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I've had my consultation. I am happy with what the...

I've had my consultation. I am happy with what the dr has said can be done to my nose.its so wide.under no illusion that he can give me a small button nose.
Thought about this for a long while and I know I want it done. People have always made remarks on how wide my nose is. Roll on the 5 November.will add more once its done.

2weeks 2days to go

Saw dr de silva today. I am starting to get nervous now but cannot wait to see results.didnt think you had to take so many tablets.

Day before surgery

My surgery is at 7am tomorrow morning. Not feeling to bad. My nerves will probably get worse as I go into clinic. Just wondering what my nose will look like now. If I will be in pain or not feel like myself. Will update if I can after my surgery.

It's done

My nose is done it looks great already. There was no pain really. I am now relaxing in bed. Taken my pills and looking forward to a good nights sleep.
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