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Wow, so I finally did it! I had surgery 4 days ago...

Wow, so I finally did it! I had surgery 4 days ago and thought I would share my experience.

I have considered getting a nose job for about 10 years now but felt so much guilt associated with it. Not wanting to hurt my parents feelings, what if my kids get my nose? I want them to feel beautiful and want to be a good role model to them, how would people react? Am I being vain?

After a lot of years of looking, I had some consultations. I looked at a ton of before and after pictures and learned all I could about it. It was nice to have confirmed to me by professionals what had been bothering me for so long was something that could be fixed and be beautiful! Family and friends will always make you feel good but doctors will talk straight with you and I liked that validation.

I went with a doctor who I feel is an expert with a bulbous tip like mine. I felt a lot of before and after pictures were of patients with a dorsal humps. Mine nose needed tip work more than anything.  I needed someone trained in this and an expert in this because that takes serious skills! The doctor I chose to go with I can’t say enough good about. His bedside manner, the time he took with me, the reassurance he gave me and the confidence I felt in him was amazing. So I did it.

The best advice I can give is do it for you. Don’t ask around and get a million people telling you different things. Be confident in your decision, tell only the people you have to tell and ask them to please support you in. This has been a long process but my support has been amazing so far, I don’t even know what my nose looks like yet because it's still in a cast but I'm still excited about it.

-Preop- I am not a medicine taker so for me, 80% of my fear was going under anesthesia and not waking up!  That is the main reason it took me so long to decide. My septum was terrible and it isn’t normal not to be able to breath through your nose.

The doctor gave me lots of reassurance.  I did not have to have a breathing tube down my throat while I was asleep and that made me VERY happy! His techniques are so up to date and I felt so comfortable and confident that he was the one for this job. I consulted with him 3 times and he always took the time to answer my questions. He never rushed me.

-The day of surgery- I went into the office at 7:30 am with my husband . I was nervous and excited. Cried a little and smiled a little. Put on my gown, took an anxiety pill then went on in like a big girl :) Laid on the table, got an IV, the nurse said you will start to feel kind of funny... then I woke up in recovery! It was not a long drawn out process and I was glad for that. No big deal! :)

My husband came in, and I was a little nauseous as I was recovering. I have to say that the breathing is terrible. I have had about 30 minute intervals of sleep over the last 3 days and nights because you can only breathe through your mouth and it gets soooooooo dry!  I wake up feeling like my throat is stuck together and I can’t lift my dry tongue up for moisture. I keep water and throat lozenges by the bed. It seems better during the day. I am blessed to have family to help me. My Mom was here for 2 days and kept my kids and my mother in law has them for 2 days so my husband can take care of me and I can rest and stay down and recover. That is a MUST to have help, even if you have to hire someone, do it! You need to relax and take it easy for swelling and recovery.

My eyes were instantly black from surgery and I iced them with frozen peas for two days. I only had to take 2 Lora tab the day of the surgery and then I have taken a few Tylenol. The pain is not bad at all! The ice on my face feels best of all, and my nose does not hurt! Yeah!!

I use a Q-tip with hydrogen peroxide and Polysporin to keep things clean. I am not draining much now that I am going on my 4th day and my eyes are starting to turn a different shade of green/yellow :) I can't wait to get my cast off and watch the final result over the next few months. Overall it has been a wonderful experience. Wonderful husband, family, and doctor to help and I am excited for what lies ahead.

It is 5:45am and I have been up since 2:00 am so I am going to try to catch a few zzzz's.. My stomach is usually a little upset in the mornings so if I eat some crackers it seems to help.

A happy for you! My nose was injured in a snowmobiling accident when I was little and I was a rough and tumble kid so I just kept riding and never got it splinted. Worst.decision.ever. I have wanted a rhinoplasty since. I have a dorsal hump as a result that I have been self conscious about for forever. I have a two year old daughter and I have the same fear. My husband is so scared to lose me he nearly cries when I try to bring this up. That's the scariest part for me. I would rather be put under like I was with my wisdom teeth than risk not waking up. The very thought makes me cry. Literally crying now. I have had two surgeries before that were medically necessary and have always been fine with anesthetic but it still terrifies me. I would love to see your before and after pictures. I'm in Salt Lake and Dr. bitner has a very impressive gallery. Any updates would be much appreciated as I consider this option...
I got your last e-mail but it never sent. Sorry! So as far as the fear of being put to sleep. I am with you. I was horrified I wouldn't wake up, leave my family alone, I was totally freaked. I didn't get my nose fixed for 10 years because of that fear. Noone has ever died under Dr. Bitners care. I asked his anesthesiologist and noone has ever died under her care. He is so picky with who he uses and you are under anesthesia but not full anesthesia. On a scal of 1-10 you will be at a 7. You will be breathing on your own. you will not have a tube down your throat. this mafde me feel MUCh better! Everything went just fine. My fear is gone. I am soooo happy I did it. I love my new nose! He honsetly is the best. He does more rhynoplarys than anyone in utah. He has people come all over the world to him for their nose. I have researched for 8 years. I know and trust him completely. He wants to put my before and afters on his site but I am so private that I don't think I will do that but i want to tell the world about him because he did such a beautiful job, His credentials are amazing too. Don't let the fear of anesthesia stop you. talk to him about it and get it done so you won't think about it anymore. You will be so happy you did :)
So I type too fast and did not check my previous post before hitting the"post" button. My spelling and capitals are pitiful! I need to slow down. Sorry about all the typos ;) ha,ha It makes it looks like I was on my pain meds :) I am waiting on Realself to let me go back and edit them so I look more educated! sorry!
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