My 2nd BA with Teardrop implants 425cc Gummy Bears - London, UK - Almost 1 year Post Op

I only discovered Realself around 2 days before my...

I only discovered Realself around 2 days before my 2nd BA & I have therefore put off doing a review. I will start it now & hope that I don't miss things out or forget things. Please feel free to message me if you have any questions or if you would like to comment on my post you're more than welcome :) I have posted a pre-op photo of myself (the only one 'I' have - I'm sure my 1st PS has more of his own)

I had my first surgery done 6th January 1999 when my first born Son was 5 months old. Before my op I was 5f 8" & I weighed 7st 3oz (101 lbs?) I was very slim & I was around a 28aa in bra size. I didn't even make an A cup.

During my 1st pregnancy I went up to an A cup & I was able to wear my first adult looking bra :) Even though only an A cup, I was delighted. I remember my first proper bra well, it had a dogtooth print in a satin fabric, I totally loved it.

3 days after the birth of my first born, I went to bed an A cup & BOOM, the next morning I was engorged with milk (ouch) & I was a C cup, yay!! I remember walking down the corridors within the hospital in my dressing gown admiring my boob profile proudly in the reflection of the glass windows.

Sadly, after I stopped breastfeeding my Son, I went back to my original AA cup but I had also lost some elasticity, I wasn't too worried about that though, I was just disappointed to be flat chested again.

A few months down the line I noticed that my friend's Sister looked gorgeous in some professional shots she'd had done & she whispered in my ear that she'd had a BA!! Waaaahhhh, this made me 'NEED' to have an op, it was 'OK' to be flat chested if I knew someone else was in the same boat as me but now I felt I was left out on the shelf :(

I had my consultation with the same clinic she went through with the same surgeon. I waited until after the Christmas period because I assumed I'd be in absolute agony with these HUGE noticeable boobies!

On the day of my surgery I was in the clinic with another girl who not only had the same first initial as me, but she had the same surname lol but thankfully the staff were extra careful with our meds.

At the time of my first BA I was a smoker & while in the hospital recovering from my op I wanted a cigarette & I stupidly decided to lift up a sash window, yes after my op! D'oh! I started to bleed but not heavily & my surgeon ended up having to redress my left incision. I felt great after my op, I was walking around within 2 hours whereas the girl next door was laid up in bed in agony bless her. I wasn't as big as I'd hoped after my 1st BA but I waited 15 years until I had my 2nd surgery (to be continued.....)

The next part to my journey......

Hi Ladies :)

Here I am posting photo's of my 1st BA but unfortunately they're 15 years after my surgery. I only took these so I could compare against my 2nd surgery which I had on November 22nd with MR Fazel from Refresh.

I probably wont post any full frontal shots because I have some asymmetry which in my opinion is exaggerated immensely in photographs :(

One of my implants was also somehow 1cm lower on my right side. I should probably of gone back to my surgeon & asked for a revision but I didn't because I didn't know I could. I used to adjust my shoulder strap tighter on my right side so that they looked level in a bra.

Why did I go for my 2nd BA?

Ok, so I had been having some pain in my left breast for about a year which mainly used to happen around the time of my monthly cycle so I put the pain down to that. I used to get an ache in my breast which was more of a problem at night, I guess from leaning on that side or my breast leaning towards the other if I laid on my opposite side.

I pretty much missed all the hype about the PIP implants as I find the news upsetting & usually avoid watching it. My Brother did ask if PIP implants effected me but I said 'no' thinking that my previous surgeon would have contacted me if I was at risk or fitted with them.

It wasn't until several months down the line that I became paranoid due to my breast aching more & more during the month. At first it would ache for a few days each month but then it ached for 3 weeks out of every month. I decided to Google my symptoms & that's when I fully read the story on PIP implants. Of course I was very worried & the next day I phoned my first surgeons office & I was told later that day that I did have PIP implants :( I possibly had industrial grade silicone inside my body instead of medical grade! Could this be why I was experiencing a continuous ache?

I then contacted my GP. He sent me to a breast screening clinic & that's where I first met with MR Fazel. He talked me through my options before I went off for some screening tests to discover whether or not I had a rupture. Can you believe that on that day my left breast was on fire internally, I was so positive I had a rupture as was he but the mammogram & sonogram showed no signs of rupture.

Anyway, as a precaution & also the fact that I was in fact 5 years over due for replacement implants, I decided to get a 2nd BA. I also chose not to go back to my original surgeon.

After having a nice conversation with him, I chose MR Fazel for my 2nd BA.

The day of my 2nd BA - 22 Nov 2013

By the way, I am still 5f 8" but this time round I am 8st 3lbs. I put on a whole stone in 15 years lol.

Ok, so this time I went for 425cc Anatomical, textured Gummy Bears (Cohesive Gel)

I was first in line this time! Boy was I in pain after this BA, completely different to my first BA. My surgeon had to break open my old scar tissue which was apparently very thick on my left side (this is possibly where the pain was coming from?) It is known that recovery from a 2nd BA is much harder, they're right there! My poor throat was in pieces & so so dry after the anesthetic , thankfully one of the kind nurses at the Highgate hospital gave me several chewing gum which kept my throat moist for the next 24 hours! An absolute god send.

It took me much longer this time around to feel normal enough to be discharged that evening. I only took the one photo after my op with clothes, I'm shy :D

3 days post op

Jeeeeez wearing any kind of bra was so sore :( I ended up wearing a JML Belvia & a crop top that my dear friend lent me. The photo is maybe 5 days after my surgery.

After my 2nd BA, on my left side at the top of my implant, it felt like I could feel the rim of the implant. (I am 4 weeks post op today '20.12.13' & it has now dropped enough that I can hardly feel it anymore!)

4 weeks post op

Here's a photo of me 4 weeks post op. They've definitely dropped but I can't really see that teardrop shape yet but they don't have that 'round' shape 'too' much either. I am praying that they settle further during the coming weeks & begin to look more natural - fingers & toes crossed anyway :)

Something I wanted to share with you

I wanted to share this with you because I believe it counts. A lot of first timers or even 2nd or 3rd timers probably don't realise that the shape of your ribcage really does make a difference to the result you get after your BA. If you imagine the pic above as a cross section of two of the three different shaped ribcages, you can see how a placement of implants over the two can give different results, I think I have the sloped ribcage as I have 425cc's this time & I still don't have a D cup.

Something I wanted to share with you (I forgot the pic, sorry!)

With the pic this time lol

6 weeks 3 days PO

I'm still not loving my boobs. They're still hard and in my opinion high. I had to have them re/done but I don't think i will ever be happy as they're not real :(

Boobs in an old bra

Bra sizes are sooo confusing, a 34C yesterday was too restricting but my old 34B bra fits?!?! Lol

I made it to a D cup, Yay!!!! :)

Hi, I measured myself yesterday to be a 32C but today in store they didn't quite fit so I tried on a D & it fit! I'm soooo happy! I didn't buy any of the bras I tried on though, I was literally just sizing myself & seeing which styles suited me best. I quite like balconette bras. I'm still wearing my post op bra at the moment because my surgeon recommended I do so for 8-10 weeks.

My 15 year old PIP (industrial grade silicone) implants

I bought my old implants home with me out of curiosity. I was able to study them for ages. I keep them in a suitcase & I had to sign a consent form to be able to leave the hospital with them. I was one of the lucky ones as they didn't rupture

I shall be posting photo's

Hi, just to let you all know, I will be posting photo's but it's incredibly hard when I've no-one to take them for me, if I hold the camera myself I end up looking all lopsided lol

Are these really anatomical?

I am finding it HARD to believe my implants are anatomical, I think they look very round & with no slope :/ I am however seeing my PS this evening so I can ask him then :) Here are some photo's 9 weeks post op. I do have a boob that twists out slightly but the last set did that too.....

10 weeks post op, wow that went fast!

It's a whole 10 weeks tomorrow since I had surgery! I saw my lovely PS last Thursday as I was having some pain which I was becoming paranoid about, imagining all sorts of bad things were about to go wrong but after an examination he said I am all fine & that these implants were much wider than my previous ones so my skin just needed to stretch :D He did say that my left boob has some catching up to do & he's shown me how to massage my skin in a downward stroke. I do actually feel much better a week later pain wise so that's encouraging. I did however wear a heavily padded bra which by friend kindly gave me but NEVER AGAIN... I swear when I took it off my boob was flat on one side! Eeeek. I went to bed so scared & I didn't even look at my boob the next day AT ALL :/ Not until the day after did I feel brave enough to look & it looked fine lol.

By the way, has any one heard of Are they kosher?


I can finally sleep properly on my front, Yay! I have been able to do this from week 11 (today is week 12)

I am still getting an odd pain behind my right implant but this comes & goes. So far today it's not been there at all. It's towards my sternum but under the implant & even if I take ibruprofen & 2 paracetamol it still niggles away. I just hope the implant isn't on a nerve. I have gone back to my ugly support bra for now as I also started to get an internal stinging sensation in my right scar which I'm praying is ok (I had my pocket stitched higher because my last implants from 15 years ago dropped too low) I should call my surgeon but I don't want to trouble him unnecessarily, I'm not sure If I'm just being paranoid :/


Well, I didn't use kelo cote yesterday or today and I've had no niggly pain what so ever! So I'm now wondering if I was aggravating something inside whilst massaging in the gel. Wow, I hope that it is just because of that because I can then FINALLY stop worrying on a daily basis. These last two days have been heaven because I've previously had the pain on & off from week 4 - 12 which is the whole time that I've used kelo cote (please note, I am not blaming the kelo cote, just the massage over the scars on a daily basis) eeeek, fingers crossed :)

Still unhappy

Almost a year on & I am seriously unhappy with my results. I have ripples and bubbles & breast pain. I am soon to be going for another consultation with a different surgeon. I can't bare to touch my breasts & look at them & I keep my bra on where ever possible. My friend is going for a breast augmentation soon and she avoided my surgeon. I went back on several occasions to my surgeon and can't help but feel like he was unsympathetic and just wanted to fob me off, who tells their patient that they don't need a push up bra? Everyone needs or should be given the option to wear one if they desire to. My right breast looks permanently pushed over & I believe I have a twist in it. I recently had a scan & I can see a kink in my implant but I was fobbed off with 'that's "normal" (sorry but no, I didn't pay 5 thousand pounds to feel like a freak)
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