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I met with several plastic surgeons before making...

I met with several plastic surgeons before making a decision on my initial augmentation and the revision surgery. HANDS DOWN, Dr. Parker is an absolute expert in the field. His attention to detail speaks for itself. His staff is highly trained and patient satisfaction is a top priority. I was beyond impressed with my overall experience and am so grateful that I chose Dr. Parker for this procedure! He is by far the most proficient surgeon I have ever known.

He performed a breast implant revision with Sientra anatomical shaped implants. Dr. Parker revised both breasts removing the existing implants, placing internal sutures, and replacing with new shaped implants.
The results are top-notch and nobody could detect that I had a breast augmentation as they look so natural: I have the most beautiful desired breasts in the world now :) Soft, contoured like a normal breast.

I will not hesitate to call upon his services for any type of cosmetic surgery in the future.
I just had a consult with him today and am contemplating the same implants. What size bra are you now?
You look great in your photo! Glad to hear your revision surgery went well. What type of implants and what size were your original implants? What size are your new implants? Was the recovery any easier the second time around? Congratulations!
Thank you :) My old implants was 350CC/375CC Mentor moderate smooth round implants. Then 1 year later I had my second surgery to replace with new implants are 275CC/325CC Sientra shaped textured implants. Yes I went smaller!!! ;) I wanted to be as close as natural as possible when choosing the shaped implants. I don't have the roundness on the top of the breast like round implants do. With my old round implants I didn't like to see myself naked and still have the impression that I was wearing an invisible bra. I like the natural drop! Also with my new textured implants I don't have that sliding silicon gel feeling sensation when I lay down.. Those little details makes a big different on the look (tear drop) and the feel (textured). I had a better experience with my second surgery as I recovered quicker and had no side effects from the anesthesia (the first time I experienced some vomiting nausea and a strong headache). My overall satisfaction is that Dr. Parker has UNLIMITTED POST OP CARE: he allows you to schedule a post op appointment as much as needed without asking for extra money. This is why I'm taking the time to write a review here, I recommend him 100% as I'm so grateful to have met such a professional and caring person.
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Dr. Parker has amazing bedside manner and cares about the outcome of not only his work, but also his patients. 5* Stars for AMAZING PRE and POST OP CARE!

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