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30 Yr Old. First Procedure Juvaderm 1 Syringe for my Lips and my Botox - Las Vegas, NV

Loving my lips I'm loving already but it's only...

Loving my lips I'm loving already but it's only been a few hours keep updating in a few days
My botox I'm going to have to wait a week or so I didn't have too many bad lines but felt like it is time to start at 30
I'm thinking about getting lipo on my chip and stomach done and fat transfer to my butt... Gotta do mure research on those

Botox and lips

I had a touch up after two weeks on the lips. Still feel like they are a bit uneven but I'm not sure it can be perfect... I'll b posting some recent pic... I do def love the result on both
Dr soo

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You are a great example for lip injections! Your natural lips have nice definition, they were just smaller, so injecting them makes them look defined and plump! No smeary lines! They look great :)
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Thanks for sharing.  How are you liking your lips now that you've had a few days to let the potential swelling go down?
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After being all healed up I love my botox I don't know why I didn't do it any earlier my lips are still a bit uneven but I love them I will def. be doing it again
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I'm glad you like your results!  Do you want me to change your worth it rating to be "worth it" or do you want to keep it as "not sure"?
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