but hopefully it will get better as swelling subsides.

What are your opinions?


What's the update on your nose? Are you still happy? Did the unevenness, curve to columella and deviation to the right all resolve with swelling subsiding?
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Can you send your photos?I couldn't see it in here
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I think it looks great! He addressed all the things you weren't happy about really well and he listened! Don't get caught up in the little things. You're very lucky it looks so good now you don't have to wait 12 mths hoping it will improve. Congrats xx
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